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91 adverbs to describe how to  earnest  - Adverbs for  earnest

91 adverbs to describe how to earnest

He is known far and wide, and his reputation has been earned honestly and by hard work.

He is a man of intensely earnest convictions, gifted with extraordinary powers resulting from that peculiar combination of physical and spiritual qualities known as the prophetic temperament.

After the contest is over, you may commonly see the combatants walking and talking very sociably together: but as this circumstance makes them a little suspected by the public, they affect the greater rage when in conflict, and occasionally quarrel and fight in downright earnest.

Never was distinction more nobly earned.

As always had been the case, and probably always is likely to be, the players who received the larger salaries were in no mood to share with their weaker brothers any excess margin of pay which they thought that they had justly earned, and it was not a difficult matter for them to obtain the consent of players who might really have benefited by the plan to co-operate with them on the basis of comradeship.

" "Tim, couldn't yees make the s'arch wid me?" asked Teddy, in a deeply earnest voice.

Every nation has blots upon its scutcheon; and the cynic may point to the Irish Union, the destruction of the Danish fleet, the Cyprus Convention, as proofs that we have richly earned the name of "Perfidious Albion."

It was plain that he was in earnestin deadly earnest, so it seemed.

We live all three in this one room, and we scarcely earn our bread.

And all the more if he has put his head in the halter for it; if he may be hanged to-morrow for that same purse, so dearly earned, so foolishly departed.

Mrs. Marshall listened in silence and went herself to get the little bank stuffed full of painfully earned pennies and nickels.

This was the great grandfather of Lady Mary, William Pierrepont, who deservedly earned the title of "Wise William."

He was so disgusted at the way Bill Chambers and Henery Walker come up 'ere wasting their 'ard-earned money, that he sent 'im a letter, signed 'A Friend of the Working Man,' telling 'im about it and advising 'im what to do.

The gentleman under review is a pre-eminently earnest man.

The two hundred and ten millions who are supposed to be earning regularly from five rupees and upwards per family, we may dismiss forthwith from consideration.

The enterpriser dealing with real wealth, and fitted to take the risks both because of his resources and of his exceptional knowledge, needs the motive of gain in such cases, and in a sense can be said to earn socially what he gets.

Douglass was opposed both to the establishment of such a college as was suggested, and to that of an ordinary industrial school where pupils should merely "earn the means of obtaining an education in books."

A good bara roopee is well worth seeing, and amply earns the two or three rupees he gets as his reward.

There was no mistaking his astonishing sincerity, his painfully earnest endeavor to impart to her some rather unusual ideas in which he certainly believed.

Isolated labor if on exceptionally fertile soil or if equipped with specially efficient apparatus or if supernormal in energy may produce a surplus income, but ordinarily it can earn no more than a bare subsistence.

The most skilful female weaver of the finer stuffs obtains twelve reals per piece; but it takes a month to weave; and the month, on account of the numerous holy-days, must be calculated at the most as equal to twenty-four working days; she consequently earns one-fourth real per day and her food.

It was hers, earned, all too literally, in the sweat of her brow.

A fellow usually does when he goes at it real earnest.

For these exalted services he is called "the Great;" and no prince ever more heroically earned the title.

An elder sister was earning three hundred dollars yearly by teaching, and Maria felt that she too must help more largely to share the family burdens.

He wandered from land to land; lived none knew how; became a tutor, a miniature-painter, a volunteer at Naples under General Pepe, a teacher of languages in London, corrector of the press to a publishing house in Brusselseverything or anything, in short, by which he could honorably earn his bread.

"Out of the sea thou earnest," Opee-Kwan chanted oracularly, "and back into the sea thou goest.

He then proceeded to fold the paper into a cocked hat, and, calling a servant to him, gave it into his hands with a grand bow, just as if he were presenting the man with some specially earned honour.

" "Cospetto!Thou wilt earn thy ducat speedily at this rate!

Dachshund means "badger dog," and it is a title fairly and squarely earned in his native Germany.

The Rรกmรกyana recounts how, by gradually increasing the rigour of his penance through thousands of years, he successively earned the title of Royal Sage, Sage, Great Sage, and Brรกhman Sage.

Gifford has earned, but it is now generally recognised that he has unjustly earned, the character of a severe, if not a bitter critic.

Labour, too, preferred in many cases, and not unnaturally, to earn from 15s.

He very much disliked to tell her what he had done, and to give to her the money she had unwittingly earned.

Romans, accordingly, are very anxious to surpass in war and at the same time they honor virtue; for this reason, compelled in both regards by their nobility of spirit, they verily earn the right to surpass, since they take pains to recompense fair treatment fairly, and even beyond its value.

"I would willingly earn the thousand crowns, but if they are to be paid when you are liberated, I fear I should starve waiting for them.

"Yes." "What do you think was the worst-earned money that human fingers ever handled?

They did, in truth, know everything about poor Dick; that poor Dick's money was all gone, and that poor Dick was earning his bread, or rather his damper, mutton, and tea, wretchedly, in the wilderness of a sheep-run in Queensland.

In the midst of his own diseases and pains, he was ever compassionate to the distresses of others, and actively earnest in procuring them aid, as appears from a note to Sir Joshua Reynolds, of June, in these words:'I am ashamed to ask for some relief for a poor man, to whom, I hope, I have given what I can be expected to spare.

" Her family sat in an affectionately earnest row and adjured herfour married sisters, four blissful brothers-in-law, her attractive stepmother, her father.

At this time also I met George Bernard Shaw, one of the most brilliant of Socialist writers and most provoking of men; a man with a perfect genius for "aggravating" the enthusiastically earnest, and with a passion for representing himself as a scoundrel.

To say that Jack was exceedingly earnest and anxious would not be to exaggerate a particle.

I couldn't understand exactly what made Dan so fiercely earnest, for I thought I knew just how he felt about Faith; but suddenly, when nothing seemed to answer, and he stood up and our eyes met, I saw such a haggard, conscience-stricken face that it all rushed over me.

It was clever, but not clever enough to stand, at least in Oxford, against Dr. Pusey's dignified and gravely earnest Remonstrance against its injustice and trifling.

What is only fun to you may be grim earnest to poor Mary, and I like her so well that I do not care to think of her missing the best thing that life can give her.

" The tone of life in New England, so habitually earnest and solemn, breathed itself in the grave and plaintive melodies of the tunes then sung in the churches; and so these words, though in the saddest minor key, did not suggest to the listening ear of the auditor anything more than that pensive religious calm in which he delighted to repose.

As a lowely earnest, I give this curtesie before, And in conceite I give ye twenty more.

"'Well, keep as straight as you can; don't give up trying, my boy,' he'd tell me, mighty earnest, and I'd feel ashamed of myself clear around the corner.

Lestrange was oppressively earnest, but he was always good-natured.

What can I do about it?" Looking into her passionately earnest face it was perhaps the gulf between the girl and his a priori idea of her brought the smilea smile no kin to that hard smile of his.

She had been persistently earnest, passionately honest, absurdly grim.

Like all strong Catholics he has much venerationthat "organ," speaking in the vernacular of phrenology, is at the top of the head, and you never yet saw a thorough Catholic who did not manifest a good development of it; he is strong in ideality; has also a fine, vein of humour in him; can laugh, say jolly as well as serious things; and is a positively earnest and practical preacher.

" "But, believe me, I don't at heart," said Charteris, in a queer earnest voice.

My father on that occasion was remarkably earnest in asking that the life of his friend might be lengthened, as in the case of Hezekiah.

That seems a far-fetched explanation for the shortcomings of men so frankly realistic and so scientifically earnest as the masters of the Cinque Cento were.

The hasty and seemingly earnest action of the people and authorities of South Carolina was looked upon as a historical repetition of the nullification crisis of 1831-32; and without examining too closely the real present condition of affairs, men hoped, rather than intelligently expected, that the parallel would continue to the end.

Mr. Slate was a tiny, careful, smoothly-earnest man, consistent and faithful as a minister, made more for quiet sincere work than dashing labour or dazzling performance;

The command of the air fluctuates, but the spirit of our airmen is a sure earnest that the balance will be redressed in our favour.

This exceedingly amusing but terribly earnest caricature of the sentiments of the High Anglican party at first deceived and alarmed the Dissenters themselves.

How many there are, for instance, who are, or seem tolerably earnest about religion, and doing good, as long as they are actually in church, or actually talking about religion.


"His style of preaching," we are told by Mr. Wooll, "was unaffectedly earnest and impressive; and the dignified solemnity with which he read the Liturgy, particularly the Communion Service, was remarkably awful.

The boy's voice and eyes were unusually earnest.

Think of a family compelled to live on seven shillings a week, with what the wife and children could additionally earn!

He wrote the prettiest set of versesTo Drusilla in Junejust dashed them off while he was watching her sketch Cooper's Bluff from the southwest" "He is really quite wonderful," added Drusilla, sincerely, "and so generous and helpful when my drawing becomes weak and wobbly" "Mr. Yates shows Drusilla how to hold her pencil," said Flavilla, becoming warmly earnest in her appreciation of this self-sacrificing young man.

Freedom never yet was given to nations as a gift, but only as a reward, bravely earned by one's own exertions, own sacrifices, and own toil; and never will, never shall it be attained otherwise.

No gains too cheaply earned his fancy cloy, 15

To do this, they must at present ask a suitable price for their services, and then conscientiously earn their wages, strictly practising Divine Science, and healing the sick.

Swift's second degree from the University was earned creditably, and he was much pleased with the praise and respect with which he was received.

Indeed, each of them had been energetically earning, or preparing to earn, a livelihood.

It seemed indeed natural enough that if Blackbeard was to hide the diamond in a well, it would be in the well of that very castle where he had earned it so evilly.

Incidentally, of course, he would earn money.

Many a night I have lain awake for hours, trying to hit on some way of earning my living independently.

But while all of the Dozen were deep in the dumps, and had their brows tied up like a neglected fish-line, the loudest complaint was made, of course, by the one who had done the least work in building up the cluba lazybones who had been born tired, and had spent most of his young life in industriously earning for himself the name of "Sleepy.

In any case, this princely sum was thrice what one then irregularly earned as an articled clerk to a chartered accountant.

They earn jointly and spend jointly.

Weak, frail, sensitive creature as she is, thus secretly, laboriously to earn that sum which, because it required one or two petty sacrifices of inclination, I deemed that I had so nobly gained.

An honour legitimately earned by your pernicious collaboration in the Vassilyevski bust.

He could no longer address as Sandy one who earned two dollars as lightly as this.

If premiums are collected at the beginning of the year and losses are paid at the end of the year, and if interest can be earned meantime at the rate of 3-1/2 per cent, the natural premium for a one year term policy is about $8.64, that being the present worth of $8.95 due a year hence, interest being 3-1/2 per cent.

He had heard even in his youth of the greatness and riches of London, where all the women are white and fair, and even the beggars in the streets are white, and he had arrived, with newly-earned gold coins in his pocket, to worship at the shrine of civilisation.

The rector before him had notoriously earned the living by a marriage with a lady who stood in some questionable relation to Lord Scoutbush's father, and who had never had a thought above his dinner and his tithes; and all that the Aberalva fishermen knew of God or righteousness, they had learnt from the soi-disant disciples of John Wesley.

Jos had the style of targetting editors and journalists, which was obviously earning him influential enemies.

The plain man wants nowt better than tae do his bit o' work, and earn his wages or his salary plainly or, maybe, to follow his profession, and earn his income.

So long as they earn their living reputably, conform to our laws, and pay our taxes, they are welcome here.

That fact, at any rate, was brought home to them by the unbroken spirit of the troops who held the line in France and Flanders in 1915 against all attempts to break through; and at Neuve Chapelle, or Loos, or a hundred other minor engagements, only wanted numbers and ammunitionabove all ammunition!to win them the full victory they had rightly earned.

"You're earning your Christmas present right royally!" and the girl's eyes flashed up into her host's with a mischievous, not over-friendly glance.

At last, meeting with Doctor Sleigh, formerly his fellow-student at Edinburgh, he was enabled, by the kindness of this worthy physician, who appears in so amiable a light as the patron of Barry, in the Memoirs of that painter, to avail himself more effectually of his knowledge in medicine, and to earn a subsistence, however scanty, by the practice of that art.

The legions he had consisted for the most part of volunteer slaves, who chose rather to earn their liberty silently by another year's service, than demand it openly.

"Skilly" had earned honourable mention, and representations to the proper quarters resulted in an order that she should be rationed so long as she remained on canteen duty.

Were there an action more than another on which an Englishman would willingly risk the fame and honor of his nation, it would be this attack on Algiers, which, undertaken solely at her own risk, and earned solely by the expenditure of her own blood and her own resources, rescued not a single subject of her own from the tyrant's grasp, while it freed more than a thousand belonging to other European powers.