179 adverbs to describe how to drinked

I dipped my face in it, drank deep of it, and let it flow over my burning legs.

He paused, swallowed the last of his beef, caught up a bottle from Benny's side, and drank deeply.

These are his pleasure gardens, leased to him through time Where he walketh to and fro, chanting a demon song; Tending with ghastly fingers, the scarlet buds of wrong, And drinking greedily in the sweet perfume of crime.

I did so mechanically; coughed, spluttered, was conscious of a grateful warmth, and drank eagerly again.

But he'd been drinking heavily, and was in a nasty mood.

yet none did eat or drink so sparingly as this same holy Abbess.

It is the young watercress that tempts them and the pleasures of society, for they seldom drink.

I drank heartily, and when I raised my head, I saw, to my amazement, that there was not a drop of water left in the spring.

Then Moses brought the children of Israel from the sea into the desert of Sur, and walked with them three days and three nights and found no water, and came into Marah, and the waters there were so bitter that they might not drink thereof.

Then he drank the water mechanically and lay back, and said no more.

Well, watch her watch her step," Nevertheless, she drank rather thirstily half the contents of the glass.

Afterward the storm-bound trio drank tea and ate pemmican, still fighting back the pack.

Hundreds of eyes are steadily drinking in this color, and by these teachers even the truants are caught and educated the moment they step abroad.

He drank moderately, and not an indiscreet word escaped him.

Then, finding my thirst not sufficiently allayed, I filled a large goblet with water, and, after having swilled it like a horse "Come, sir," said I to my master, "let us drink plentifully of this beneficial liquor.

O Tantalus, and must needs drink hellebore, and that without mixture.

He had no collar nor tie, his vest was open, his hair matted, and his face mottled, like a man who has drunk heavily overnight.

Yvette invariably drank white wine, and the food rarely pleased her.

And as he said this he drank it off readily and calmly.

He feasted and drank wine continually with his warriors and chiefs, so that in the midst of his luxurious enjoyments he looked upon himself as superior to every being upon the face of the earth, and thus astonished the people, high and low, by his extravagance and pride.

If he (the child) be very hot, he should by no means drink; at least a good piece of bread, first to be eaten, will gain time to warm his drink blood hot, which then he may drink safely.

He silently drank, then lay down in a thicket where he could watch.

"You won't drink my cow dry.

I am merely drinking the wine, Mademoiselle.

She sank down wearily; she closed her eyes rather than watch the men about their fire, eating noisily, drinking noisily from the bottles which Steve and Tony had brought from their other camp.

179 adverbs to describe how to  drinked  - Adverbs for  drinked