102 adverbs to describe how to depart

When she had finished, he arose, and disregarding his repulsive companion's efforts to detain him, departed hastily from the temple.

For twenty minutes or more odd waifs and strays of humanity crawled in through the trap-door, obtained their message of good or ill, and departed into the shadows as silently as they had come.

Ere the company departs each member subscribes a pice for the story-teller, who in this way earns about forty pice a day, no inconsiderable income in truth for the mere retail of second-hand fables: and then with a word of peace to the landlord the men troop slowly forth to their homes.

His extreme opinions on questions of religion and morals, and the great latitude which he allowed himself in acting according to his own opinions, however widely they might depart from the law of the land and of society, could not but produce this result.

Upon the moment they glanced up to see Mr. Anderson approaching, and they rather hurriedly departed.

" Luke Tweezy departed abruptly.

In consequence, he departed speedily, and I spent the afternoon wondering whether he would return before the day ended, or leave me to the endurance of a night of suspense.

Moreover, the savages thought that as long as there was a prospect of their being allowed to depart peaceably with their goods, they would not be so mad as to fly from the camp, and, by so doing, risk their lives and declare war with their entertainers.

I did my best to waken him, but failed, took a score of cartridgesno moreand departed sadly.

" "In some cases it don't do any good to talk of such things; better let 'em alone," muttered Thorn, as he reluctantly sat down, while Flint as reluctantly departed.

Missouf concerted with me the means of my flight; and I departed secretly with a female Egyptian slave.

Everything we know about the growth of Michelangelo's genius leads us to suppose that he departed gradually but surely from the path of Nature.

But before I approach that question on this dear old beach of Madras, you will expect meyou will want meto offer my tribute to the great departed, Lokamanya Tilak Maharaj (loud and prolonged cheers).

The statement that Xanthippus was put to death by the Carthaginians after the victory, is a fiction; he departed voluntarily, perhaps to enter the Egyptian service.

But my plans were overthrown, for early in the summer of 1858 Alfred Russel Wallace, who was then in the Malay Archipelago, sent me an essay On the Tendency of Varieties to Depart Indefinitely from the Original Type, and this essay contained exactly the same theory as mine.

Is it not probable then, that, just as in the Miocene epoch, we find an ancestral equine form less modified than Equus, so, if we go back to the Eocene epoch, we shall find some quadruped related to the Anchitherium, as Hipparion is related to Equus, and consequently departing less from the average form?

At the close of the psalm, the angel blessed them with the sign of the cross, and they all leaped to shore; upon which he turned round, and departed as swiftly as he came.

Tis Neroes pleasure that you straight depart To Giara, and there remaine confin'd:

From these extreme views, Mr. Madison afterward conscientiously departed; but in the convention he supported them with zeal and vigor.

Captain Obadiah, in spite of the defiance he had fulminated against his enemies, and in spite of the determination he had expressed to remain and to stand his trial, was within a few days known to have suddenly and mysteriously departed from New Hope.

Well, then, come on to witness this our victory; Depart we hence with sound of fame triumphantly.

" Saiáwush then rose to depart precipitately, but Súdáveh observing him, endeavored to cling round him and arrest his flight.

In this manner he runs on: like a gentleman in Lincolns Inn, who wrote an ingenious poem upon the transactions between a Landlord and his Tenant Day, who privately departed from him by Night, printed in a single sheet, London, 1684.

Had he not departed promptly, there would have been fried seal steak and roast seal heart for supper.

Very rarely, I think, have I departed from this rule.

102 adverbs to describe how to  depart  - Adverbs for  depart
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