4 adverbs to describe how to eked

And with fresh colours decke the wanton pryme, And eke attonce the heavy trees they clyme, Which seeme to labour under their fruites lode: The whiles the ioyous birdes make their pastyme

I could barely eke out my daily bread; I had no right to ask youto bind you.

"But first, I pray you of your courtesy, That ye ne arrettee it nought my villainy, Though that I plainly speak in this mattere, To tellen you her words, and eke her chere: Ne though I speak her words properly, For this ye knowen as well as I, Who shall tellen a tale after a man, He mote rehearse as nye as ever he can: Everich word of it been in his charge, All speke he, never so rudely, ne large.

Society was at its best, upon its good behavior, patiently eking out the few short days that remained to it of the penitential season.

4 adverbs to describe how to  eked  - Adverbs for  eked