32 adverbs to describe how to dog

Milly and her dogs.

EVARTS, HAL G. Wolf dog.

But this thing has dogged me so persistently that I feel like an animal being run to earth.

Maybe you think you can't jolly a dog but you can.

Chorus: Then come, &c. Resign to youyou cowardly dogs!

Though obviously terrified of me, these two women dogged me incessantly.

TOBY-DOG, (indignantly) Did one ever hear the like! KIKI-THE-DEMURE, (peremptorily) I happen to have had the opportunity of making a very close study of one.... TOBY-DOG, (aside)

TOBY-DOG, (ironically)

He would dog the wench's steps more jealously than eve....

A good idea, perhapsthe presumption being that, sooner or later, if the man was in any way mixed up with the cunning thieves, he would either rejoin his comrades or even lead the police to where the remnant of his hoard lay hidden; needless to say, his footsteps were to be literally dogged.

They came laden with their lares and penates, mainly dogs, feather beds, and crayon portraits of their ancestors.

Meantime the dog, understanding the key in which these interrogations were uttered, began barking again more violently than ever.

Besides, thar's a pack o' measly wild dogs loose in that stretch

TOBY-DOG, (modestly) Don't be afraidit has never happened.

So were the coyotes, whose uncanny wailing after nightfall varied the sinister baying of the gray wolves; so were many of the smaller animals, notably the prairie dogs, whose populous villages awakened the lively curiosity of Lewis and Clark.

Mr. Benedict!" "A good dog, notwithstanding," said little Jack, taking Dingo's great head in his small hands.

The dogs outside were howling like human beings put to torture.

That Spot was alongthere was no losing him; and a dozen times, the first day, he knocked one or another of the dogs overboard in the course of fighting with them.

TOBY-DOG, (pleasantly)

Hardly anybody knew that he was a poet, except presumably his dog.

TOBY-DOG, (sadly) Why not say next year, while you're about it? KIKI-THE-DEMURE What's the matter with you?

Meares, Gran, and I walked up Ski Slope towards Castle Rock to meet Evans's party and pilot them and the dogs safely to Hut Point, but half-way we met Atkinson, who told us that they had now been joined by Scott and all the catastrophe party, who were safe, but who had lost all the ponies except onea great blow.

We have already pointed out that the Nemesis which for so many years had been secretly dogging the footsteps of Agrippina made her tremble under the weight of its first cruel blows when she seemed to have attained the highest summit of her ambition.

but your face was pasty then, you sly dog" He paused and took a step toward him.

" "Are you not the one whom every one around here calls old Helpless?" said the dog, sneeringly.

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