25 adverbs to describe how to colonel

"I shall prove to you, gentlemen of the jury," said the Colonel, solemnly, drawing a Bible from his coat-tail pocket, "that the defendant, for the last twelve months, conducted an amatory correspondence with the plaintiff by means of underlined words of sacred writ and church psalmody, such as 'beloved,' 'precious,' and 'dearest,' occasionally appropriating whole passages which seemed apposite to his tender passion.

" "I believe," said the Colonel, loftily, "that theerphrases of sacred psalmody lend themselves to the language of the affections.

" "A set you can handle," said the colonel, calmly.

"Of course," said the Colonel, confidently, "there is strongly presumptive and corroborative evidence?

" "So do other men," said the Colonel, curtly.

"Because," said the Colonel, deliberately, "that statement is infamouslyyes, damnably to your discredit, sir!" Mr. Hotchkiss was here seized by one of those important and inconsistent rages which occasionally betray the habitually cautious and timid man.

" "H'm!" said the colonel, drily.

" "Then do you think it is a mistake?" said the Colonel, eagerly.

And yet faith in something I must have: in woman, perhaps.' 'Never!' said the colonel, energetically.

" "No, thank God!" said the Colonel, heartily.

Did you, colonel?" "Why, madam," said the colonel, hesitatingly, and politely handing the merchant his snuff-box, which, in his agitation, had fallen on the floor, "circumstances sometimes justify a departure from ordinary measures.

" "Won't you take supper at my home this evening?" said the colonel, hospitably.

" "I never observed it, my dear," said the colonel, mildly.

"ErJukesbury," said the Colonel, mysteriously, "there's a little cognac in the cellar thater" The Colonel jerked his thumb across the hallway with the air of a conspirator.

" "There was nothing to be hot about," said the Colonel, naively; "but that is neither here nor there.

I really believe," said the Colonel, reflectively, "it was worse than mine.

What will she do?" "Never mind your aunt," said the colonel, rather rudely.

" "So Berlin will run toward its ruin, and I cannot prevent it," said the colonel, sadly.

"Well," said the Colonel, severely, "you've had a Blow-Out if nobody else has!" "Feel better?" inquired Potts, tenderly.

" "Have you one?" said the Colonel, sternly.

"Of course I am," said the Colonel, stoutly.

" "You're a faithful creature," said the Colonel, rather aggressively, not choosing to break down, "so are you, John; and it is at these moments we find out our friends in the house; and, confound you, I forbid you both to snivel," said he, still louder.

"I shall always remember your kind service, Mrs. Burke," said the colonel, warmly.

"Olaf"coaxingly"do you really think I am as ugly as that?" "Pouf!" said the colonel airily; "I dare say you are well enough.

" "Dn you, you take it easy," said the colonel, bitterly.

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