6 adverbs to describe how to discounted

Promissory notes, interchanged between scheming individuals, are liberally discounted at the banks, which become so many mints to coin words into cash; and as the supply of words is inexhaustible, it may readily be supposed what a vast amount of promissory capital is soon in circulation.

Such a play might make a great first-night success; but the more the author relied upon the mystery for his effect, the more fatally would that effect be discounted at each successive repetition.

He's young, and he don't understand that a New York merchant is entirely too conscientious to find a man guilty on testimony that he would discount heavily in his own business.

Meantime the efficacy of our naval blockade is largely discounted by Germany's new source of supply.

Fifteen thousand dollars of horse notes were safely discounted in the bank, so he did not care, he said, whether spring came or not.

In the beginning of the new campaign of investigation David Kent wisely discounted the help of paid professional spiesor rather he deferred, it to a later stageby taking counsel with Jeffrey Hildreth, night editor of the Argus.

6 adverbs to describe how to  discounted  - Adverbs for  discounted