9 adverbs to describe how to daze

The sudden light dazed both sides momentarily.

That the mind of the reader may not become hopelessly dazed by contemplating this last paragraph, I will stop.

Then her eyes opened, quiet and grey, and a little dazed seeming; and she rolled her head on the pillow and saw me; and the pain of forgetfulness went out of her eyes, and she looked at me with a look that grew in strength, unto a sweetness of tenderness and full understanding.

she repeated at intervals, mechanically, dazed still, lost in a whirl of conflicting emotions wherein fear, amazement, and a certain vein of superstitious horror fought a hard battle in her dizzy brain.

The remittance men, unarmed and confronted by their own revolvers, stood gaping open-mouthed and seemingly dazed.

And I lookt unto them, and they lookt back at me; and I did gasp awhile, and was strangely dazed, and did try to tell them that I had need of the Doctors for the Life of Mine

He felt a trifle dazed perhaps, and the spell of the past came strongly over him, confusing the immediate present and making everything dwindle oddly to the dimensions of long ago.

She looked beautifully dazed.

He looked and was utterly dazed.

9 adverbs to describe how to  daze  - Adverbs for  daze