6 adverbs to describe how to decipher

At first she thought it empty; but presently her straining vision made out two huddled shapes upon the farther sidewalk, close under the walls of a public house whose sign she could just barely decipher: the Red Moon.

He stood behind and to one side of the Director, who was laboriously deciphering some papers through his big horn spectacles.

Nevertheless herein they all agree, commending virtue, detesting vice, and lively deciphering their overthrow that suppress not their unruly affections.

The trick of befouling what was clean (and because it was clean) clung to him most tenaciously all his days; and many a fair white surfaceof humour, of fancy, or of sentimentwas to be disfigured by him in after-years with stains and splotches in which we can all too plainly decipher the literary signature of Laurence Sterne.

The language, I believe, for I am no scholar, is Latin of a mediæval type; but there are words which, if I rightly decipher them, are not Latin, and hardly seem to belong to any known language; most of them, I fancy, quasi-scientific terms, invented to describe various technical devices unknown to the world when the manuscript was written.

One busy morning I opened one of her long, complaining, badly-written letters; I could scarcely decipher it; she was so near-sighted, too, poor child, and would not put on glasses.

6 adverbs to describe how to  decipher  - Adverbs for  decipher