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11 adverbs to describe how to « deflecting »

11 adverbs to describe how to « deflecting »

  • Eriksen finds Son with a cross-field pass, and the South Korean’s shot is deflected wide.
  • Her movement drew upon him the Mortimerian flow, ever ebullient and ever by trifles easily deflected.
  • He was rather pleased with the applause of his fellows and the half-dozen prompt bullets which each appearance of the cap at last drew, until one bullet, piercing the cap and striking the point of the bayonet, jarred his fingers unpleasantly and deflected the bullet dangerously and noisily close to his ear.
  • No doubt Bakugo can deflect Mina's counterfire with his Quirk, then move in and finish the job before Mina can muster her defenses again.
  • There should be no rocks, loose stones, or pebbles on top, which might be struck by the bullets, splintering and flying, thus adding greatly to the number of dangerous projectiles, and often deflecting bullets downward into the trench.
  • A.Iron beams bent alternately in opposite directions, or alternately deflected and released, will be broken in the course of time with a much less strain than is necessary to produce immediate fracture.
  • The revolving body is now imperfectly deflected.
  • Inevitably Jupiter would be deflected from its orbit into an elliptical path, and the burning star, swung by his attraction wide of its sunward rush, would "describe a curved path," and perhaps collide with, and certainly pass very close to, our earth.
  • Another fact that is stubbornly deflected is that recent community protests have been genuinely triggered by the death of residents in those communities in police involved killings believed to be executions.
  • Probably it sent low spurs to the west, and the farthest points of these spurs now and then caused rapids in our course (for the rapids generally came where there were hills) and for the moment deflected the river westward from its general downhill trend to the north.
  • It would do so, if it were not continually deflected from this line.

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