45 adverbs to describe how to ejaculate

she ejaculated mentally.

Gifford ejaculated fervently.

'All red!' ejaculated the parson almost involuntarily.

"Sweet pickles!" ejaculated Tommy Tucker indignantly.

The orthodox looked down with a genteel contempt upon the preachers whose religion had converted Kingswood colliers, and turned Cornwall wreckers into honest men; and the formally pious spoke of the worshippers at this new shrine of faith with a serene sneer, and classed them as a parcel of fiercely ejaculating, hymn-singing nonentities.

Young Mervyn started to his feet, and merrily ejaculating, "Charles Marston!

The time for wavering was over: hurriedly ejaculating the line of Homer, [Greek: "Hippon m'okypodon amphi ktypos ouata ballei,"] he drove the steel into his throat.

Pas du tout!" "Humph!" ejaculated my father, more doubtfully than before.

"You cannot love me, Sir!" ejaculated the boy so earnestly that it quite startled his companion.

"Ah! she was a clever woman," he ejaculated enthusiastically, "one with courage and presence of mind, which I don't think I have ever seen equalled.

he ejaculated feebly.

I ejaculated, so forcibly that she gave a little startled jump in her chair.

"Those boots, young gentlemen, ah, those boots"; he ejaculated forlornly, and the boots came down with mutinous clatter.

"Yah!" ejaculated the Indian, grimly, in a tone of conviction.

the gentleman ejaculated harshly.

But he struggled hard to keep his faculties together, and ejaculated hoarsely: "Destroy it?

" "Sold!" ejaculated the woman incredulously.

" "Huh!" ejaculated Phil inelegantly, utterly taken by surprise by Carlotta's announcement.

" "Well," ejaculated Jack, internally, "she's a cool un, and no mistake.

"Well!" inwardly ejaculated the old lady, "something substantial at last.

On our way we passed parties of soldiers and Cossacks hurrying to their posts, who eyed us suspiciously, but on seeing me at the head in the uniform of a British officer, ejaculated loudly to their command the magic word "Anglisky," until like a talisman the word passed from sentry to sentry and street to street, and "Anglisky" became the password which held the whole town for law and order.

Caleb, thoroughly bewildered, could only mechanically ejaculate that he had no papers or documents.

he ejaculated mockingly.

" "Aurora is indeed foolish," musingly ejaculated the Mother.

"Don't repeat my words like a parrot," ejaculated the inspector peevishly.

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