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and I discuss it calmly, as we have in the olden days many a matter which was not so grave?" "You have seen how well inclined my young men are toward anything of that kind," Brant said, with a cruel smile.

W. However, he went instantly to Lord Salisbury, who was a little embarrassed, as that negotiation had been kept secret, which didn't seem quite faireverything else having been openly discussed around the council table.

A regular, honest debate, I mean, and we'll have all the arguments for and against clearly stated and ably discussed.

If questions are worth discussing at all, they are worth discussing gravely.

Watkins found enough to occupy the crew on deck and aloft, and they seemed contented, although I noticed the fellows gathered together in groups whenever idle, and discussed the situation earnestly.

During the war he had exhibited much greater reserve upon this the most important of all subjects which can engage the attention of a human being; and, although he had been from an early period, we believe, a communicant of the Protestant Episcopal Church, he seldom discussed religious questions, or spoke of his own feelings, presenting in this a marked contrast, as we have said, to his illustrious associate General Jackson.

I had my share in arranging at San Remo the Spa Conference, in the hope and with the desire of discussing frankly with the Germans what sum they could pay by way of indemnity without upsetting their economy and damaging severely that of the Allies.

When the probability of an Athenian invasion was first publicly discussed at Syracuse, and efforts were made by some of the wiser citizens to improve the state of the national defences and prepare for the impending danger, the rumors of coming war and the proposal for preparation were received by the mass of the Syracusans with scornful incredulity.

Between the Achaian federation, framed in 274 B.C., and the United States of America, there are some interesting points of resemblance which have been elaborately discussed by Mr. Freeman, in his "History of Federal Government."

While I read it, and while I briefly discuss each paragraph, I beg, O conscript fathers, that you will listen to me most attentively, as you have hitherto done.

ATHEARN, CLARENCE R. Discussing religion creatively.

Religious questions were even then as hotly discussed as in later times, and Caesar could not enjoy society very much for five or six days.

The indebtedness to the Italian critics is well known and has been widely discussed.

I heard a group of brawny pioneers in the street eagerly discussing the quantity of tail required for a boy's kite; and one graybeard undertook the sport of flying it, volunteering the information that he was a boy, "always was a boy, and dn a man who was not a boy inside, however ancient outside!"

His fame chiefly rests on the ablest treatise written in the Middle Ages,the "Summa Theologica,"in which all the great questions in theology and philosophy are minutely discussed, in the most exhaustive manner.

After this understanding, the three discussed more leisurely the prospect of the fugitives being able to quit the place, when ready, without detection.

where this question is more amply discussed.]

Avery had spoken to Lennox Tudor about her more than once, but he never discussed the subject willingly.

He discussed lightly the relative values of vegetable stuffs, doubtful of those containing abundance of phosphates such as lentils.

Then there were solemn notes of comparison as to the fit and form of gowns, or the fit of a furbelow, exhaustively discussed, perhaps that very afternoon.

They have, at any rate, used their eyes; and, though they may not understand the real meaning of anything they have seen, they are prepared to discuss the subject intelligently when they come together in the class.

A complete stranger to such ways might easily suppose that they were engaged in a wordy battle of alarming ferocity, when they are merely discussing the pig's measles, or the case of a cow that strayed into a field of lucern, and was found the next morning like a balloon.

Years afterward, with the same friend, we were discussing the proposed marriage of the Duke of Clarence, eldest son of the late King Edward VII of England, who wanted very much to marry Princess Helene d'Orleans, daughter of the Comte de Paris, now Duchesse d'Aosta.

In the committee rooms, Jack's disappearance was excitedly discussed.

She was busily discussing with her sister-in-law the best way of making up her new silk.

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