11 adverbs to describe how to divorce

From idolatry and slaveholdingthose twin-vices which had always so greatly prevailed among the heathenthey seem at length, as the result of a most painful discipline, to have been effectually divorced.

As Cromwell made his fortune by advising the King to assume the headship of the Church in England, so Cranmer's rise is to be traced to his advice to Henry to appeal to the decision of universities whether or not he could be legally divorced from Catharine, since the Popetrue to the traditions of the Catholic Church, or from fear of Charles V.would not grant a dispensation.

Form is henceforth divorced from matter.

Leibnitz he anticipated by his doctrine of the "monads," the individual, imperishable elements of the existent, in which matter and form, incorrectly divorced by Aristotle as though two antithetical principles, constitute one unity.

Women could be lawfully and properly divorced who had no children,which put women completely in the power of men, and reduced them to the condition of slaves.

Gradually piety was divorced from morality.

He then went on to tell him that the king, whom Ortnit had until then considered his father, had no claim to the title of parent, for he had secretly divorced his wife, and given her in marriage to Alberich.

That was why I swiftly divorced my stick-in-the-mud artist and marriedthe man of flight.

But if this woman had succeeded in reclaiming from vice the man who unjustly divorced her, and who in his misery goes back to ask her forgiveness for pity's sake, what a lesson we should have had!

The ignorance of the scientific world had unwittingly divorced what nature had joined together.

They were not aware how utterly the Democratic Party had divorced itself from the moral sense of the Free States, nor had they any conception of the tremendous recoil of which the long-repressed convictions, traditions, and instincts of a people are capable.

11 adverbs to describe how to  divorce  - Adverbs for  divorce