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437 adverbs to describe how to  cried  - Adverbs for  cried

437 adverbs to describe how to cried

He cries aloud in the market-place, and rogues and ward-heelers, and evil-minded politicians, group themselves around him.

"D'you see?" cried the latter eagerly.

"We are chained fast enough, my lady," he cried, bitterly, "and our sentence is for life!

"That was a dirty trick you played me last night, Mr. Darrin!" cried the first classman angrily.

she cried passionately, "I am glad I did not live in Galilee when you were there!

" "Great Caesar!" cried the ensign excitedly.

" The young girl drooped, and, yielding to the nurse's touch, sank slowly back on the pillow; but in an instant she was up again, and flinging out her hand, she cried out loudly just as she had cried an hour before: "Break it open!

"Was!" cried the captain sharply.

" "He is a greaser, I tell you," cried Pennington fiercely.

Mrs. Wesley devoted herself to the training of her children, taught them to cry softly even when they were a year old, and conquered their wills even earlier than that.

"Open it," cried Laura impatiently, but Billie put her hand on the lid and faced them with shining eyes.

" "Aunt Marthe!" cried Evadne indignantly.

Splendor and gifts and the pleasing of every whim, if he could but guess itgold for her asking, and her palace no better than a cross for her dwelling; for the one thing she needeth for her peace and life he giveth not!" "What meanest thou?" cried Girolamo, furiously.

"For goodness' sake!" cried poor Billie wildly.

she cried, joyfully.

he cried hoarsely, holding up his hands with an arresting gesture.

"'A bargain,' he cried gaily.

Olympia cried, hotly.

" "That's what I said at first!" cried Handy Solomon triumphantly.

Fรข-hien stroked the corpse, and cried out piteously, "Our original plan has failed; it is fate.

" "Louis!" cried Evadne desperately, "you must let me go!

"With all my heart," Jack cried, heartily.

"You say she left us something?" cried Billie breathlessly.

It was a man's voice crying shrilly that word of long ago that had so often stirred the blood in Kazan's own veins"m'hoosh!

"Good heavens, man, I should hope not," Kelson cried vehemently.

" I explained the terrible affliction to which my love had been subjected by those heartless brutes, whereupon he cried enthusiastically: "Then she is not dead!

Who was he, then, an thou knowest him so well?" "Why, yon same is a right stout fellow whom men hereabouts do call Robin Hood, which same" "Now, by'r Lady!" cried the Tinker hastily, and in a deep voice like an angry bull, "thou didst see me come into thine inn, I, a staunch, honest craftsman, and never told me who my company was, well knowing thine own self who he was.

She's only a baby, for crying out loud!"

"Beda!" cried Sir Pertolepe faintly, his bloody face uplifted, "and is it forsooth, thou, Beda?

"Oh, oh!" cried Madame hysterically, in the wings.

" She tried to loosen the grip of the boy's firm little fingers on her dress and to calm him, but she did not succeed, and he kept on crying louder and louder: "Come back!

she cried impulsively, before he had time to continue, which she perceived he meant to do, as if it did not matter.

"Mount, mount, sir knight!" cried he harshly.

You must be made of sterner stuff now, sergeant," the doctor cried, cheerily, as the culprit stood confusedly before him.

" Mea flared like a rocket at her brother's suggestion, crying violently, "Indeed you won't, Kurt.

"Lord Pertolepe," he cried joyously, "yonder, scarce a mile, flies the banner of Gilles of Brandonmere, his company few, his men scattered and heavy with plunder.

An Indian had picked up one of the children, which must have been only wounded, since it was crying lustily, and was just about to pitch it on the fire, when Spiltdorph's bullet caught him full in the breast.

I suggested to my friend Allingford that this matter should be allowed to rest until some inquiries had been made" "Stop!" cried the captain sternly.

"See here, Clarice, I have known you" "You have not!" cried she, very earnestly; "not by five years!"

Shields, in an agony at the failure of his movement, cried imploringly for volunteers to follow him.

he cried scornfully.

For mark me, when thou wert sick and nigh to God and the holy saints, the evil spell could not come nigh thee, and thou didst yearn and cry continually for nought butHer.

I cried anxiously.

"No gentleman," cried Harry, warmly, "was ever refused shelter under my grandfather's roof.

she cried sadly.

she cried reproachfully.

"To think of our getting up at such unearthly hours!" cried Patsy cheerfully.

"Say, think of getting excited about a mouse!" cried Ferd incredulously, when she had finished.

"In Florida, cruel men shoot the mother birds on their nests while they are rearing their young, because their plumage is prettiest at that time, The little ones cry pitifully, and starve to death.

See?" "A connecting door!" cried Billy delightedly.

"My girl!" cried the father, huskily, and hurried to where she leaned out of her seat.

he cried merrily, extending his hand.

'I wish they could be silenced within too,' I cried savagely; 'I would make them dumb had I the power.'

I was in the next room, lying half asleep upon the sofa, when I heard West cry despairingly: 'Ruinedruinedruined!'

How think ye, messire?" "Beltane," cried Sir Jocelyn gleefully, "Beltane, O dear my friend, doubt me notI do tell thee we shall ride together yet, when the battle joins!"

Davis watched the movement through his glass, and, turning to a horseman at his side, cried, exultantly: "'The breeze is from the northwest; that dust is going toward the Warrenton Pike.

take her!" cried Mr. Holmes frantically.

Libbie was crying silently, but the others tramped along cheerfully, singing, at Betty's suggestion, old college and school songs.

he impetuously cried, as "Lila!

he cried admiringly.

" "That's just the trouble," cried Patsy, energetically.

She was crying incessantly, but her mind still seeming to revive.

" "Billie," cried her chum rapturously, "why didn't you think of that before?

Disturbed by the noise, or possibly by unpleasant dreams of her baptism, the child who had been christened began to cry heart-brokenly in the room overhead.

The next moment the owner of the voice had slid from the pony's back into Wallula's arms, and Wallula was stroking the streaming golden hair, and crying jubilantly, "She's kept her promise, she's kept her promise!"

The tear was in our parent's eye, It seem'd quite out of season; When we ask'd wherefore she did cry, She thus explain'd the reason.

When they were walking along the quay, they saw a girl sitting on a seat, crying miserably, and two men standing up in front of her quarrelling with one another.

" "You," she cried, beating her small hands together, "oh, youyou" and then sat down, crying weakly.

So poor Loneli had to sit there all by herself and she cried so terribly that we all felt sorry.

She appeared presently; and, as they were passing out of the door, Rosa cried, imperiously: "Oh, yes, Vint, we need ever so much honeysuckle; you know where it hangs thickestin the Owl's Glen.

Gloria went through the opening thus afforded, climbed a long, slanting whitish granite slab, and cried out ecstatically at the beauty of the spot.

she cried, proudly.

Toady's eyes kindled, and his red cheeks grew redder still, as he cried out defiantly, "I think she was a selfish pig,don't you?" "No, I don't, sir; and I'm sure that little boy wasn't such a fool as to lose the money.

they cried, exultingly.

"Should not such a lovely creature as yourself," continued the enthusiastic Jinks, "choose one to" Redbud rose quickly, and said, blushing and laughing: "Oh, come, Verty!" "No, nolisten!" said Verty, "I do believe" "No, no, no!" cried Redbud, hurriedly, "it was very wrong" "What?courting.

"They're worth having to see you ride, Miss." "There, Marco!" cried the equestrienne brightly, "that is the handsomest compliment I ever received.

" In the evening the quartet went into town to the theater and Joel's mother cried happily over the homely pathos of The Old Homestead, and Outfield laughed uproariously upon the slightest provocation, and every one was extremely happy.

You don't mean it!" cried Lenore, distractedly.

he cried, almost roughly.

And then cried rudely: "What are you here for?"

" "For pity's sake, Marion," cried Isabelle peevishly, "don't you grow to be one of those tiresome women who think the whole world is interested in a baby's tooth!

"Rouse yourself, Danny dear," his mother cried tearfully, "speak to us, darlin' and don't let yourself go to sleepI'm feart it's gone to his heart.

There was a pause, and then the old man cried, pleadingly: "We'se gwine to lebe dis place; we's gwine up to de house in de mornin'.

" "Oh, Fan!" cried Will, contemptuously.

" "Oh, I didn't mean Bessie!" cried Dolly, throwing her arms around Bessie's neck affectionately.

" "That's the idea," cried Patsy, approvingly.

'SCAT!' cried I, more emphatically than before, but was answered only by an extra shriek from the chairman, and a fiercer scream from the whole assembly.

Slavery is, in every instance, wrong, unrighteous, and oppressivea very great and crying sinthere being nothing of the kind equal to it on the face of the earth.

The little crowd stood for a moment speechless, gazing with woebegone expressions on their faces at the wreck of their hopes and handiwork; then the silence was broken by a subdued chuckle coming from the other side of the wall on their left, and every one, with a start and a sudden clinching of fists, cried simultaneously: "The Philistines!"

"Open!" cried Ralston peremptorily.

Dwight cried involuntarily, and Ina cried out something.

Disturbed by the noise, or possibly by unpleasant dreams of her baptism, the child who had been christened began to cry heart-brokenly in the room overhead.

"Oh," cried Rudolph, fervently.

The six prancing horses were drawn up, and the vehicle stopped, while the driver cried: "All aboard!" Sukey was in the stage, his dark eyes half closed.

" "False philosophy, sir!" cried Fatsy firmly.

" "What a cruel old woman!" cried Patsy, wrathfully.

She cried dreadfully once because she can never, never have a home.

she cried feebly, "I" a rush of easy tears drowned the rest of the sentence.

And then there had occurred that sudden change in her bearing and in her voice alike, when abruptly she had cried out: "No.

" "No!" cried Chet sarcastically.