33 adverbs to describe how to dived

Not on Coubitant's struggling form; for he had heard the Sachem's command, and had dived deeply beneath the surface of the water, and changed his course down the stream.

But the whale was too much astonished to fight, and, with a terrific splash, he dived deep, deep into the water, to get rid of that stinging thing in his side, in the cold green waters below.

It took the tops off those rollers and pelted them at us, and the wind seemed to yell in triumph when the yacht was buried in the whirlpools in which she dived headlong.

My instincts, that serve me for mind and brains, taught me that if I wanted to get down to quiet, restful depths, I must dive head foremost directly toward the bottom of the sea.

Our trappers, having selected their several localities, set their traps in the water, so that when the beavers roamed about at night they put their feet into them, and were caught and drowned; for although they can swim and dive admirably, they cannot live altogether under water.

Swimming out with a piece of board they would mount it, and come in on the crests of the waves; and Banks says he does not believe that any European could have lived amongst the breakers as they did; he especially admired the manner they timed the waves and dived beneath on their way out from shore.

Alf Warren dove excitedly into a clump of bushes.

Whereupon, her doubts thus happily set at rest, she wades out to the diving-board, mounts it leisurely, stands poised for an instant at the outermost end, and then dives gracefully into the expectant billows.

We took each a passing shot at them, but with no other effect than to make them dive quicker and deeper, and stay under longer than usual; at the flash of our rifles they would go down, and in a few minutes would be again on the surface sixty rods from us, laughing aloud, as it were, with their clear and quavering voices, at our impotent attempts to shoot them.

Over their crumbling steps, up through their cracks and crannies, out upon a dreary slope of broken stones, and then, before he dives upward into the cloud ten yards above his head,one breathless look back upon the world.

Rome's first martyr I must name; The Curtii bravely dived the gulf of flame: Attilius sacrificed himself, to save That faith, which to his barb'rous foes he gave; With the two Scipios did thy uncle fall, Rather than fly from conqu'ring Hannibal.

o a simili cose a queste, o ad altro che ne fusse cagione, egli una volta da lei partitosi, che per consolazione de' suoi affanni gli era stata data, mai dove ella fusse volle venire, sofferse che dove egli fusse ella venisse giammai, con tutto che di più figliuoli egli insieme con lei fusse parente."

He was so fond of such things, that he would always gladly dive to get them.

With that Kurt dove into the wheat, and, sweeping wide his arms to make a passage, he strode on, his eyes bent piercingly upon the ground close about him.

I dived into it gratefully.

" He stopped in front of me, made one of his conversational feints by opening his mouth and shutting it again, then dived hastily for the companion, leaving me to search for sympathy in the moonlit night.

Mr. Dawson agitatedly dived his hand once more into the saddle-pocket.

Skinny looked up at him and said, "I got itI dived and got itseeI saved itI didn't eat it.

Yvonne gave one startled glance over the crowd, then jumped down behind the box and, unslinging her orchestra as she dropped, literally dove under the canvas flap and disappeared.

For six days after the night of revelations Kent dived deep, personally and by paid proxy, in a sea of secrecy which, but for the five pregnant minutes in the doorway of the governor's office, might easily have proved fathomless.

It is true that Dissenters do not dive profoundly into the coloured abyss; but weakness of funds combined with defective aesthetic cultivation may have something to do with their deficiency in this respect.

"If we don't catch up with him I'll go mad!" He turned to hurry along the narrow path, but out of the silence behind us came a shout that caused us to dive promptly into the bushes.

The aëroplane in front of Roy dived wildly, then fairly somersaulted.

Re fe' sepelire; E poi dove a lei piacque si ridusse; Et ella per pietà ne l'umil case Del cortese pastor seco rimase.

The Tahitians seldom dived head first, as we did, but jumped feet foremost, and the women in a sitting posture, which made a great splash, but prevented their gowns from rising.

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