9 adverbs to describe how to doses

He may fall off his horse in a fit, or he may dose somebody dreadfully with his chocolate and get taken up for poisoning.

An accident,perhaps, nervous, he had dosed them too heavily; butI dared not think about it,I would onlywait!

Ba, eef you is not have heem dose carabine, you mus' need dose leetle grub he geev you, and not plaintee Injun follow you, onlee two.

Too frequently they are either left to get well or to die of themselves, or are bled and dosed with nauseous mixtures indiscriminately.

"I'll help," she said simply, as she drew the excited coffee-pot to a corner of the range and dosed it judiciously with cold water.

It could not be used during the day because it was under observation, and anything moving along it was liberally dosed with shells.

One day, he gave a magnificent entertainment to the keeper of the tower and his men, and dosed them so plentifully with wine, that they all fell fast asleep; on which he broke the mirror to pieces, and then sailed away in the night.

They are, moreover, regularly dosed with propaganda distributed by the Nachrichtendienst (Publicity Service of the Foreign Office).

Suppose a man repeatedly dosed with such a preparation: he would live an active and record life indeed, but he would be an adult at eleven, middle-aged at twenty-five, and by thirty well on the road to senile decay.

9 adverbs to describe how to  doses  - Adverbs for  doses