1136 adverbs to describe how to does

"Two of the king's young wives have done wrong.

He never asked any of us to do more, or even as much, as he did willingly himself, and if anything went wrong in the Battery, which it seldom did, he never hesitated, in dealing with higher authorities, to take all the blame.

"And yet we haven't done so badly.

And I have begun to wonder whether I am doing wisely in staying here.

Ah, that will do very nicely.

All the camp work and the haulin' and cuttin' and cleanin' and the rest of it, we'll do gladly.

Again, there is a blind way of doing skilled work, or of merely doing it without noticing where it is most needed, or how the market is going for this special kind of work.

My wife scarcely did well to conceal the object of your visit.

Willingly, would I have done so through all the ages that are to come.

He wished to support the character of the latter; and he concluded this would be effectually done, if they could only furnish a pretence for affirming that they had performed every wonder accomplished by the former.

His mother had begged him to promise to do whatsoever she asked, and he had hesitated, wishing to know first what it was that she wanted.

But when the work done has not been done faithfully, or well, or honestly, or in the right spirit, the reward is lessened to that exact degree.

Or he would send this body to the northeast, over there where you see Sudley Springs marked in rather large letters, and he would by either one of these movements turn the enemy's flankthat is, get in behind him and force him to change front to fight, something that is rarely done successfully in battle.

To do this successfully at least five things appear to be necessary: a sterling education, marked ability in writing and in public speaking, a noble manner, a voice capable of majestic modulations, and a deep and tender heart.

It had no rest; it also, as though endowed with a conscience, did its duty nobly.

That shall readily be done.

If no one else reaped honor and glory from this Ferrarese war, Lorenzo undoubtedly did so.

Looks as though we've got to bear down hard on English, don't you think?" "As Nick says, 'Sure I do,'" Mr. Drury assented.

It always seems to me such a pity, but still, I always say, at any rate Aylmer's married once, and that's more than most of them do nowadays.

As I look back now upon what was afterward done throughout the length and breadth of that peaceful valley of ours, I regret most sincerely that those young men did not violate the unwritten laws and usages which the Indians themselves were ever ready to cast aside when it suited their purpose, and kill the bloodthirsty Brant whether his men showed signs of enmity or not.

For the former, I live on scraps obtained in charity from an old friend, whose stationery is a permanent perquisite; for folding, I shall do it neatly when I learn to tie my neckcloths.

But see here, Dave, I don't believe Pen will do anything openly.

I do most honestly and truthfully assure thee that for a one-armed man like thee to marry her would be most inexpedient, inasmuch as the defence of one's beard from her, when she is in a state of excitement, requires the full use of both hands, and of the feet also.

Madame de Sévigné was right in one thing,if it were not done promptly, it might prove impracticable.

For the last person in the world to realize, precisely, why any woman did anything is invariably the woman who did it....

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