103 words to describe how to  detects  - Adverbs for  detects

103 words to describe how to detects

In choosing a building-spot, concealment does not seem to be taken into consideration; yet notwithstanding the nest is large and guilelessly exposed to view, it is far from being easily detected, chiefly because it swells forward like any other bulging moss-cushion growing naturally in such situations.

Also, I knew how quickly his keen ears would detect the presence of any unwelcome creature, should there be such, amid the darkness that wrapped us.

In the browner parts of this coal, sharp eyes will readily detect multitudes of curious little coin-shaped bodies, of a yellowish brown colour, embedded in the dark brown ground substance.

Had there been any traces of recent disturbance we should not have failed to detect it instantly.

Zipeg automatically detects filenames in national alphabets (code pages).

This, or the reverse, which we believe might happen any year, and could certainly not be detected without far more accurate observations and calculations for the mean sea-level than any hitherto made, would slacken or quicken the earth's rate as a timekeeper by one- tenth of a second per year."

Others again I have watched, when my thoughts should have been better engaged, in which I could possibly detect nothing but a blank inanity.

And this time every one of the trio of running boys could plainly detect something approaching agony in the thrilling cry of "Help, oh! hurry up, fellows!

At last, after some difficulty, we discovered it, and searching along the bank with our three powerful lights, I presently detected the huge moss-grown boulder whereon I had stood when the pair of fugitives had disappeared.

Kaspersky products successfully detect and block the Shopper malware under the following detection name: Trojan-Dropper.

The overwhelming majority of Americans assume that the CDC and public health authorities will rapidly detect a new outbreak of a lethal infectious disease and quickly respond with a vaccine, drugs, and other measures to contain the event.

He partly attributed this to the fact that the present imaging techniques did not accurately detect the spread of the cancer, leading to some men not getting the additional treatment they needed.

The Finn's presence on the bank had evidently been detected by a boat drawn up at the shore, and he had been followed to where we had lain in what we had so foolishly believed to be a safe hiding-place.

In the validation group of patients, the algorithm correctly detected heart disease in 80 per cent of cases and correctly detected heart disease was not present in 61 per cent of cases.

Seldom could one detect any attempt to evade the obvious.

As to what you mention of his newly-detected crimes; and your advice to attach Dorcas to my interest; and to come at some of his letters; these things will require more or less of my attention, as I may hope favour or not from my uncle Harlowe.

And then, as though he had suddenly detected in my face an expression of surprised discovery, he said, "But I am sure I do not know how I came to say so much, or let myself be tedious with sickly egotisms to a polite, but indifferent, stranger.

No poet of the first class has ever left a school, because his imagination is incommunicable; while, just as surely as the thermometer tells of the neighborhood of an iceberg, you may detect the presence of a genius of the second class in any generation by the influence of his mannerism, for that, being an artificial thing, is capable of reproduction.

Here she is promptly detected by the offended goddess and sentenced to do battle against one of the fiercest of the Erymanthian boars.

He is continually detecting pernicious particles in everything that he eats and drinks.

Following i.vag. TK(-) immunization, high levels of gamma interferon (IFN-gamma) were detected locally in vaginal washes of the Depo 5 group but not the Depo 15 group.

This allows the mass spectrometer downstream to capture, ionize, accelerate, deflect, and detect the ionized molecules separately.

If the installation program does not properly detect your hardware, you may need to restart the installation in mode.

"What's that?" exclaimed Bruce in a startled whisper, as he detected some noise outside.

Consequently, a wife detected in such an attempt is at her husband's mercy; and if he consent to spare her life, she must submit to any infliction, however it may transgress the covenanted limit.

With quarter-crack, on the other hand, the fissure is wider, and consequently the easier detected with the foot bearing weight.

But the Crafty Being I have now mentioned, makes a much longer Voyage than Ulysses, puts in practice many more Wiles and Stratagems, and hides himself under a greater Variety of Shapes and Appearances, all of which are severally detected, to the great Delight and Surprize of the Reader.

Nor did there seem to be any doubt in the mind of the people that such would actually have been the result, had not the plot fortunately been detected before the time appointed for the outbreak.

His faults she cannot thoroughly detect till she has been for years his wife.

If everyone were like Harry there would be no one left to help; and I suppose that God has some reason for leaving the world imperfect, which even we, in our infinite wisdom, cannot precisely detect.

In November, the social network said its tools proactively detected 94.7% of the hate speech removed by the company between July and September.

Prudence whispers that the pretence is, after all, vain, because those, and those alone, who can rightly estimate erudition will infallibly detect my pretence, whereas those whom I have deceived were not worth deceiving.

Intently as I strained my ears, I could detect no reply.

There is no way by which such milk can invariably be detected, but Prof. Vaughan, of Michigan University, notes the following kinds of milk to be avoided: 1.

How keenly she detects and proclaims the number and enormity of her rival's faults!

Lastly, George Dandin detects his wife and Clitandre together at night-time, and succeeds in shutting his wife out of her room; but Angelique now pretends to kill herself, and when George goes for a light to look for the body, she rushes into her room and shuts him out.

If the vigilance of those who are intrusted with the chief direction of great numbers of subordinate officers be such, that corrupt practices are not frequent, and their justice such, that they are never unpunished when legally detected, the most strict inquirer can expect no more.

"Indeed, there is no need," said the trembling voice, in which he detected a sob very near at hand.

Although it worked better on Android, detecting 75 per cent of phones nearby, it did not compare with the 99 per cent detection achieved by Apple and Google's software.

She was nowadays continually detecting in herself motives which made her sick.

Obviously, the earlier, as the member said, you could detect a child with FASD, the better off you are.

Asbury, suspecting they were rustlers, sent three of his men out beyond them on foot, and they did their part so well that they came up without alarming either of their horses, who ordinarily would have detected them.

Two new cases of COVID-19 have been detected in Queensland overnight as Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk continues to defend the state’s border measures, saying "heartbreaking" consequences were being felt by many families.

From this to the chemical composition of sea water, the total salt about 3.5 per cent, but variable: the proportions of the various salts do not appear to differ, thus the chlorine test detects the salinity quantitatively.

"The tests reliably detect the virus," raising questions about whether they were in fact properly applied or used at all in these cases, Yazdanpanah said.

One of the cases of the virus in Thailand was reportedly detected by an airport temperature scanner.

The loss of the readily hydrolyzed bromoxynil octanoate and diclofop-methyl was detected shortly after application to the phenol and acid form respectively.

It is true that the impetus came principally from a great distance, and could scarcely be detected or observed by those around the schooner; still, these last were fully aware of the whole character of the danger, which each minute appeared to render more and more imminent and imposing.

The result of all these innovations and discontents was a conspiracy to take his life; which, however, was seasonably detected and severely punished.

It’s because they tend to get their breast cancers detected later and disparities, socially and economically, that Black women face when it comes to healthcare, Blount said.