54 adverbs to describe how to delighting

"Better," he murmured to himself, "the delights of rustic conversation with a good meal at the end thereof than lordly solitude and emptiness withal.

He used to bestow honors scrupulously upon his friends and delighted exceedingly to have them speak frankly.

Beroaldus will have drunkards, afternoon men, and such as more than ordinarily delight in drink, to be mad.

" Homer specially delighted in drawing the same figure.

With the last, good Mrs. Wetmore was astounded, and Kitty infinitely delighted.

But this, indeed, may be said of all worldly delights.

Like her love for those nearest to her, it entered into everything that interested or delighted her profoundly; into her interest in politics and social questions and into her enjoyment of nature.

He gave the rascals who fetched us ashore a piece more than they demanded, hugely delighted to find they understood his Spanish and such quips as he could call to mind.

House wickedly delighted at prospect of SWINBURNE being haltingly declaimed with North Tipperary accent localised by companionship with the Town Commissioners of Nenagh; SPEAKER thinks it might be funny, but wouldn't be business; so PATRICK: having begun, "Night brings but one red starTyrannicide," is sternly pulled up.

Say, Father Thames, for thou hast seen Full many a sprightly race Disporting on thy margent green The paths of pleasure trace, Who foremost now delight to cleave With pliant arm thy glassy wave?

And you are both well and happy?' 'Perfectly, and doubly delighted at your presence to-day, for your advice will come in a providential moment for my friend here.' 'Ah!' said the strange man, 'well met once more!

Most of it doubtless delighted the spectators, but the sight of Arsinoë of Egypthe had brought her along among the captivesand the horde of lictors and the symbols of triumph taken from citizens who had fallen in Africa displeased them exceedingly.

For some inscrutable reason it delighted them both enormously to think that they had never been introduced....

To us Americans, Thurlow is notable for the strong and uncompromising language which he used against us all through our Revolution, which excessively delighted the King.

She had kept her looks; she frankly delighted in the admiration of men.

Arminius left a name which the historians of the nation against which he combated so long and so gloriously have delighted to honor.

Merry on the surface, with an iron core of stubborn resolution within, he equally delighted his most homely and his most elegant friends, and while he sympathized with humble life, he had a profound respect for the technically best society.

Johnson might here be glancing at the oratorical lectures of the modern Rhetor Sheridan, whose plans he delighted incessantly to ridicule.

"I am to be in London for some weeks, and, if you are to be here, too, what time could be more propitious than the present?" Calvert's assurance that he was in town indefinitely delighted Mr. Stuart.

He knew, that the eminence of his character drew many eyes upon him; and he was careful not to drive the young or the gay away from religion, by representing it as an enemy to any distinction or enjoyment in which human nature may innocently delight.

The Greeks delighted intensely in the purely physical life about them; they had small conception of anything beyond.

It would be pleasant to leave this genuinely great man in the full flush of health, creative power, inward delight and outward prosperity; but that were to leave unwritten the finest and noblest part of his life.

And does he not delight in the festival as keenly as that half-naked beggar, who rattles his box for alms, with a broad grin on his dirty face?

" Amid the grove that crowns yon tufted hill, Which, were it not for many a mountain nigh Rising in lofty ranks, and loftier still, Might well itself be deem'd of dignity; The convent's white walls glisten fair on high: Here dwells the caloyer, nor rude is he, Nor niggard of his cheer; the passer-by Is welcome still; nor heedless will he flee From hence, if he delight kind Nature's sheen to see.

And as the pleasantnesses of that love are most eminent in the highest regions, they are perceived as blessednesses, and as in the middle region they are less eminent, they are perceived as satisfactions, and lastly, in the lowest region, as delights: that there are such blessednesses, satisfactions, and delights, and that they are perceived and felt, appears from the MEMORABLE RELATIONS in which they are described.

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