114 adverbs to describe how to disappointed

The crowd of Boston enthusiasts, which had come to New York to see the finishing touches put on the Giants, was bitterly disappointed, while the New York enthusiasts, not over hopeful on account of the disposition of the Giants to blunder badly at vital moments, were at least in a much better frame of mind because of the rally by their team.

He is sadly disappointed and perhaps embittered or discouraged.

"You have at last found words to praise the exterior of Albany; and I hope, by the time we return, you will be disposed to see New-York with different eyes." "I expected to see a capital in New-York, Grace, and in this I have been grievously disappointed.

I was most agreeably disappointed in this respect.

"Oh, wait a sec.," urged the deeply disappointed Boy.

They were, however, bitterly disappointed because the despatches had not arrived.

Traders and merchants who were expecting the usual payments of cash annuities to the Indians, were sorely disappointed by finding a single tribe in the lake country paid in merchandise.

Skim was terribly disappointed.

" Ford felt dreadfully disappointed over the loss of his first crab, but the rapidity with which he caught the "knack of it" after that was a great credit to him.

But I was disappointed sadly disappointed.

Bob and Betty, though keenly disappointed they were not to have his companionship, tried to accept the situation as cheerfully as he did.

The states-general, cruelly disappointed at this result of measures from which they had looked for so important a diversion in their favor, now resolved on a vigorous exertion of their own energies, and determined to undertake a naval expedition of a magnitude greater than any they had hitherto attempted.

He will be terribly disappointed if he doesn't see half a dozen ghosts.

The truth was, he could not shake off the impression of the scene he had left, utterly disappointed and disgusted with the 'revel.'

I had been pleasantly disappointed almost every time that I entered a new country, but now, as I was entering Italy, I expected that I would surely not see much to interest me except her rich stores of art and the ancient ruins.

But I had counted my chickens too soon, and was to be woefully disappointed.

Here, however, they were happily disappointed, for they arrived at the pueblo of Oraibi, one of the prettiest villages on the mesa, on the eve of one of their characteristic snake dances, and decided to remain over night and see the performance.

As I lingered, deeply disappointed, the elderly proprietor of the pension, who superintended the comfort of his guests, trotted fussily up to enquire the stranger's business in his dining-room.

" She was, being a woman, intensely disappointed, but her smile was as bright as ever.

But, alas, they were miserably disappointed!

exclaimed Ivor, horribly disappointed at having done exactly the wrong thing, when he had tried so hard to do the right one.

"One expects so little from one's self, that one is scarcely ever disappointed; and so much from other people, that nothing they can do comes up to one's expectations.

" "Nooh, no," said Miss Sessions, startled, and considerably disappointed at the subject he had selected to converse upon.

" "Oh!" cried Billie, and it must be admitted that she both felt and looked horribly disappointed.

But I was pleasantly disappointed.

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