113 adverbs to describe how to compare

But they compared very favourably with the famine prices in Quebec, where most 'luxuries' soon became unobtainable at any price.

The freed peasants of Wologda compare favorably with any in Europe.

Adjectives are regularly compared, when the comparative degree is expressed by adding er, and the superlative, by adding est to them: as, Pos., great, Comp., greater, Superl., greatest; Pos., mild, Comp., milder, Superl., mildest.

"THE ANIMAL AND VEGETABLE KINGDOMS," says Hogg, in his Natural History of the Vegetable Kingdom, "may be aptly compared to the primary colours of the prismatic spectrum, which are so gradually and intimately blended, that we fail to discover where the one terminates and where the other begins.

I wonder if she is mentally comparing her big, sunburned cattleman with Bruce, and thinking of what a different life she would have led if she had married him!" "Do you suppose," said Mrs. Trenton, "that that was her own story that she told us?

This plan she carried out, and visited several of the Swiss institutions, which she considered compared unfavourably with Kaiserswerth, both in organisation and spiritual tone.

The following adjectives are compared irregularly: good, better, best; bad, evil, or ill, worse, worst; little, less, least; much, more, most; many, more, most. OBSERVATIONS.

Sir, Workes of this Nature may fitly be compared to small and narrow rivolets that at first derive themselves to greater Rivers and afterwards are discharged into the Maine Ocean.

There are two things which more than all else serve to make the social arrangements of modern life compare unfavorably with those of antiquity, by giving our age a gloomy, dark and sinister aspect, from which antiquity, fresh, natural and, as it were, in the morning of life, is completely free; I mean modern honor and modern disease,par nobile fratrum!which have combined to poison all the relations of life, whether public or private.

Taking the whole series of them, Mr. Lowell very justly compares them to "a network which triangulates the surface of the planet like a geodetic survey, into polygons of all shapes and sizes.

From these informations impartially collected, and diligently compared, a man not engaged in the profession of a merchant may form general principles, and draw consequences, more certain, and more extensive in their relations, than those which are struck out only from the observation of one subdivided species of commerce.

" Compare the passage in 'The Excursion' (book ix.

per annum; but its amount does not perhaps exceed, in a duplicate ratio, the receipts of some opulent subjects; and may be advantageously compared with the French King's revenue, a civil list of about one million sterling, free from diplomatic, judicial, and, we believe, from all other extraneous charges.

Polysyllables, or words of more than two syllables, are seldom compared otherwise than by more and most.

Where Mr. JEAVES' labours ended mine began; I spent many days in minutely comparing the transcript with the original.

Kossuth rightly compares the union to that which was between England and Hanover.

[Compare Delaumosne, page 65.]

He compared his feelings, not inaptly, to those of a cat watching a mouse through a window.

It would never occur to her that we might be privately comparing her Abbeys and Angelos with our chromos, and wondering how anybody could possibly see beauty in the Abbeys and Angelos.

Steevens happily compared Horace's "cerea Telephi brachia.

Whoever has descended the Ohio has involuntarily compared its two banks: here, the State of Ohio, whose prosperity advances with rapid strides; there, the State of Kentucky, no less favored by Nature, yet which languishes as if abandoned.

It happened to Cooper while he was abroad, as it not unfrequently happens to our countrymen, to hear the United States disadvantageously compared with Europe.

I do not think anyone need hesitate to put Sigurd among the epics; but I do not think anyone who will scrupulously compare the experience of reading Jason with the experience of reading Sigurd, can help agreeing that Jason should be kept out of the epics.

Mr. Carlyle harshly compares it to the screaming of a meat-jack.

" A curious tremor had come over Pap Himes's face as he furtively compared the lump of ore he held in his hand with something which he took from his pocket.

113 adverbs to describe how to  compare  - Adverbs for  compare
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