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157 adverbs to describe how to  down  - Adverbs for  down

157 adverbs to describe how to down

My eyes and my feelings were thus in collision, and I could only account for what I saw, by supposing that the machine had been turned upside down.

They had passed through the village without stopping, and gone straight down the bank of the river, in the direction of the House.

From beneath the sternly and too starched white shirtwaist and the unwilted linen cravat wound high about her throat and sustained there with a rhinestone horseshoe, it was as if a wave of color had started deep down, rushing up under milky flesh into her hair.

Even as a moralist, he seems to have sacrificed the ideal to the practical, and his loose notions about marriage, his tolerance of concubinage, the slight emphasis which he lays on the virtue of veracityof which indeed he does not seem himself to have been particularly studious in his historic writingsplace him low down in the rank of moralists.

It was out of my reach, too high up for me to attain unto; and so I held it tightly lower down.

Where the growth is not too close, the strong, spreading branches come more than halfway down the trunk, and these are hung with innumerable slender, swaying sprays, that are handsomely feathered with the short leaves which radiate at right angles all around them.

We had entered the northwest corner of it, and when near the shore could see only part way down it.

Once more, according to the "Shepherd's Calendar," "Chaff, leaves, thistle-down, or such light things whisking about and turning round foreshows tempestuous winds;" And Coles, in his introduction to the "Knowledge of Plants," informs us that, "If the down flieth off colt's-foot, dandelion, and thistles when there is no wind, it is a sign of rain.

Then I covered it up, pressing the earth firmly down into the hole.

" Hereupon Beltane arose, and, climbing the ladder, looked forth through a screen of leaves and underbrush and saw that from the fissure the ground sloped steeply down, a boulder-strewn hill thick with gorse and bramble, at whose base the road led away north and south until it was lost in the green of the forest.

" The rowers pulled their oars strongly, and swiftly down the slow moving river went the canoe.

Detached torrents and avalanches from the main wind-flood overhead were rushing wildly down the narrow side caรฑons, and over the precipitous walls, with loud resounding roar, rousing the pines to enthusiastic action, and making the whole valley vibrate as though it were an instrument being played.

Ten minutes later he had gotten first his pack, then Gloria, safely down the cliffs, and they started.

" "Oh, Lord!" said my aunt, and sat flat down in the garden path.

I have, therefore, very little hope of making my peace with the writer of the Eight Days' Journey; indeed so little, that I have long deliberated, whether I should not rather sit silently down, under his displeasure, than aggravate my misfortune, by a defence, of which my heart forbodes the ill success.

Although distinguished men have led and there have been many valiant workers in the field, a movement that has extended over nearly a hundred years must have its origin and energy deeper down than in any mere party policy.

A trickling waterfall drops perpendicularly down the blackish rocks from a considerable height, while above it are the towering cliffs of shale, perfectly bare in one direction, and clothed with grass and bracken in another.

The locomotive had crossed the divide and was running furiously down grade.

They bore the dead man to his room, plain and simple, even in that mansion of luxury; the guests departed, some of them flying as from a pestilence, some of them lingering with white and dazed faces and hushed whispers, and Stafford was left alone with his dead; for he had shut the door even upon Howard, who paced up and down outside, not daring to force his sympathy upon his beloved friend.

Once more he slept in Whitehall, but in the middle of the night was aroused by order of his son-in-law, and hurried forcibly down the river to Rochester, whence, on December 23, he escaped to France.

Then they tore off the garments of Jesus, thereby reopening all his wounds; threw over his shoulders an old scarlet mantle which barely reached his knees; dragged him to the seat prepared, and pushed him roughly down upon it, having first placed the crown of thorns upon his head.

So that I was afar down and in a monstrous night.

Not so Inspector Badger; who rose to his feet and stood with his hands thrust into his pockets scowling sullenly down at the dead lawyer.

Our march for this day led for some miles along a flat, grassy plain, a continuation of the Nisa Gol Maidan, then up and over a fairly high spur, and gradually down to the river bed opposite the village of Awi or Avi.

Then, once more impassivea striking handsome figurehe moved leisurely down and out of the gardens.

she plead, glancing furtively down the hall.

He carried this nonchalance so far at last, that a matter of intelligence, and that no very important one, was not seldom palmed upon his employers for a good jest; for example sake"Walking yesterday morning casually down Snow Hill, who should we meet but Mr. Deputy Humphreys!

As this same lovely Spirit arose and looked graciously down on me and held out her hands in welcome, I arose also to my feet, and peering anxiously into her face, asked, 'Is this Olivia?'

Thy tower, proud Bamburgh, marked they there, King Ida's castle, huge and square, From its tall rock look grimly down And on the swelling ocean frown.

after the departure of Mr. Sorg he found his partner smoking the usual stogy and gazing pensively down upon the harbor.

how they scream and shiver, While devils push them to the pit wide-yawning Hideous and gloomy, to receive them headlong Down to the centre!

I tried to make myself think that it was to please Aunt Lilian; but down underneath I knew all the time it wasn't that, really.

Rousing himself to something like temporary consciousness, Mr. BUMSTEAD slowly climbed to his feet, and, with a wild kind of swoop, came heavily down with both hands upon the shoulders of his questioner.

Lie softly down, dear little head, Rest quiet, busy hands, Till, by your bed his good-night said, He strews the shining sands.

He sat up on the edge of his bed and let his hands hang limply down between his knees.

King Henry looked up and down their ranks right proudly, for his heart warmed within him at the sight of such a gallant band of yeomen.

" Her eyes wandered thoughtfully, abstractedly down the dale; but she was listening and thinking.

The sea-cocks, said the Fourth Lord, would be opened twenty miles from land so that the "Intrepid" might come in sadly down by the bows, and the "Terrific" with a list of twenty degrees, pluckily towing her sorely crippled sister.

With the exception of little spots not visible in general views, the entire surface is covered with them, massed in close hedge growth, sweeping gracefully down into every gorge and hollow, and swelling over every ridge and summit in shaggy, ungovernable exuberance, offering more honey to the acre for half the year than the most crowded clover-field.

" He bent over the coping and called eagerly down as his assistant sped back to the stables shouting wildly.

"Well, dis time Kunnel Pen'leton wuz mad th'oo en th'oo, en all de way 'roun', en he cusst dat hoss trader up en down, fum A ter Izzard.

The reigns of the Stuarts in England were no doubt chequer'd with many evils; and yet it is certainly true, that a man who can fit deliberately down to search for errors only, must have a strong propension to calumny, or at least take delight in triumphing over the weakness of his fellow creatures, which is surely no indication of a good heart.

Over the edge he vanishedcame no more: There, as in childhood's dreams, upon that line, Without a parapet to shield the sense, Voidness went sheer down to oblivion: Over that edge he vanishedcame no more.

She was last to leave the church; and when she got home, and went to make Miss 'Viny's tea, as she tilted the long well-sweep down and up to draw her pail of water, she looked earnestly down the depths of crystal, as if to see what lay below, then quietly opened her left hand above it;something bright fell, dashed the clear drops from a fern that grew half-way down, tinkled against a projecting stone, made a little splash, and was gone.

He came precipitately down.

To see them trotting demurely down the road you would never think them capable of doing anything wrong.

The practice of his profession had given him keen eyes in the dark; he discovered Beaumaroy's tall figure stealing very cautiously down the narrow, flagged path.

The voices rumbled strangely down the hollow body of the church; to perfect the scene flames should have leaped among the swinging arms and bounding forms.

You know as well as I do, Mr. Hazard, that away down south, yonder, a fellow thinks a gale of wind is a relief, provided it brings clear water with it.

And at a sudden swerving of the road, Tho' happily down on a bank of grass, The Prince, without a word, from his horse fell.

Henry did not drop, but turned round, swaggered impudently down to the table, leaned on it, then suddenly rolled over, dead.

He looked up and down the quiet street interestedly, then crossed over to Hermann Hoffmuller's, another establishment in which our civilization was especially menaced.

It began like the rushing of a thousand wings, sweeping irresistibly down from the hills.

"If we cast our eyes never so little down."Walker, ib.

She stood in the shop door, and looked lovingly down on us as we fawned on her.

"It's a good deal like our life, ma," Reuben said sometimes; "our sun's pretty lowmost down, I reckon; it's all rosy-light, just these days; but we shall have to lie down in the shadow presently; but it's all beautiful, beautiful.

If at this last moment there arose in Ethelyn's bosom any wild impulse to break away from the dreadful scene, and rush out into the darkness which lay so softly upon the hills, she put it aside, with the thought, "too late nowforever too late"; and taking the arm which Richard offered her, she went mechanically down the staircase into the large parlor where the wedding guests were assembled.

Between Pittsburgh and Shawneetown, whilst "gliding merrily down the Ohio" in a keel-boat, "navigated by eight or ten of those half-horse and half-alligator gentry commonly called Ohio boatmen," Judge Hall was lulled to sweet sleep, as the rowers were "tugging at the oar," timing their strokes to the cadence: "Some rows up, but we rows down, All the way to Shawnee town: Pull awaypull away.

He ran his eye up and down the list methodically before he added: "Yes, we have a good room on the second floor."

Poe must have suffered metempsychosis into the body of a blue-bottle, when he wrote his "Descent into the Maelstrรถm"; for such an insect, hanging midway down that treacherous, sticky descent, and seeing Death creeping up from the bottom to grasp him, might have a clear idea of what was undergone by the fisherman of Lofoden.

How miserably upside down the whole world was, too!

A few days of fairy beauty, and showers of soft petals floated noiselessly down, covering the earth with delicate snow; but I knew, that, though the first blush of beauty was gone, a mighty work was going on in a million little laboratories, and that the real glory was yet to come.

He stepped to the kitchen, took a tooth-pick from the little red-and-white glass holder on the table, andwith this emblem of insouciance, at an angle of ninety, between his teethstrolled indolently, nonchalantly down the front steps, along the cement walk to the street and so toward town.

A boy with a rag tied around his toe painfully down the street.

After the meal was over, Sylvia continued to sit alone at the table, staring palely down at the tablecloth, her mind full of Mrs. Draper's illuminating comments on life, which had gone through her entire system like a dexterously administered drug.

she sobbed, and drew Peter's head passionately down to her deep bosom.

Yet, if all the streets of London were permanently up and all the lamps permanently down, this would not prevent the New York streets taken in a lump from being first cousins to a Zanzibar foreshore, or kin to the approaches of a Zulu kraal.

Sometimes the road wound a little upward for a quarter of a mile or so; but the general tendency was persistently down.

Yet I noted distinctly, and even with a nice discrimination of scrutiny, the red-haired and bright-eyed man, portly and somewhat pompous-looking, with his plump hands folded over his vest, who stood before me, looking pityingly down on my suffering face.

A sharp, sobbing cry, striking the mist three or four times in rapid succession,hushing suddenly,breaking into shrieks like a frightened child's,dying plaintively down.

There's never been any one who believed in me this way when I was practically down and out.

Here the Plateau falls precipitously down to the Vippacco valley, only the long brown foothill of San Marco breaking the drop.

Now the attendant turns two cocks at the back of the alcove, and holding a basin alternately under the cold and hot streams, floods us at first with a fiery dash, that sends a delicious warm shiver through every nerve; then, with milder applications, lessening the temperature of the water by semi-tones, until, from the highest key of heat which we can bear, we glide rapturously down the gamut until we reach the lowest bass of coolness.

He frowned a little as he ran his finger reflectively down Felicia's sleeve.

For he was in the very centre of the stream, now, and the current swept him relentlessly down.

" "I assure you I read it most reverently down in Wiltshire, where Nelly kept a select library of fiction concealed underneath her mattress; and I believed every word of it.

Peevish and wrinkled, his face bore scarcely any resemblance to that which, austerely inspired, had looked royally down upon Lavretsky twenty-four hours before, from all the height of its artistic grandeur.

He is unaided, this eagled-eyed prophet of ours, looking sorrowfully, sagaciously down into the ages!

One of the last gave us a good chase, but the greyhounds caught him; in the first half mile, he certainly beat them by a good half of the instance, but having taken a turn which enabled the dogs to make a short cut, and being blown, they pulled the swift delicate creature savagely down.

I heard hoarse shouts, shrill screams, felt rough hands seize me, and wrap me in heavy, stifling cloth, which seemed to press the flames searingly down into my flesh, and then for a little I knew no more.

His toilet completed, he gave a satisfied glance in the glass, and then followed the man of war sedately down stairs.

And still the old clock ticked and ticked, and carried all the world toward eternity; the fire-light crackled, and the voices laughed;the portrait looked serenely down, and smiled.

The Duke turned his wrist sharply down, whereupon the attendant sprites of the Red Shadow seized the man and rent his garment down from his neckor the hand pointed up, and then the man set his hand to his heart and threw his head back in a long sigh of relief.

After a while Sam would come out in his suit of Kentucky jean, his face shining with the soap, and go sheepishly down to Jenny Ball's, and the old man would bring his pipe and chair out on the pavement, and his wife would sit on the steps.

You're as sightly as that thar big wax doll down at the Company store.

The magazine may be filled in whole or in part while "off" or "on" by pressing cartridges singly down and back until they are in the proper place.

As we advanced, we continually met with flat boats, laden with produce, and floating sluggishly down.

In case of fire your correct procedure will be to double smartly upstairs, commend your soul to Providence in a soldier-like manner, and toboggan smartly down.

He had been born beneath the golden dome of the State House on Beacon Street, and from the windows of the Pepperill mansion his infant eyes had gazed smugly down upon the Mall and Frog Pond of the historic Common.

"This was the great aim of Russia under the Empress Catherine II., of France under Napoleon I., and spasmodically down to 1904 in the last pages of her history; and the great Republic of the United States of North America strives for it with intense energy.

His professional brethren hold the same view, and this is because he so well controlled himselfchecked himself at every turn by the severest application of systemthat he continued for more than half a century an anchor to hold medical thought strictly down to fact.

McNamara sat propped against a rock, a clumsy, dirty bandage around his thigh; Isaacs lay prone, a stained rag twisted tightly around his shoulder; Lovel sat with his legs crossed, staring stupidly down to the steady drip of blood from his left forearm.

such born to wide Estates, With Yea and No in Senates hold Debates: At length despis'd, each to his Fields retires, First with the Dogs, and King amidst the Squires; From Pert to Stupid sinks supinely down, In Youth a Coxcomb, and in Age a Clown.

In a depressed sort of way Mac was openly teaching Kaviak his letters, and surreptitiously, down in the Little Cabin, his prayers.

" Vernon hid his face on Eric's shoulder; and as his brother stooped over him, and folded him to his heart, they cried in silence, until wearied with sorrow, the younger fell asleep; and then Eric carried him tenderly down stairs, and laid him, still half-sleeping, upon his bed.

The horse-dealer cleared his throat, spat, struck a light for his pipe, blew a dense cloud of smoke into the receiver's face, and looked first longingly toward the stable, and then thoughtfully down at the ground.

Cover the mouth with the glass under water, and holding it tightly down, invert the bottle quickly.

The Witch came running twinklingly down a spiral stairway.

A leathern girdle was found, with which he was fastened to the chair, so as to prevent him slipping from it; and in this state he was hoisted upon the table, and set with his face to the door; looking the very picture of inebriety, with his head drooping on one side, his arms dangling uselessly down, and his thin legs stretched idly out.

They started cheerfully, but vaguely, down the Spill Canal, and we trust they found their ark somewhere!