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130 adverbs to describe how to  declines  - Adverbs for  declines

130 adverbs to describe how to declines

Sauntering in the Shasta bee-lands in the sun-days of summer, one may readily infer the time of day from the comparative energy of bee-movements alonedrowsy and moderate in the cool of the morning, increasing in energy with the ascending sun, and, at high noon, thrilling and quivering in wild ecstasy, then gradually declining again to the stillness of night.

In fact, they go no further than positively declining to do anything bad with their navy.

These once were France's special care, and are yet, to a degree; but France is out of favor with the Church, and steadily declining from her former place in the Levant, although French continues to be the "lingua franca" of merchandising, of polite society, and of diplomacy, in the Near East.

When the head of the Ki family sent for Min Tsz-k'ien to make him governor of the town of Pi, that disciple said, "Politely decline for me.

If wine was offered him at the house of a friend, he courteously declined, but never blamed in others the indulgence which he denied to himself.

The emperor wisely declined to interfere with the election.

"Peter," commenced Mr. Benfield, pointing kindly to a chair, which the steward respectfully declined, "I suppose you know that Mr. Denbigh, the grandson of General Denbigh, who was in parliament with me, is about to marry my little Emmy?" Peter smiled, as he bowed an assent.

In December, 1800, he was again offered the chief justiceship by John Adams, on the resignation of Oliver Ellsworth, but Jay resolutely declined.

Finding her thus inexorable, I fell into a settled melancholy, and my health was visibly declining.

On further consideration, however, Mrs. Inchbald modestly declined to become a contributor.

Mr. Lorimore promptly declined her ladyship's proposal, as he was engaged to be married to his present worthy helpmate.

" Kaviak flatly declined to fall in with as much as he understood of this arrangement.

She firmly declined lunch, but consented that he should drive her, and they went.

Nowadays Seguin was often in need of money, and in order to do business he offered Mathieu lower terms and all sorts of advantages; but the other prudently declined the proposals, keeping steadfastly to his original intentions, which were that he would proceed with his work of creation step by step, in accordance with his exact means and requirements.

As we pass further North and West, the per-centage gradually though not quite regularly declines.

" "Be it so," returned the stranger, haughtily declining the proffered inspection.

"Will you have some more beer?" Mr. Wilks declined gracefully.

He made no concealment of the fact that he claimed the foremost place among the signorina's admirers, utterly declining to make way even for the President.

On that day, he invariably declined joining any hunting or fishing parties; and he also selected it as the time for his longest spiritual conversations with Oriana; as he desired that she, also, should learn to attach a peculiar feeling of reverence to a day that must be sacred to every Christian, but which was always observed with remarkable strictness by the sect to which Henrich belonged.

He professed himself willing, in case I had any foolish scruples against mixing my blood with that of brutes, to purify my own, and put it back; but I obstinately declined both expedients; whereupon he opened a vein in my arm, and took from it about fourteen ounces of blood.

I replied that such had been my normal condition ever since our larder had perceptibly declined.

The sprightliness of his wit, and a most exceeding good-nature, recommended him very early to the favour of Charles the IId, and those of the greatest distinction in the court; but his mind being more turned to books, and polite conversation, than public business, he totally declined the latter, tho' as bishop Burnet says, the king courted him as a favorite.

THEOPHILUS SKINNER, but peremptorily declined because SKINNER'S district had become Democratic since he was elected, and he knew that if he resigned an infamous cannibal copperhead would be sent to Congress in his stead.

They persistently declined; and he was helpless.

My answer has been that the proposal has been made, but civilly declined.

Their offence, as entered on the College records, was that of 'contumaciously refusing to answer questions,' and 'repeatedly declining to disavow' the authorship of the work.

The problem would have been insoluble had not the prestige of Rome declined considerably since the Middle Ages, a prestige which sprang from the fact that she was the capital of two Empiresthe spiritual Empire of the Papacy, and the secular Empire founded by Charles the Great.

On the other hand Sir EDWARD ELGAR, O.M., has steadfastly declined the Tsardom of Bulgaria, even though it was proposed to change the name of the country to Elgaria.

Graciously declining my services, he betokened his appreciation of my delicate attention by presenting me on the spot with a complete set of his worksAuthor's Edition.

He again emphatically declined the honour his fellow-citizens desired to confer upon him, and proclaimed Lorenzo

These were the instructions which Heer Roosten received from Mr. Aldobrand, whose health sensibly declined, until three months later he died.

We heard it said repeatedly that the apprentices were not willing to have their free children educatedthat they had pertinaciously declined every offer of the bushas to educate their children, and this, it was alleged, evinced a determination on the part of the negroes to perpetuate ignorance and barbarism among their posterity.

But the result, in fact, of this liberty and this incompleteness has been, not that the Church has declined lower and lower into indifference and negation, but that it has steadily mounted in successive periods to a higher level of purpose, to a higher standard of life and thought, of faith and work.

To speak the truth, I had no especial relish for such amusement at any time, and, at that particular moment, would most willingly have declined it; for the night was coming on, and I felt much fatigued with the exercise already taken; but I saw no mode of escape, and was fearful of disturbing my poor friend's equanimity by a refusal.

I had not only definitely declined to say that we would remain neutral, I had even gone so far this morning as to say to the German Ambassador that, if France and Germany became involved in war, we should be drawn into it.

The latter shook his head, and, sternly declining any further conversation, passed on with the apprentice to an outer room.

In other words, the bar-keeper declined distinctly to believe that he had been hoodwinked as stated.

" Going up to London one day, a few years later, I noticed a saintly sister, belonging to the Salvation Army, timidly offering some leaflets to several persons on board; all coolly declined to receive them.

Charlotte now a second time proposed it; but Ottilie expressly declined going anywhere, where she would be thrown into what is called the great world.

Just beyond these a throng of hucksters, market-women, butchers, bakers, etc., vociferously urge him to accept their votive offerings of garden truck, carrots, cabbages, parsnips, haunches of beef, baskets of French rolls and the like, all of which the Prince proudly declines, whereupon the vast concourse breaks forth into this wild chant to the air of BINGEN ON THE RHINE.

Of the remaining three, one sulkily declined to draw, and the other two were over drunk for anything.

"Personally I should have declined it, personally; but the marchesa's commands were absolute: 'You must go yourself, I will permit no deputy.'

They will coldly decline to look at it, and will become, more and more as the world moves on, a comparatively illiterate people.

Philosophy continually declined, like literature and art.

Yet Athenian and all Greek civilization did ultimately decline.

The apprentices, after due deliberation among themselves, unanimously declined this proposition.

There were many offers of assistance in caring for the dog, which, however, Allan gratefully declined.

He uniformly declined, with great courtesy, but firmly, invitations to attend public gatherings of any description, where his presence might arouse passions or occasion discussions connected with the great contest in which he had been the leader of the South.

The Greek ministry, in the dilemma of acting or being left out of the settlement, decided that the army to cross the frontier should be commanded by the King in person, but the King so earnestly declined the honor put upon him that the plan was abandoned.

When he indignantly declined, Hubbard, red in the face with rage, called him a "damned skunk.

Shoop declined pleasantly.

"The honor is most regretfully declined," replied Hallam in a tone of mock sadness.

And as the eve, through paler, darker shades, Insensibly declines, and is no more, The lordly day once more a memory, So died he.

This they deliberately declined assenting to when they refused to make a treaty similar to that with China.

Consequently he declines to classify this form of oratory separately, reducing Aristotle's three kinds of oratory to two.

The legislature of New York publicly declined to reverse its policy of confiscation, on the ground that Great Britain had offered no compensation for the property which her friends had destroyed.

Divest reason of its trust, and the universe stops at the impersonal stagethere is no God; and yet, if the first step in religion is the greatest, how is it that the freest and boldest speculator rarely declines it?

She was a woman, but, I was again an awkward, stammering boy, rebelliously declining to believe that a state she had come away from could retain any significance, industrial or otherwise.

"I am very much flattered by your offer," I said; "and believe me, I most truly appreciate the generosity of your Company; but, as I said before, if it is necessary for me to go at once, that is to say, before I have completed my present case, then I have no option but to most reluctantly decline.

This task, however, Crabbe rightly declined, being diffident as to his scholarship.

On account of his unpopular reception, by the mob, when he accompanied the allied sovereigns to Guildhall, in 1814, he never afterwards honoured the city with his presence; and when Rossini rudely declined the repetition of a piece of music, in which the king had taken a conspicuous part, at a court concert, his majesty turned his back on the composer, to whose works, from that moment, he displayed the most unequivocal dislike.

It occurred to me, if he should thus suddenly die, and I be found alone in his cell, I might be charged with being his murderer; and my courage, which, from long inaction, had sadly declined of late, deserted me at the thought.

Courteously at first, then somewhat scathingly he declined to discuss the proposition with her agents.

" Olive rose suddenly, silently declined her mother's aid, and went alone to their chamber in the half-story.

But as it was now clearly time to come to business, the cigaret was declined solemnly.

But if the Boy attended the Bible-class with fervour and aired his heresies with uncommon gusto, if he took with equal geniality Colonel Warren's staid remonstrance and Mac's fiery objurgation, Sunday morning invariably found him more "agnostic" than ever, stoutly declining to recognise the necessity for "service."

The white visitors were looked upon with some surprise, but way was made for them to approach the door, and as soon as they entered the building two of the officers of the church came forward to show them to one of the uppermost seats; but this honor Miss Annie strenuously declined.

But when the stern conditions were declared, A mournful whisper through the host was heard, And the whole hierarchy, with heads hung down, Submissively declined the ponderous proffer'd crown.

He encouraged agriculture, distributed the talliages more equitably, amended the old roads and constructed new ones, abolished forced labor (corvees), provided for the wants of the poor and wretched during the dearth of 1770 and 1771, and declined, successively, the superintendentship of Rouen, of Lyons, and of Bordeaux, in order that he might be able to complete the useful tasks he had begun at Limoges.

From this point the ground declined swiftly to the main road.

Thereupon, Bartleby would tranquilly decline, and yet remain idle as before.

While at Rome, Macaulay received from Lord Melbourne the offer of the office of Judge Advocate; but he unhesitatingly declined it.

She declined hers as unobtrusively as possible, just with a word and a faint shake of the head.

My uncle, for what reason I do not know, refused his consent to this alliance, though it would have been complied with by the father of the young gentleman; and, as the future condition of my life was wholly dependant on him, I was not willing to disoblige him, and, therefore, though unwillingly, declined the offer.

He had abruptly declined a suggestion of counsel.

Canst thou forget this, and decline so wretchedly, To eat the Bread of Bawdry, of base Bawdry?

One stripling had proposed to Elspeth, and on her agitatedly declining him, had flung out of the room in a pet.

But he blankly declined.

Thus the nation, more and more, with ever-increasing rapidity, declined in bodily, and of course spiritual, quality, until the end was reached, and Nature swallowed up the weaklings whole; and thus war, which to the modern state is at worst the blockhead and indecent affaires d'honneur of persons in officeand which, surely, before you and I die will cease altogetherwas to the ancient a genuine and remorselessly fatal scourge.

Her eyes begged him to take back those shameful words, but he bravely declined; not even to please Grizel could he pretend that what was not was.

"Oh, no, Mrs. Meredith, I never fan!" said Pansy, declining breathlessly.

Captain Martin, when he treated with the king, very cautiously declined any declarations of the intentions of the British court on that particular, and confined himself to the subject of his message, without giving any reason for hope, or despair of a neutrality.

The thoughts which here fill but a few pages, occupied me a long while in working out; because I consciously, with caution more than with timidity, declined to follow them rapidly.

Winchester he considerately declined questioning while his wound was being dressed; but Griffin was summoned to his cabin as soon as the boats were hoisted in and stowed.

Priam was Crepitude's own witness, and yet a horrible witness, a witness who had consistently and ferociously declined to open his mouth until he was in the box.

But after that date Crabbe's popularity may be said to have continuously declined.

Caesar calling his legions off from their work, and ordering the horse to hold themselves in readiness, marshalled his army: for to appear to decline an engagement contrary to the opinion of the soldiers and the general voice, would have been attended with great disadvantage.

The color had now appeared in Alma's cheeks, as if hope had again sprung in her heart, and I fancied that Halsey Post saw his claim on her favor declining correspondingly.

But this suggestion was declined rather more curtly.

These generous gifts were most respectfully and very decidedly declined.

Dynasties had fallen, institutions changed, manners and morals, alas, deplorably declined; but as far back as memory went, the ladies of the line of Chelles had always sat at their needle-work on the terrace of Saint Desert, while the men of the house lamented the corruption of the government and the cure ascribed the unhappy state of the country to the decline of religious feeling and the rise in the cost of living.

If you won't stick up for your rights in a hunting county" But Mr. Proctor rode on, wishing them good-night, very discourteously declining to hear the remainder of the brewer's arguments.

The accused adhered to his first account, that he had purchased the animal the day before at a neighbouring fair, and doggedly declined to answer any cross-examination.

It cannot be denied, that what they want above all to bring to Mohammedans is just what these most energetically decline to accept.

Though high his brush he bear, though tipped with white It gaily shine; yet ere the sun declined Recall the shades of night, the pampered rogue 60 Shall rue his fate reversed; and at his heels Behold the just avenger, swift to seize His forfeit head, and thirsting for his blood.

XVIII.The nature of the ground which our men had chosen for the camp was this: A hill, declining evenly from the top, extended to the river Sambre, which we have mentioned above: from this river there arose a [second] hill of like ascent, on the other side and opposite to the former, and open from about 200 paces at the lowest part; but in the upper part, woody, (so much so) that it was not easy to see through it into the interior.

We, whose generations are ordained in this setting part of time, are providentially taken off from such imaginations; and, being necessitated to eye the remaining particle of futurity, are naturally constituted unto thoughts of the next world, and cannot excusably decline the consideration of that duration, which maketh pyramids pillars of snow, and all that's past a moment.

Combat to all, and bore away the dame, And taught the woods to echo to the stream His dreadful challenge, and his clashing beam; Yet faintly now declines the fatal strife; So much his love was dearer than his life.

At the same time he formally declined the offer of Col. Roosevelt to raise a volunteer army for immediate service in France.

With the growth of commerce, the necessity for moving commodities back, and forth steadily declines, with constant improvement in the machinery of transportation, and diminution in the risk of losses of the kind that are covered by insurance against dangers of the sea, or those of fire.