73 adverbs to describe how to cooking

A dainty succulent soft shell crab, nicely cooked and well browned, tempts the eye of the epicure and makes his mouth water.

I have always thought that there is no more fruitful source of family discontent than a housewife's badly-cooked dinners and untidy ways.

Garnish the dish with scooped carrots and turnips, and when liked, a little cabbage; all of which must be cooked separately.

The most highly appreciated article of food in our boxes was the rolled oats, a dish which on account of its being already partially cooked was easily prepared at high elevations, where rice cannot be properly boiled.

Like most of the grains, wheat, with the exception of new wheat boiled whole, should be put into boiling water and allowed to cook continuously but slowly until done.

STEWED CORN AND TOMATOES.Boil dried or fresh corn until perfectly tender, add to each cup of corn two cups of stewed, strained tomatoes, either canned or freshly cooked.

Although we have heard, at various intervals, growlings expressed at the inevitable "saddle of mutton" at the dinner-parties of our middle classes, yet we doubt whether any other joint is better liked, when it has been well hung and artistically cooked.

A woman had her back literally cooked (if the expression may be used) with the lash; the very bones might be seen projecting through the skin!"

It being a matter of some moment to save unnecessary labour, Mark seldom cooked more than once in twenty-four hours, and then barely enough to last for that day.

Put in a well-greased melon mold and cook in boiling water steadily for two hours.

BROWNED SWEET POTATOES.Slice cold, cooked sweet potatoes evenly, place on slightly oiled tins in a hot oven, and brown.

The food was at times so distasteful and poorly cooked that I could not eat it.

2.Pare eight or ten rather tart, finely flavored and easy-cooking apples, carefully removing the cores, and put them into a broad, shallow, granite-ware saucepan with just enough hot water to cover the bottom.

May be conveniently cooked in meat can or cup.

The diseases met with in this country are dyspepsia, anaemia, scurvy caused by improperly cooked food, sameness of diet, overwork, want of fresh vegetables, overheated and badly ventilated houses; rheumatism, pneumonia, bronchitis, enteritis, cystitis and other acute diseases, from exposure to wet and cold; debility and chronic diseases, due to excesses.

These should be put in saucepan with a little butter until lightly cooked, then the lentils, &c., should be added, the whole well mixed and turned out to cool.

"I remember a certain person telling me how beautifully you boys cooked while you were at camp.

The Choicest Viands, delicately cooked by Super-Heated Steam in jacketed Boilers of Pure Nickel, and daintily served Fruitarian Breakfasts} From 9 o'clock Porridge (varied),} Snacks, 9 to 12 Luncheons, 12 to 3 High Teas, 3 to 6.45 Cranston's Tea Rooms, Ltd. STUART CRANSTON.

For, although blind, old Nora was far from being helpless, and the breakfast she had prepared in anticipation of their arrival was as deliciously cooked as if she had been able to use her eyes as others did.

MACARONI is composed of wheaten flour, flavoured with other articles, and worked up with water into a paste, to which, by a peculiar process, a tubular or pipe form is given, in order that it may cook more readily in hot water.

While I hastily cooked my supper, the colors of the hiding sun spread over the sky in entrancing variety.

The original meeting at Eagle Butte, when she and Carolyn June appeared as visions of feminine loveliness, as contrasted with the homely cook and her daughter whom he and Skinny had mistaken for, and feared were, the Quarter Circle KT's prospective guests, had caused a psychic effect on his feelings toward Ophelia.

Although there are savage races that have no knowledge of cooking, civilized man invariably cooks most of his food.

What sayest thou, jolly Cook?" At this speech the Cook looked up and down, scratching his head in doubt, for he loved good feasting.

The famous inn here is kept by Madame Poularde, who can cook so marvellously that she is one of the wonders of Normandy.

73 adverbs to describe how to  cooking  - Adverbs for  cooking
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