52 adverbs to describe how to divert

Encouraged by his literary success, he thought of throwing up his clerkship and trusting to his pen for a livelihood,a design from which he was happily diverted by his friends.

Mr. Jack Richie, manager of the Cross-in-a-box ranch, entering at the moment, temporarily diverted Mr. Dawson's attention.

If he says so, isn't that enough?" He slapped an immense hand on his thigh, hugely diverted.

Presently, however, my attention was momentarily diverted by hearing Charley let off a most uncontrollable "Dn!"

To see a hectoring fellow exposed and beaten upon the stage, has something in it wonderfully diverting.

Boswell sat and trembled, but gradually diverted the sage to less exciting topics.

But for the rest, the hopeless glances that Hugh Van Orden cast toward her caused Adèle to flush, and Mrs. Haggage to become despondent and speechless and astonishingly rigid; and Petheridge Jukesbury's vaguely apologetic attitude toward the world struck Miss Hugonin as infinitely diverting.

Many Liberals also looked with indifference on legislation against bribery, thinking that it merely diverted public interest from the Ballot, which they consideredvery mistakenly as I expect it will turn outto be a sufficient, and the only, remedy.

" There followed pilgrimages that June morning to the First National Bank and to several of our lesser establishments; pilgrimages rarely diverting to Little Arcady and which invariably provoked bows under strangely lifted hats.

Even while the dying man is breathing his last our sleeve is twitched as we stand at his bedside, and our attention forcibly diverted from the departing soldier to the literary ingenuities of the man who is describing his end: "There was a frankness in my Uncle Toby, not the effect of familiarity, but the cause of it, which let you at once into his soul, and showed you the goodness of his nature.

" Genuinely diverted by the cross-examination, he awaited with unruffled good humour the next question to be put by this amazingly collected and direct young person.

Not that he had inadvertently diverted to himself public moneys, but that he had inadvertently diverted too much.

Their projects for the revival of their navy seldom go farther than a transposal in the stripes of the flag, and their vengeance against regal anthropophagi, and proud islanders, is infallibly diverted by a denunciation of an aristocratic quartrain, or some new mode, whose general adoption renders it suspected as the badge of a party.

Fourthly, when words are diverted from their common use.

" I think she must have guessed to what I referred, for her face flushed a little, and she hastily diverted the conversation into another channel, by drawing my attention to a picturesque sailing-boat which at that moment was entering the harbour.

Let then the expence, which you once incurred for my sake, be henceforth diverted to this valuable purpose.

Some say the mistress and her faction keep him hourly diverted or drunk; others, that he has got a new passion: how creditable at sixty!

All of which immensely diverted Berkley.

Our companion entered with his usual gaiety, and began to partake of our noisy cheerfulness, when the conversation was imperceptibly diverted to a subject which pressed upon his tender part, and extorted the expected shrug, the customary exclamation, or the predicted remark.

I never knew but one way to punish him; I have feigned not to understand him; insensibly, I have diverted his mind to other objects.

If he have companions, still nothing more is requisite, than that degree of silence and order, which shall hinder the attention of any from being involuntarily diverted.

V. (lightly diverting the conversation from its impending embarrassment).

After a brief statement of the existing equipment of the Observatory in respect of equatoreal instruments, the Address continues thus: "It is known to the Visitors that I have uniformly objected to any luxury of extrameridional apparatus, which would materially divert us from a steady adherence to the meridional system which both reason and tradition have engrafted on this Observatory.

And from that silent and pacific expansion, which means so much both negatively and positively, attention is diverted to the banging of the war drum, and the dancing of the patriotic dervishes.

As we passed through the village we saw the inhabitants crowding round the still unburied corpse of the injured father, and our thoughts were painfully diverted from a contemplation of the richness and plenty which Providence had vouchsafed to this fertile spot, to a mournful consideration of the wild passions of man, who pollutes the earth with the blood of his fellow-creature.

52 adverbs to describe how to  divert  - Adverbs for  divert
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