33 adverbs to describe how to construes

Now, while these words, strictly construed, are, perhaps, ambiguous, from a certain redundancy in the arrangement, still, there is little difficulty in determining what Mr. Jinks meant.

Won't you say something to encourage meto give me heart for the future?" "Let me see," and she leaned on her elbow musingly, as if construing his words literally, and quite unaware of the tender intent of his prayer.

The nature and extent of this exigency would mark the extent of the power granted, which should always be construed liberally, so as to be adequate to the end.

[Footnote 1: John T. Short, The North Americans of Antiquity, p. 231.] Cogolludo long since justly construed Izona as a misreading for Izamna.

He construed them rightly not only as a reward, but as an incentive to further efforts.

as he interprets it; which I, ignorantly, construed "Unlock or open it!"

Words of a participial form construed elliptically, as if they were nouns; as, "Among the dying and the dead.

Since the Terror French judges, under every government, have shunned politics and have devoted themselves to construing impartially the Code.

But the conscience, which consists in an inappellable bearing-witness to the truth and reality of our reason, may legitimately be construed with the term reason, so far as the conscience is prescriptive; while as approving or condemning, it is the consciousness of the subordination or insubordination, the harmony or discord, of the personal will of man to and with the representative of the will of God.

But some critical writers, it appears, prefer the singular verb, "as follows" Hear Campbell: "When a verb is used impersonally, it ought undoubtedly to be in the singular number, whether the neuter pronoun be expressed or understood: and when no nominative in the sentence can regularly be construed with the verb, it ought to be considered as impersonal.

He held that the Elastic Clause ought to be construed strictly and narrowly; Hamilton held that it ought to be construed loosely and liberally.

Hence they are used in the sciences as symbols of an infinite variety of things or ideas, being construed both substantively and adjectively; as, "In ascending from the note C to D, the interval is equal to an inch; and from D to E, the same.

Herbart's psychology was preceded by a philosophy of nature, which construes matter from attraction and repulsion, and declares an actio in distans impossible.

In the second because if the clause in question is not construed merely as an authority to appropriate the public money, it must be obvious that it conveys a power of indefinite and unlimited extent; that there would have been no use for the special powers to raise and support armies and a navy, to regulate commerce, to call forth the militia, or even to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts, and excises.

Practically all will admit that the Elastic Clause, if construed strictly, ought not to be construed too narrowly; and, if construed liberally, ought not to be construed too loosely.

case, how avoided Hold, noun, after lay, take, &c., whether preferably construed with of, on, or upon Hoping, &c., verbs of, see Commanding How, after nouns of manner, its nature not to be used before that, or in stead of it derivation of, from Anglo-Sax.

Now, if this sentence is obscure, the other is not less so; but, if this is perfectly clear, so that what is said is obviously and only what is intended, then it is equally clear, that what is said in the former, is gross absurdity, and that the words cannot reasonably be construed into the sense which the writer, and his copyists, designed. 32.

Francois had placed in the basket of biscuits a revolver, and this latter Mr. Heatherbloom, rightfully construing it as his own personal property in lieu of the weapon his excellency had deprived him of, had exchanged for a bit of cardboard and a greenback.

True it is that pingit in the first line does not seem to construe satisfactorily, and I am not certain that the poet may not have written fingit.

Technically, words and signs taken, how to be construed.

I have instanced all but the ablative, and the following is literally an example of that, though the word quanto is construed adverbially: "Ah, quanto satius est!"Ter.

So, then, the Faubourgs of Pariswhich are heroes even when they errthe Faubourgs of Paris, for a misunderstanding, for a question of salary wrongly construed, for a bad definition of socialism, rose in June, 1848, against the Assembly elected by themselves, against universal suffrage, against their own vote; and yet they will not rise in December, 1851, for Right, for the Law, for the People, for Liberty, for the Republic.

" "Must I remind you, Mr. Hucks, that a person who abets or connives at the sort of thing we are discussing is likely to find himself in trouble? or that even a refusal of information may be awkwardly construed?" "Now see here, Glasson"Mr.

At any rate, upon the occasion in question, I strove to drown my exasperated feelings towards the scrivener by benevolently construing his conduct.

President Monroe determined to construe it as broadly as possible in aid of the project of colonization.

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