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After which all three returned from their walk, firmly convinced that an unctuous vein of humor had been conscientiously worked, and abstractedly wishing themselves dead.

It is this sort of thing that is gradually convincing Germany that it is beneath her dignity to fight with a nation like America.

How many of these revolutionists have we seen secretly convinced of the overwhelming force of evil, and the certain defeat of their cause, and yet transported with love for a lost cause "... sed victa Catoni" ... and filled with the hope of dying for her, destroying or being destroyed.

Speak then to your relatives, your friends, your acquaintances on the subject of slavery; be not afraid if you are conscientiously convinced it is sinful, to say so openly, but calmly, and to let your sentiments be known.

Our stay at Versailles speedily convinced us of the fallacy of that belief.

"A consideration of a few facts such as the forgoing must readily convince even the most unimaginative person that whatever power faith might have had in the past, it counts for little today; that its secrets, its very meaning have been forgotten.

Profoundly convinced of the justice of woman's demand for the suffrage, and that the proper method of securing the right is by an amendment of the national Constitution, I urge the adoption of the joint resolution upon the still broader ground so clearly and calmly stated by the great Senator whose words I have just read.

"For several years I had been deeply convinced that I had not done my duty with regard to that valuable woman; that I had not told her what I was convinced no one else would dare to do, and what I knew she would hear from no other person, but possibly might hear from me.

For now he was convinced inwardly that she could no longer in fairness be judged as a woman, but as a fox only.

The whole of the terrible omen was this: the eye of the bean was in the pod towards the apex, instead of being towards the footstalk, as might appear at first sight to be its natural position; and some were scarcely convinced that this was the natural position of the beans in the pod ever since the creation, even on being shown the pod of the preceding year with the seed in the same position.

Happily, Mr. Larkyns, the rector of Manor Green, the charming Warwickshire village of which the Greens had been squires from time immemorial, convinced his mother that Verdant needed the society of young men of his own age.

I am abundantly convinced that it would have been a great mistake to have ran away from the place without making the attempt at the performance of the present service.

Oh, how sadly will these wretches be convinced ere long, what a foolish bargain they made in selling Christ and their salvation for these trifles!

The convictions of those who are thus locally convinced are taken on trust and believed by the masses everywhere.

* Mr. ARTHUR TURBERVILLE has taken almost over-elaborate pains with his sketch of a type which must have been common enough in the new armiesthe young officer of pacifist leanings, who, intellectually convinced of the futility of war and by no means out of sympathy with the ultralogical or illogical (and anyway impossible) position of the Conscientious Objector, yet joins up and makes the very best of a bad job.

And in London I was frightfully convinced of this as I passed houses and places, empty caskets now.

All disinterested persons, of whom there were four or five daily in the room, were uniformly convinced by our arguments, and took our part, and some of them very warmly.

I reminded my companion, that although we were sincerely convinced that no human mind, engaged in great designs, could be more truly modest than that of HOWARD; yet we had particular reason to recollect, that he was not insensible to praise.

That it is, I am solemnly convinced; and shall I 'use lightness?

Experience had painfully convinced him that theological controversy sometimes leads to personal animosity; and that few people were so open and direct in their mode of expressing hostility, as he himself was.

The heroine, of course, is ultimately convinced; but the audience remains sceptical, to the detriment of the desired effect.

Whatever view one may take of another world (and personally, far as I am from any orthodox view on the subject, my spiritual investigations have convinced me that there is, there must be, a life to come; I have had the most wonderful experiences, that may not be denied) physical beauty, one must believe, is a phenomenon of this physical universe, and must perish with the body.

and, lastly, how entirely they have convinced our young fops and young fellows of the value and advantages of Learning!

The experience you have outlined so lucidly convinced me that it was better to stick closely to my own affairs.

On these occasions he mostly stoppeth me, to read a short lecture on the advantage a person like me possesses above himself, in having his time occupied with business which he must doassureth me that he often feels it hang heavy on his handswishes he had fewer holidaysand goes offWestward Ho!chanting a tune, to Pall Mallperfectly convinced that he has convinced mewhile I proceed in my opposite direction tuneless.

86 adverbs to describe how to  convincing  - Adverbs for  convincing
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