49 adverbs to describe how to darkening

Gradually, it darkened, from copper to copper-red, and from this, at times, to a deep, heavy, purplish tint, with, in it, a strange loom of blood.

" The Boy's face darkened ominously.

I feared almost to enter her room when I heard her stir; I had dreaded her waking,that terrible hour that all know who have suffered, the dim awakening shadow that darkens so swiftly to black reality; but I need not have dreaded it for her.

It literally darkened the sky.

Who of us has not, in a partially darkened room, seen the rays of the sun, as they entered through apertures or chinks in the shutters, exhibit their track by lighting up the infinitely small corpuscles contained in the air?

I even thought of darkening it artificially.

And how easy it is to prevent the pain and danger of the change, by more effectually darkening the room into which it is introduced!

When once the Lord enters the soul, and shines into the heart, it is like the rising of the sun at midnight: all these things which formerly pretended to some loveliness, and did dazzle with their lustre, are eternally darkened.

"John," said such a plain man the other day to a friend who also had been in touch with Fiske, "the biggest thing that ever came into your life or mine was when that broad thinker familiarly darkened our doors."

In driving over the bridge, I looked down on the swift and swollen current, and hoped that its hue might never be darkened again so fearfully as the last sixty years have witnessed.

May the Virgin strike me dead if I'm not!" He drank, his eyes darkening gloomily.

the more I think of it, the more unlikely it seemsthe more certain it appears to me that I must look elsewhere for the cause of the alteration that has so heavily darkened my day.

But whaheveh" Suddenly he darkened imperiously and motioned Flora away.

They came from the North as ballast in those innumerable wide-armed ships whose cloud of masts and cordage inspiringly darkened the sky of that far-winding river-front where we lately saw Hilary Kincaid and Fred Greenleaf ride.

The Theatre will hold 600 persons, has a gallery supported on columns of bronze, and the walls are decorated with engaged columns, and with isolated columns in the angles: the ceiling is richly paneled, and the theatre is lighted by a lantern, which, by machinery, may be darkened instantaneously, at the will of the lecturer.

Of pitying those places where this truth is not heard of, as among Turks and heathens; or where it is darkened with superstition and men's inventions, as among papists; or where it hath been clearly shining, but now is darkened, as in some churches now under the prevailing power of corruption; or, lastly, where it is not received in its power and lustre, as, alas!

The red colors of the upper walls and the purple shades of the lower darkened silently.

" "I will not be got rid of so easily as you suppose," he said, his face darkening menacingly.

In a moment her eye lightened, the expression of extreme horror which had momently darkened her countenance passed away, and her partial composure returned.

"In a doleful hour art thou returned to me, poor boy," she said, "for thy mother's path has gone darkening onward, till now the end is death.

" The atmosphere perceptibly darkened with the thought of Williamson.

But a few months of pioneer life permanently darkened my rosy ideal of the white-covered wagon, the charming picnics by the way, and the paradise at last.

Smoke from the clear fire passed that richly darkened transverse of timber as it ascended, and escaped through a hole in the bark roof.

And as the sky of Egypt is seldom or never darkened by clouds and storms, the scene presented to the eye the same unchanging aspect of smiling verdure and beauty, day after day, and month after month, until the ripened grain was gathered into the store-houses, and the land was cleared for another inundation.

The red colors of the upper walls and the purple shades of the lower darkened silently.

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