74 words to describe how to  darting  - Adverbs for  darting

74 words to describe how to darting

He didn't come head foremost, nor glancing upward, but rose square up to the surface, and pausing a single instant, darted forward like an arrow and seized the fly.

Then, suddenly, Dave darted in and under, and brought a right-arm hook against Pen's nose in a way that started that member to bleeding again, and with a steady flow.

Thus, the balsam is held to be expressive of impatience, because its seed-pods when ripe curl up at the slightest touch, and dart forth their seeds, with great violence; hence one of its popular names, "touch-me-not."

Gratton, grown nimble, darted ahead with Brodie always close at his heels.

He scanned the world with that keen eye of his, saw that American energy was the best supplement to Russian capital; his will darted quickly, struck afar, and Americans came to build his road from St. Petersburg to Moscow.

So he springs into the yard and the sheep huddle close into the corner, here and there raising a timid head, here and there darting aside in a panic.

When he reached the bottom he no longer hesitated, but darted swiftly in the direction of the cabin.

When he returned, strangely enough minus the saddle-blanket, he was in time to see Piney Jackson dart round the corner of the blacksmith shop, cup his hand at his mouth, and raise a stentorian bellow for Jake Rule.

Rudolph, his cheeks on fire, darted past and dealt, full force, a clumsy backhand sweep of the arm.

No matter though it may be several hundred feet in height he holds straight on, as if about to dash headlong into the throng of booming rockets, then darts abruptly upward, and, after alighting at the top of the precipice to rest a moment, proceeds to feed and sing.

Below us the bottom was clouded with black figures, darting rapidly like a school of minnows beneath a boat.

She then darted upstairs to comb her hair and change her gown.

Presently she darted out of view.

Two hours afterward, as they returned from a carriage-drive, Flora had just drawn off her gloves, when she began to rap on the window, and instantly darted into the street.

In our next lesson we shall find that Prawns are also able to paddle forwards or dart backwards in a similar way.

Darting furiously upon him, she fastened upon his side with her teeth, and began to rend and tear with her claws.

The instant, however, it had dipped its tongue in blood, something like madness seemed to have seized upon the animal; a destructive principle, hitherto dormant, was awakenedit darted fiercely, and with glaring eyes, upon its preytore it with fury to piecesand, growling and roaring in the most fearful manner, rushed off towards the jungles.

and with many a yellow bell she gilded our unbounded path, that sank in the light swells of the varied surface, skirted the unfilled barrens, nor shunned the steep banks of rivers darting merrily on.

The streaks sometimes darted out forwards, at others they drew themselves in again, exactly like combatants; thus those different colored lesser clouds appeared to be at war together; but it was only their manner of sporting with each other.

I started up, realizing my situation, and darted onward.

and with this exclamation the lad sprang up and darted outdoors.

Little rays from the sunny paths would dart daringly in to the dark place from which Ann rose.

One would think there was some kind of Fascination in the Eyes of a large Circle of People, when darting altogether upon one Person.

For, wrapped in his cloak, he looks very graceful; impetuously darting from me in long, sweeping curves, and returning again again to shoot away.

One evening be perceived a faint flash of light repeatedly dart from a Marigold; surprized at such an uncommon appearance, he resolved to examine it with attention; and, to be assured that it was no deception of the eye, he placed a man near him, with orders to make a signal at the moment when he observed the light.

"Perhaps it is my bad memory that permits his identity still to be a revelation?" The stranger nervously arranged a fold in his sea cloak, while his little black eyes darted restlessly about the room.

While uttering this extraordinary burst of feeling, he has advanced towards the door in a kind of demoniac can-can, and, at its close, abruptly darts into the street and frantically makes off.

Down in the still, pure depths of these hidden lakelets you may also find the larvae of innumerable insects and a great variety of beetles, while the air above them is thick with humming wings, through the midst of which fly-catchers are constantly darting.

Instinctively I darted forward in pursuit, but was soon passed by the man behind me.

So when I darted upwards with a strong swirl that cut the waters apart for my passage, she thrust herself farther ahead, trying to drive me back, and said plainly by her actions: "Don't go aloft, my son, you will rush into danger; heed the warnings of your mother and stay where the waters are untroubled and safe."

He had not seen me all this while; but the instant I began to whistle he darted up the tree nearest to him, and came out on a small dead limb opposite me, and composed himself to listen.

As I sat by the camp-fire a flock of little bats, the smallest I had ever seen, darted from the wood-pile nearby and flew right in my face.

Towards noon we were broiled by the beams of the sun darting perpendicularly upon our heads.

Mrs. Sprague looked at the uneasy warrior, then at her daughter, darting the crochet-needles placidly through the wool.

As we were conversing and lamenting together on this occasion, there suddenly appeared a beam of light, which, darting powerfully upon my eyes, caused me to look up: and lo!

It flew to the top of the little bed at night, pecked at the window when it wished to get out in the morning, and would dart down at Fred's whistle as readily as it had been used to do the year before.

roared Roy, darting off in pursuit, regardless of the bullets.

Straight down the cross street, under the roaring elevated tracks of Second and Third Avenues, they passed, and on First Avenue they turned and darted sharply south for a round dozen blocks, then went due east and came, to a halt after a brief run.

Accordingly, rallying the drooping spirits of our men, we encouraged them to renew their exertions by setting them the example, and our canoe darted silently and swiftly down the current.

Straight down the cross street, under the roaring elevated tracks of Second and Third Avenues, they passed, and on First Avenue they turned and darted sharply south for a round dozen blocks, then went due east and came, to a halt after a brief run.

Down he fell, and a crocodile speedily darted upon him with the eager intention of devouring him alive; but Rustem drew his sword with alacrity, and severed the monster's head from his body.

Through the flood swam the daughters of the Rhine, sweeping fair arms backward as they floated, their drapery trailing heavy behind them, darting straight as arrows, or winding sinuously, from bottom to top, from side to side, singing wildly as the Lorelei.

They saw upon the shrinking sands The warriors with restless hands And busy blades, with shields that rose To buffet the unceasing blows; They saw before the rising flood The flash of fire, the flash of blood; And watched the men with panting breath, Striving to be the slaves of death; Now darting wide, now swerving round, Now clashed together in a bound, With splitting swords that smote so fast, As hour by hour unheeded past.

Then gan that nation, th'earths new giant brood, To dart abroad the thunderbolts of warre, And, beating downe these walls with furious mood Into her mothers bosome, all did marre; To th'end that none, all were it*

She pressed both hands against her heart and then her temples, as if to still their painful throbbings, and speak yet more, but the effort was fruitless, and she darted wildly, and fled as an arrow from the room.

She darted aft and dragged the boy back by his collar.

"Some of the natives about me were on their knees praying; others darted aimlessly about, crazed with terror and shouting for mercy.

They darted alongside and, a moment after, the Earl of Vauxhall came down the deck.

It was into an atmosphere highly charged, therefore, in which the lightning had scarcely ceased to play, and might at any moment dart its fires anew, that Mr. Fishwick was introduced.

Then they darted awkwardly to the right and left, and caught the rolling balls that were likely to run away; and it happened now and then that one in his eagerness upset another, so that both fell heavily and clumsily to the ground.