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It was curious to see how the coughing of the others, which in the Kachime had been practically constant, was here almost silenced.

In Germany holly is Christ-thorn, and according to an Eastern tradition it was the prickly rush, but as Mr. King remarks, "the belief of the East has been tolerably constant to what was possibly the real plant employed, the nabk (Zizyphus spina-Christi), a species of buckthorn.

Apart from the distractions which have been mentioned above, Julius's attention to the food was surprisingly constant.

I enclose a small contribution for your consideration, and am, Yours faithfully, CONSTANT READER.

She stated that her master was in the constant habitespecially latterlyof going up to London on business.

Now the two separate impressions received by the brain through the stereoscope do not seem to me to be relatively constant in their vividness, but sometimes the image seen by the left eye prevails over that seen by the right, and vice versâ.

These observations are to be considered not as unexceptionably constant, but as containing general and predominant truth.

He observes truly the statutes, and therefore he can rather steal than beg, in which he is unremovably constant in spite of whip or imprisonment; and so a strong enemy to idleness, that in mending one hole he had rather make three than want work, and when he hath done, he throws the wallet of his faults behind him.

Yet, in verity, I did know in my heart that it was indeed that which I did perceive it to be; and I did stand and walk to and fore and look upward constant; for I was very keen that I look well upon it.

Obviously that was one reason why, after a youth not altogether constant, he had become so utterly constant where Mrs. Denby was concerned.

He wrote a cheerful letter to Mrs. Shand, in which he told her that though he had not been absolutely engaged to marry Hester Bolton before he started for Australia,and consequently before he had ever been at Pollington,yet his mind had been quite made up to do so; and that therefore he regarded himself as being abnormally constant rather than fickle. '

Then in the following forty years while the whites diminished and the number of slaves remained virtually constant, the scale of the average slaveholding rose to 12.2; the number of slaveholders shrank by a third and the non-slaveholders by two thirds.

This is not very heroic in you now, to insult over a man in his misfortunes; but take heed, you have robb'd me of my two mistresses; I shall grow desperately constant, and all the tempest of my love will fall upon your head: I shall so pay you!

The second narrative has all the glamor of adventure in the barbaric East, and the romantic interest that attaches to lovers separated but eternally constant.

14 adverbs to describe how to  constants  - Adverbs for  constants