38 adverbs to describe how to dating

From that date onwards to 1506, when he died, Mantegna remained attached to the Gonzaga family serving three Marquises in succession, and adorning their palaces, chapels, and country-seats with frescoes now, alas!

" Having thus spoken, he placed a paper in the hands of the master, the contents of which expressed an engagement entered into by Gerard Douw, to give to Wilken Vanderhausen of Rotterdam, in marriage, Rose Velderkaust, and so forth, within one week of the date thereof.

You may think it strange that I should be continually dating some destruction from the aera of the revolutionthat I speak of every thing demolished, and of nothing replaced.

This edition, conjecturally dated 1660 in the British Museum Catalogue, contains, on the back of the title-page and at the foot of the list of persons represented, lists of books printed or sold by William Leake at the Crown in Fleet Street.

The Finnish Senate protested to the Czar in three separate memoranda, dated respectively June 19, 1908, December 22, 1908, and February 25,1909.

[Mr. Macdonald dates this letter December 31, 1828, perhaps rightly.

These records consist (1) of a series of beautifully preserved legal documents written in Aramaic on papyrus and definitely dated between the years 471 and 411 B.C.

Beneath the choir and chapel is a crypt, also Norman and the oldest part of the cathedral, some of it undoubtedly dating from St. Augustine's time.

The suicide, to which the author still clings in the printed text, practically dates the play as belonging to the above-mentioned period of rebellion against the conventional "happy ending," when the ambitious British dramatist felt that honour required him to kill his man on the smallest provocation.

BOOK II. CHAPTER I. Life is not dated merely by years.

I knew that there were several colored men worth a hundred or so thousand dollars each, and some families who proudly dated their free ancestry back a half-dozen generations.

Subsequently there were to be "pamphlets in the Liberal interest," and such like things duly dated.

With one impulse all the menthat is, all who had been alert enough to provide pen and paperbestowed themselves about the candles allotted each group, and began letters "home," dated magniloquently "Headquarters in the Field.

The manor is said to have as long a history as that of the church, but the present building dates mainly from about 1520.

In a letter, evidently mis-dated the 15th December, Mrs. Leigh writes to Hodgson: "I have every reason to think that my beloved B. is very happy and comfortable.

2. Date and time of interviewOctober 20, 1938 3. Place of interviewAt the home of Mrs. John G. High, nine miles north of Lonoke.

Its existence obviously dates from the time when people used their fists more than their heads, when priestcraft had enchained the human intellect, the much bepraised Middle Age, with its system of chivalry.

The church is of all dates from the Norman time onward, a very English patchwork, here due to the depredations, not so much of time, as of the French who have so often raided and burnt the town.

I have a distinct recollection of one case, and proximately the date of it.

We thus straighten out the aboriginal privacy and vagueness, and can date things publicly, as it were, and by each other.

" This phrase could hardly be applied to a man over thirty, so that Titian's birth cannot reasonably be dated before 1486 or so, and is much more likely to fall later.

It was asserted that the importance of the series demanded that it be a home-and-home affair, dates to alternate regularly, regardless of all ties or drawn games.

The late publication of his works created the impression, not yet quite worn out, of his being a later writer than many of his contemporaries, solely because their printed works are dated earlier by twenty or thirty years.

This treble-dated crow will keep the obsequies as strict as Court etiquette requires, or as his wardrobe may allow.

Caricatures were scribbled upon the fly-leaves and margins of the books, the date whereof looked very old to Marian, long before her own birth.

38 adverbs to describe how to  dating  - Adverbs for  dating
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