50 adverbs to describe how to comforting

The sight of Piers soothing the little girl's distress had comforted her subtly.

A strange thingthis complete confidence seemed to comfort Geissler wonderfully in his threadbareness.

And after he did do take brands of iron and join them to his sides, and his bowels which then appeared he did do frot with salt, and so sent him into prison, but our Lord appeared to him the same night with great light and comforted him much sweetly.

The houses, from the highest to the lowest class, exhibited not merely comfort but luxury, yet it was a selfish sort of luxury.

I was dimly conscious of what her restlessness meant, and vaguely comforted too, by the thought of her supreme loyalty.

" "So you would!" strangely comforted.

Beatrice, worn out by the stress of the hour before and immensely comforted by Ben's words, was already deeply asleep.

" "Ill back him upfrom be'indcompany in support," grinned the Sergeant, considerably comforted by this description of his coadjutor.

"I won't hurt you," she comforted tenderly.

It was as if she understood his weariness and knew that the fire was infinitely comforting.

"I am not the first fellow that has gone through this," he comforted himself grimly.

Chorus: So early in the morning, &c. We hastily comfort the inner man With the warm contents of the billy can; The beef and damper are passed about Before we tackle the cutting out.

Most of the cottages are kept scrupulously clean; they have an air of homely comfort which calls forth the admiration of all strangers.

The least sound made him start; but the simple words in his own language, and the tone in which they were uttered, comforted him inconceivably.

She, also, received me with kindness, and strove, like Mrs. Buscot, to comfort me, and, like her, ineffectually.

A contact like this with his daughter's mind must have been inexpressibly comforting to him after a night like the one he had just spent.

This unexpected and rather judicial assistance called forth from Charlton a warm acknowledgment, his pale face flushed with modest pleasure, and as he noted the intellectuality of Miss Minorkey's forehead he inwardly comforted himself that the only person of ideas in the whole company was not wholly against him.

But he would comfort a child who was crying, Knightly his deed to all such in distress; Never a beast by the road-side lay dying He did not stoop to with gentle caress.

" "Maybe the star doesn't think you a moth, or anyhow not a common moth," the little school-teacher tried to comfort him loyally, though her heart ached as a lonely woman's heart must ache when the man she could have loved, if she had dared, confides in her about the "other."

I have been weak and bitter enough during all these years to be meanly comforted by your stanch championship of me, and your detestation of the wrong your father did me.

How mercifully can the omnipotent Power comfort his creatures, even in the midst of their greatest calamities?

Well, sir, we was mightily comforted by the doctor's visit, but nex' mornin' things looked purty gloomy ag'in.

She had a dim sense of being oddly comforted by his presence, as if she, afloat on uncharted seas, saw suddenly near at hand a safe anchorage and welcoming hands.

Following slowly up the hill, he felt a sense of nearness, of warmth; his aching, lifelong loneliness was remotely comforted because a girl, skimming ahead of him, had tilted her chin up so that she could see the stars.

It is the best discovery of humours, especially in the losers, where you have fine variety of impatience, whilst some fret, some rail, some swear, and others more ridiculously comfort themselves with philosophy.

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