437 adverbs to describe how to cried

He cries aloud in the market-place, and rogues and ward-heelers, and evil-minded politicians, group themselves around him.

"D'you see?" cried the latter eagerly.

"We are chained fast enough, my lady," he cried, bitterly, "and our sentence is for life!

"That was a dirty trick you played me last night, Mr. Darrin!" cried the first classman angrily.

she cried passionately, "I am glad I did not live in Galilee when you were there!

" "Great Caesar!" cried the ensign excitedly.

" The young girl drooped, and, yielding to the nurse's touch, sank slowly back on the pillow; but in an instant she was up again, and flinging out her hand, she cried out loudly just as she had cried an hour before: "Break it open!

"Was!" cried the captain sharply.

" "He is a greaser, I tell you," cried Pennington fiercely.

Mrs. Wesley devoted herself to the training of her children, taught them to cry softly even when they were a year old, and conquered their wills even earlier than that.

"Open it," cried Laura impatiently, but Billie put her hand on the lid and faced them with shining eyes.

" "Aunt Marthe!" cried Evadne indignantly.

Splendor and gifts and the pleasing of every whim, if he could but guess itgold for her asking, and her palace no better than a cross for her dwelling; for the one thing she needeth for her peace and life he giveth not!" "What meanest thou?" cried Girolamo, furiously.

"For goodness' sake!" cried poor Billie wildly.

she cried, joyfully.

he cried hoarsely, holding up his hands with an arresting gesture.

"'A bargain,' he cried gaily.

Olympia cried, hotly.

" "That's what I said at first!" cried Handy Solomon triumphantly.

-hien stroked the corpse, and cried out piteously, "Our original plan has failed; it is fate.

" "Louis!" cried Evadne desperately, "you must let me go!

"With all my heart," Jack cried, heartily.

"You say she left us something?" cried Billie breathlessly.

It was a man's voice crying shrilly that word of long ago that had so often stirred the blood in Kazan's own veins"m'hoosh!

"Good heavens, man, I should hope not," Kelson cried vehemently.

437 adverbs to describe how to  cried  - Adverbs for  cried