103 adverbs to describe how to dwell

They do not, like the old, dwell fondly upon what the gods actually granted them.

'He apprehended that the delineation of characters in the end of the first Book of the Retreat of the Ten Thousand was the first instance of the kind that was known.' 'Supposing (said he) a wife to be of a studious or argumentative turn, it would be very troublesome: for instance,if a woman should continually dwell upon the subject of the Arian heresy.

I hear, while in the forest depth he sees, The Moon's fix'd gaze between the opening trees, In broken sounds her elder grief demand, And skyward lift, like one that prays, his hand, If, in that country, where he dwells afar, His father views that good, that kindly star; Ah me!

It is unnecessary for us to dwell minutely on everything that occurred during the succeeding week or ten days.

Right merrily they dwelled within the depths of Sherwood Forest, suffering neither care nor want, but passing the time in merry games of archery or bouts of cudgel play, living upon the King's venison, washed down with draughts of ale of October brewing.

With regard to praise, or dispraise, you cannot be too modest and circumspect; they should be strictly just and impartial, short and seasonable: your evidence otherwise will not be considered as legal, and you will incur the same censure as Theopompus {67} did, who finds fault with everybody from enmity and ill-nature; and dwells so perpetually on this, that he seems rather to be an accuser than an historian.

No one would willingly dwell on so melancholy and disgraceful a subject.

"I am the Honer'ble Ojoy Boglin, miss," he replied, dwelling lovingly upon the "Honer'ble.

Knowledge survives; and a happier generation than ours standing some day secure against the monster of militarism shall continue to uplift man's understanding till he dwells habitually on heights as yet undreamed.

"Cap'n Rose," she repeated, deliberately dwelling on the title.

The preparations that must inevitably precede a departure for an indefinite length of time kept Avery from dwelling overmuch on what had passed on that gusty afternoon when she had taken shelter in the doctor's house.

There seems to be no limit here to the exuberance of his fancy, and we cannot but think that we detect one of those hints by which Mr. Darwin indicates the application of his system from the lower animals to man himself, when he dwells so pointedly upon the fact that it is always the black ant which is enslaved by his other coloured and more fortunate brethren.

He dwells, emphatically, on the terrible desert conditions of the greater part of the surface of the planet.

Faithfully translated (&c. &c.) London, Printed for John Barnes, dwelling in Hosie Lane neere Smithfield, 1616.

The amusement and occupation of this movement, the planning of little improvements, her various duties under her increased responsibilities, kept Emily from dwelling unduly upon the danger of her husband.

But, upon the whole, he dwells safely in the deep bosom of the woods, the most highly favored of all his happy tribe.

We only submit that if those who use the watchwords of Liberalism were to return upon its principles, instead of dwelling exclusively on practical compromises, the tone of public life would be immeasurably raised.

They were pardoned and gave guarantees that they would dwell henceforth at peace with the Prophet.

Perchance some pity dwells within the man; Jailer, well met; dost thou not know me, man? JAI.

I have dwelt very briefly on those contests in which the great Theodosius was obliged to fight for his crown and for the Empire.

Bethink you of the vow you made When your light daughter, all distraught, From yonder slaughter-plain was brought, That if in some secluded cell She might till death securely dwell, The house of God should share her wealth.

Love in its full strength and beauty seldom dwells in the heart of both husband and wife through all the vicissitudes of life.

Compare our Lord's own declaration to his disciples, that he had dwelt a brief while 'with' or 'among' them, in order to dwell 'in' them permanently.

There is no more certain sign of contempt, than to be incessantly dwelling on its intensity!" Grace had great quickness, as well as her cousin, and though provoked at Eve's quiet hit, she had the good sense and the good nature to laugh.

Immediately after school Mr. Rose had been strongly endeavoring to change the Doctor's mind, and had dwelt forcibly on all the good points in Eric's character, and the promise of his earlier career.

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