91 adverbs to describe how to earnest

He is known far and wide, and his reputation has been earned honestly and by hard work.

He is a man of intensely earnest convictions, gifted with extraordinary powers resulting from that peculiar combination of physical and spiritual qualities known as the prophetic temperament.

After the contest is over, you may commonly see the combatants walking and talking very sociably together: but as this circumstance makes them a little suspected by the public, they affect the greater rage when in conflict, and occasionally quarrel and fight in downright earnest.

Never was distinction more nobly earned.

As always had been the case, and probably always is likely to be, the players who received the larger salaries were in no mood to share with their weaker brothers any excess margin of pay which they thought that they had justly earned, and it was not a difficult matter for them to obtain the consent of players who might really have benefited by the plan to co-operate with them on the basis of comradeship.

" "Tim, couldn't yees make the s'arch wid me?" asked Teddy, in a deeply earnest voice.

Every nation has blots upon its scutcheon; and the cynic may point to the Irish Union, the destruction of the Danish fleet, the Cyprus Convention, as proofs that we have richly earned the name of "Perfidious Albion."

It was plain that he was in earnestin deadly earnest, so it seemed.

We live all three in this one room, and we scarcely earn our bread.

And all the more if he has put his head in the halter for it; if he may be hanged to-morrow for that same purse, so dearly earned, so foolishly departed.

Mrs. Marshall listened in silence and went herself to get the little bank stuffed full of painfully earned pennies and nickels.

This was the great grandfather of Lady Mary, William Pierrepont, who deservedly earned the title of "Wise William."

He was so disgusted at the way Bill Chambers and Henery Walker come up 'ere wasting their 'ard-earned money, that he sent 'im a letter, signed 'A Friend of the Working Man,' telling 'im about it and advising 'im what to do.

The gentleman under review is a pre-eminently earnest man.

The two hundred and ten millions who are supposed to be earning regularly from five rupees and upwards per family, we may dismiss forthwith from consideration.

The enterpriser dealing with real wealth, and fitted to take the risks both because of his resources and of his exceptional knowledge, needs the motive of gain in such cases, and in a sense can be said to earn socially what he gets.

Douglass was opposed both to the establishment of such a college as was suggested, and to that of an ordinary industrial school where pupils should merely "earn the means of obtaining an education in books."

A good bara roopee is well worth seeing, and amply earns the two or three rupees he gets as his reward.

There was no mistaking his astonishing sincerity, his painfully earnest endeavor to impart to her some rather unusual ideas in which he certainly believed.

Isolated labor if on exceptionally fertile soil or if equipped with specially efficient apparatus or if supernormal in energy may produce a surplus income, but ordinarily it can earn no more than a bare subsistence.

The most skilful female weaver of the finer stuffs obtains twelve reals per piece; but it takes a month to weave; and the month, on account of the numerous holy-days, must be calculated at the most as equal to twenty-four working days; she consequently earns one-fourth real per day and her food.

It was hers, earned, all too literally, in the sweat of her brow.

A fellow usually does when he goes at it real earnest.

For these exalted services he is called "the Great;" and no prince ever more heroically earned the title.

An elder sister was earning three hundred dollars yearly by teaching, and Maria felt that she too must help more largely to share the family burdens.

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