130 adverbs to describe how to declines

Sauntering in the Shasta bee-lands in the sun-days of summer, one may readily infer the time of day from the comparative energy of bee-movements alonedrowsy and moderate in the cool of the morning, increasing in energy with the ascending sun, and, at high noon, thrilling and quivering in wild ecstasy, then gradually declining again to the stillness of night.

In fact, they go no further than positively declining to do anything bad with their navy.

These once were France's special care, and are yet, to a degree; but France is out of favor with the Church, and steadily declining from her former place in the Levant, although French continues to be the "lingua franca" of merchandising, of polite society, and of diplomacy, in the Near East.

When the head of the Ki family sent for Min Tsz-k'ien to make him governor of the town of Pi, that disciple said, "Politely decline for me.

If wine was offered him at the house of a friend, he courteously declined, but never blamed in others the indulgence which he denied to himself.

The emperor wisely declined to interfere with the election.

"Peter," commenced Mr. Benfield, pointing kindly to a chair, which the steward respectfully declined, "I suppose you know that Mr. Denbigh, the grandson of General Denbigh, who was in parliament with me, is about to marry my little Emmy?" Peter smiled, as he bowed an assent.

In December, 1800, he was again offered the chief justiceship by John Adams, on the resignation of Oliver Ellsworth, but Jay resolutely declined.

Finding her thus inexorable, I fell into a settled melancholy, and my health was visibly declining.

On further consideration, however, Mrs. Inchbald modestly declined to become a contributor.

Mr. Lorimore promptly declined her ladyship's proposal, as he was engaged to be married to his present worthy helpmate.

" Kaviak flatly declined to fall in with as much as he understood of this arrangement.

She firmly declined lunch, but consented that he should drive her, and they went.

Nowadays Seguin was often in need of money, and in order to do business he offered Mathieu lower terms and all sorts of advantages; but the other prudently declined the proposals, keeping steadfastly to his original intentions, which were that he would proceed with his work of creation step by step, in accordance with his exact means and requirements.

As we pass further North and West, the per-centage gradually though not quite regularly declines.

" "Be it so," returned the stranger, haughtily declining the proffered inspection.

"Will you have some more beer?" Mr. Wilks declined gracefully.

He made no concealment of the fact that he claimed the foremost place among the signorina's admirers, utterly declining to make way even for the President.

On that day, he invariably declined joining any hunting or fishing parties; and he also selected it as the time for his longest spiritual conversations with Oriana; as he desired that she, also, should learn to attach a peculiar feeling of reverence to a day that must be sacred to every Christian, but which was always observed with remarkable strictness by the sect to which Henrich belonged.

He professed himself willing, in case I had any foolish scruples against mixing my blood with that of brutes, to purify my own, and put it back; but I obstinately declined both expedients; whereupon he opened a vein in my arm, and took from it about fourteen ounces of blood.

I replied that such had been my normal condition ever since our larder had perceptibly declined.

The sprightliness of his wit, and a most exceeding good-nature, recommended him very early to the favour of Charles the IId, and those of the greatest distinction in the court; but his mind being more turned to books, and polite conversation, than public business, he totally declined the latter, tho' as bishop Burnet says, the king courted him as a favorite.

THEOPHILUS SKINNER, but peremptorily declined because SKINNER'S district had become Democratic since he was elected, and he knew that if he resigned an infamous cannibal copperhead would be sent to Congress in his stead.

They persistently declined; and he was helpless.

My answer has been that the proposal has been made, but civilly declined.

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