584 adverbs to describe how to drawn

she repeated, and I cried out 'No'; at which her hand went to her breast, as I had so long expected, and I saw the glitter of a little phial as she drew it forth.

For some minutes I stood there; then, very gradually and cautiously, I drew back the bolt and opening the door peeped out.

"So you have come to your senses at last!" said Mr. SCHENCK, hastily drawing his visitor toward a window in the side-room to which they had retired.

It was as though by prompt obedience, instant deference, and the emphasising of ship's etiquette they intended to draw sharply the line between themselves and me.

Round it squatted a score of women, with plaids drawn tight over their heads, who rocked and moaned like a flight of witches, and twothree men were on their knees at the edge of the ashes.

Do you see that blanket which is drawn tightly up, fore and aft, toward his waist, and, there confined by means of a belt which his querida has richly ornamented for him, falls over in uneven folds like an abbreviated kilt?

She felt as if an iron hand had closed upon her, drawing her surely, irresistibly, back towards those gates of brass through which she had escaped into the desert.

Again, Pepper gave vent to that deep-drawn howl, and, running at me, seized my coat, and attempted to drag me up the path toward the entrance.

I thought she was coming my way, and instinctively drew back against the wall.

Then he drew the hand as swiftly back again; but his eyes watched Mary's with an alert and suspicious gaze.

He bent his arm this way and that, drawing the hook toward him softly, as a cat does her claws.

" He drew on his mittens proudly, unjarred by remembrance of how his good resolution had come to grief.

Involuntarily he drew rein, and stopped beside the traveler with a look of inquiry.

He looked fine-drawn and alert; his talk was direct and quick.

The primary branches are whorled regularly around the axis, generally in fives, while each is draped with long, feathery sprays, that descend in curves as free and as finely drawn as those of falling water.

So they lay, tense, alert, ready, watching with eager, inquisitive eyes the two children drawing steadily nearer, the only sign of life in the whole wide, desolate landscape.

The law of spiritual gravitation is, that by all the changing impulses of our nature we are drawn upward unto Him.

With this insensibly I drew him on, And with my flatteries so upon him won, Such Gentleness infus'd into his Breast, As has dispos'd his wearied Soul to rest: Sleeping upon a Couch I've left him now, And come to render this account to you.

So few people had taken the trouble or found the expediency of endeavoring to sympathize with her or understand her nature, that she was unconsciously drawn toward this man whom she now feared.

Madam, I was merely drawn in; I only thought to sport a Dye or so: I had only an innocent design to have discover'd whether this Gentleman had stoln my Gold, that so I might have hang'd him Gay.

This is sina contrariness of thingswhich makes the world an evil place to live in, instead of a good; which wrecks character and states, eats the hearts out of cultures and civilizations, destroys strong races, leaves a stain upon even the youngest child, and which is constantly drawing the race downward, instead of upward.

Silently still he drew aside the curtain; the light fell full upon her face.

The Germans also drew heavily on their center and left wing to reinforce the right, and for a while the forces opposing one another at the extreme western end of the battle front were greater than at any other point.

Peggotty and Mrs. Steerforth are admirably drawn and contrasted.

And as for you" With a quick, delicate motion, he raised a hand, and drew a finger lightly across his throat.

584 adverbs to describe how to  drawn  - Adverbs for  drawn
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