121 words to describe how to  concerning  - Adverbs for  concerning

121 words to describe how to concerning

When Minúchihr was apprised of the proceedings between Zál and Rúdábeh, he was deeply concerned, anticipating nothing but confusion and ruin to Persia from the united influence of Zál and Mihráb.

Thus we summarise the chief business of the Nursery School teacher when we say that it is concerned chiefly with habits and play and right surroundings.

Pray don't be alarmedthis is nothing that concerns you or your affairs, personally, and we will endeavor to arrange everything so that you have no annoyance.

The Boy, greatly concerned lest, after all, the visit should end badly, dropped on his knees to add the force of his own example, and through the opening phrases of Mac's prayer the agnostic was heard saying, in a loud stage-whisper, "Do like medown!

"On the contrary, your conduct does vitally concern me, Jetson.

If I had felt some suspicion of the man before, this lack of faith vanished-he certainly was concerned in no plot involving the life of the Portuguese.

From nothing left on record by either of the two persons most intimately concerned can we derive any reliable information.

It had been the practise, when a legislative proposal was brought forward in Finland, and a Russian interest might be affected by it, to communicate with the Russian Minister whom the matter most closely concerned, in order that he might make his observations.

When Elizabeth invited her father to a prospect sylvan rather than marine, to the shady path on the border of the wood between it and the prison, Montier, easily drawn from any plan that concerned his own inclination merely, let his daughter lead, and she was responsible for all that followed in the history of that little family.

It was not a long speech, nor was it enriched by any displays of florid rhetoric; it concerned itself exclusively with a rebutment of the arguments of the counsel for the petitioner.

Though our mission was to visit the Turkish prisoners, we made a point of concerning ourselves equally with the Austrians and Germans, and of entering into conversation with them.

The others were largely engrossed by their own affairs; they did not seriously concern themselves about the doings of their fellow-guests.

"My feelings on questions of honor cannot possibly concern you, Mr. Darrin."

He was typical of its spiritual as well as of its moral meaning; typical, too, of that mental unrest which sought escape from the pressing problems of an enigmatic present by reverting to the study of a classic past whose ethical, social, and political difficulties were rarely of a complex character, but concerned themselves principally with what may be termed the elementary verities of man's relations to the Deity and to his fellows.

The court observed that insofar as the subject FIR is concerned, the complainant has already been appeased.

she questioned, pretending to look mightily concerned, "Do you think it is the fever, Tom?"

It has not originated as regards anything with which we had a special agreement with France; it has not originated with anything which primarily concerned France.

Equality, too: whatever equality may or may not be just, or possible; this at least, is just, and I hope possible; that every man, every child, of every rank, should have an equal chance of education; an equal chance of developing all that is in him by nature; an equal chance of acquiring a fair knowledge of those facts of the universe which specially concern him; and of having his reason trained to judge of them.

Besides the plays in which Beaumont was jointly concerned with Fletcher, he writ a little dramatic piece entitled, A Masque of Grays Inn Gentlemen, and the Inner-Temple; a poetical epistle to Ben Johnson; verses to his friend Mr. John Fletcher, upon his faithful Shepherd, and other poem's printed together in 1653, 8vo.

An introduction is before us, a dramatic scene, in which characters are brought forward and a dialogue is given, apparently concerning a picture and poem that have been made, but having a more important reference to a character yet to be unfolded.

What I have to say to Mr. Brookes Ormsby does not remotely concern the matter you touch upon.

During this struggle, the people of the United States became deeply interested in the affairs of the island, and the Administration in Washington became gravely concerned by them.

We are very much interested in the cleaning of city streets, and well we may be; but up to this day a larger number of men and women have concerned themselves actively about sweeping them of dust and dirt than of sweeping them free of these children.

Please consider adding notable Texas women to other categories on this page that specifically concern their areas of notability.

All political ideas necessarily concern man as a social animal, as a member of societya member of the state.

Jamie (Alexander Lincoln) was incredibly concerned, as was Leyla, but little did they know that the police had managed to locate the woman in question, as they’d been able to track her phone.

I have written also concerning the state of the English, the Dutch, the Papists, the Jews, the Gentiles, and likewise concerning the state of Luther, Calvin, and Melancthon; and hitherto I never heard any one object, "How can such be their lot, when they are not yet risen from their tombs, the last judgement not being yet accomplished?

Her behaviour is becoming increasingly concerning.

Dr Yvonne Doyle, PHE medical director, said: The trend in Covid-related deaths is starting to rise quickly, which is hugely concerning.

After some further argument, I said at last in a firm tone: "I wish to impress upon you the extreme importance of the information I have to impart, and can only repeat that it is a matter concerning his Excellency privately.

On the other hand, when he was sitting behind the counter looking for news from India in the papers, news in which he was already profoundly concerned, though it was impossible that Susan could yet have reached it, he grew so absorbed, that he did not know how the time was passing by, and both he and his little grand-daughter were hungry before he had thought of getting ready any meal.

Edward Jordon, Esq., the talented editor of the Watchman, then first clerk in the store of a Mr. Briden, was prominently concerned in the correspondence, and was summarily dismissed.

Each party has its elaborate "machine" for electing state and national officers; and in order to be kept at its maximum of efficiency the machine must be kept at work on all occasions, whether such occasions are properly concerned with differences in party politics or not.

"It's definitely concerning.

Hence we are concerned with our employees collectively and with the total production of which they are capable.

Here we should naturally be concerned with applying the charter, which outlines the principles of justice we should all share.

We, Master Justice Reason, come about A serious matter that concerns us near.

In saying that his spirit's bark is driven far from the shore, Shelley apparently means that his mind, in speculation and aspiration, ranges far beyond those mundane and material interests with which the mass of men are ordinarily concerned. '

Concerning the teacher (De magistro) & On the immortality of the soul (De immortalitate animae)

Over this great interest, in which not only our merchants, but all classes of citizens, at least indirectly, are concerned, it is the duty of the executive and legislative branches of the Government to exercise a careful supervision and adopt proper measures for its protection.

It’s deeply concerning and, understandably, many parents feel cut adrift.

To do this fully involves exposition of all matters in the actual condition of the country, domestic or foreign, which essentially concern the general welfare.

"As for Scioppius his Grammar, that doth wholly concern the Latin Tongue."DR.

Bean leaf beetles typically hit the first emerging soybeans and aren’t too concerning overall, but they can vector bean pod mottle virus.

His whole air was of one who is interested, but not overwhelmingly concerned, in the subject under debate.

There was a column in the Sunday News, partly concerning the meeting of Priam Farll and a celebrated star of the musical comedy stage at Ostend.

By HENRY SOAMES, M.A., Author of The History of the Reformation; The Anglo-Saxon Church, &c. This Work is intended to fill a long-acknowledged chasm in English literature, and especially in that which peculiarly concerns the Church of England.

It is of course conceivable that in the great struggle which seems impending, the Belgian nation may suddenly vanish from the map, and become but a memory in the minds of a future generation; but their end, if it come, is likely to be in the nature of a euthanasia, and so far as they are physically concerned, they will survive their political annihilation.

Answer me plainly concerning your adventure."

We have read the trials of all those who suffered for this murther, chiefly upon the evidence of one Prance, and one Bedloe, who pretended to have been accomplices; but their relation is so inconsistent; their characters so very infamous, and their reward for being evidences supposed to be so considerable, that the most candid enquirer after truth, can determine nothing positively concerning it.