66 adverbs to describe how to doubts

But of such facts there exists a vast accumulation; unsifted, untested, and therefore as yet ineffective for proof, but capable, I can scarcely doubt, of reduction to methodical order and scientific treatment.

The similarity of the deposit, thus composed of a large percentage of carbonate of lime, and a small percentage of silex, to chalk, regarded merely as a kind of rock, which was first pointed out by Ehrenberg, is now admitted on all hands; nor can it be reasonably doubted, that ordinary metamorphic agencies are competent to convert the "modern chalk" into hard limestone or even into crystalline marble.

"The truth is," continued Frederick, "he gravely doubts whether either of you possesses the influence which you allege, and has devised a method of putting this to the proof, which I trust will commend itself to you.

I personally doubt whether the objection to the words "self-determination" was urged upon him.

While I had merely doubted, I had kept silence, and no act of mine had suggested doubt to others.

And yet there is, I trust, no doubt whatsoever that the bread has been once green wheat, and that the green wheat has been transformed into breadmaking due allowance, of course, for the bone-dust, or gypsum, or alum with which the worthy baker may have found it profitable to adulterate his bread, in order to improve the digestion of Her Majesty's subjects.

Honestly, I doubt if it amounts to anything.

God had ordered it otherwise, and wisely no doubt; as his omniscience foresaw the early drooping of this lovely flower.

Now it may safely be doubted whether the process of nursing, in itself considered, does weaken, at all.

[Lat.]; of course, unquestionably, assuredly, no doubt, doubtless; naturally, natch.

Nor can we doubt, secondly, that this view, which thus contradicts the revealed relation of creation to its Creator, is equally inconsistent with the fullness of His glory.

If there be, sir, any states remaining in Europe which the French can neither intimidate nor bribe, we ought studiously to solicit and diligently to cultivate their friendship; but whether any, except the Moscovites, are now independent, or sufficiently confident of their own strength to engage in such a hazardous alliance, may be justly doubted.

They doubted sorely which of the two young children they should choose, for of them they knew neither good nor ill, seeing they were but small and frail, and yet in their warden's charge.

Think them not vain, when Sophocles is shown, To praise his worth they humbly doubt their own.

He always had known it, but he had impiously doubted themdoubted Her.

Independently of the treaty stipulations into which we have entered with the various tribes for the usufructuary rights they have ceded to us, no one can doubt the moral duty of the Government of the United States to protect and if possible to preserve and perpetuate the scattered remnants of this race which are left within our borders.

Intellectually, in reach, and fulness, and solidity of mental power, it may be doubted whether he was so great as it has recently been the fashion to rate him.

Robert Knox's own character must have changed greatly before he could have doubted the sincerity of any one whom he had known as long, as intimately, and as favorably as he had known Philip Alston.

The proposition met with unmingled approbation from my 'gang;' but I think it might be considered dangerously suggestive of the rightful relation between work and wages; in short, very involuntarily no doubt, but, nevertheless, very effectually I am disseminating ideas among Mr. 's dependents, the like of which have certainly never before visited their wool-thatched brains.

" "Dost thou think one like me would be received into his presence, Ghita?" "Do not doubt itfree from all error and weakness Himself, his Holy Spirit delights in the penitent and the sorrowful.

Do you suppose I could stand up before a minister of God, and plight my faith to a man I did not love?Why have you seemed to doubt it?" "I do not doubt itI am very foolish, for I know you are conscientious as the saints in heavenand yet, Beulah, I think I could scarce be so tranquil about one I loved.

That ordinary black pencil-marks will endure on paper for two centuries may very likely be doubted by many readers, but without reason.

"What is this?" said the brave peasant from Domrémy, manifestly doubting whether she had heard aright; and her clear pure eyes were gazing full on Victor Le Roy, actually looking for an explanation of his words.

No matter what one doubts one never doubts the faeries, for, as the man with the mohawk Indian on his arm said to me, "they stand to reason."

" "I mightily doubt if you could tell me anything that I don't know already," said Capper, "on any subject.

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