13 adverbs to describe how to cope

Unfortunately his power was insufficient to cope successfully with the insubordinate Spaniards.

So, unable to cope singly with whole tribes of his enemies, he worked to destroy their dams.

Ah, ah! in Hampton Roads the Virginia had barely coped with one of those horrors, of one hump, two guns; while here came four, whose humps were six and their giant rifles twelve.

He will never quite get over the former of these two disabilities, but he is coping courageously with the latter.

At the same time that we should cope more effectively with all existing distress.

The following observations, however, made by so high an authority as Mr. Everett, must be admitted as a convincing proof that education has not been able to cope effectually with drunkenness.

But their appeal is not universal; they never have money or workers enough to cope adequately with a task like this, and they are not built upon the sound economic basis of the trade union.

Their success in originating and fostering the idea of educating girls has now produced a situation with which we cannot personally cope, but which we can indirectly control by concentrating effort at the most vital spot, that is the training of the highest rank of women teachers.

Having scattered the rebels here, he turned his course west in pursuit of Essex, for his force was sufficient to cope with either of the armies separately, although he had been unable to meet them when united.

But her disadvantages made her unable to cope with other women socially.

EYRE (Jane), a governess, who stoutly copes with adverse circumstances, and ultimately marries a used-up man of fortune, in whom the germs of good feeling and sound sense were only exhausted, and not destroyed.

So ever since they firmely have remained, And duly well observed his beheast; Through which now all these things that are contained Within this goodly cope, both most and least, 95 Their being have, and daily are increast Through secret sparks of his infused fyre, Which in the barraine cold he doth inspyre.

A flight of stone steps led up from this area to the railed coping twenty feet aloft, where the sky shone pure and fresh.

13 adverbs to describe how to  cope  - Adverbs for  cope