102 adverbs to describe how to embraces

she cried out, embracing him tenderly.

Why was Christianity itself most eagerly embraced when its light was obscured by fables and superstitions?

On First-day evening, the captain invited us to the ship's servicean invitation which we gladly embraced.

But raising them up, he affectionately embraced them.

Why now does he accuse him of preferring one man's friendship, but acquit himself and the rest who warmly embraced the opposite cause?

He will raise you from the humble posture you will have assumed, and, embracing you cordially, all that is past will be forgotten.

It is easily conceived, no prejudice or passion clouding the apprehensive faculties; it is readily embraced, no animosity withstanding or obstructing it.

When Mathieu saw his wife smiling again with that dear little one in her arms, he embraced her passionately, and triumphed once again over every sorrow and every pang.

XIII.THAT YOU MUST LOVE ME, AND LOVE MY DOG "Good sir, or madam, as it may bewe most willingly embrace the offer of your friendship.

And she gazed upon his wounds and fondly embraced his blood-stained cheeks, while Magdalen pressed her face upon his feet.

The living pillar of ivory, satin and precious stones ran into her arms, embraced her ardently, and kissed both her cheeks, then releasing her half-turned to Lanyard.

" All embraced him joyfully and all promised to follow whithersoever he should lead.

It was in the thirty-third year of my age, in the present year, (1826,) that I openly embraced and professed the Protestant religion, after having given it the most serious and attentive examination, and being convinced that it was indeed the true religion of Christ, agreeable, in every respect, to the revelations of his Gospel.

The day I'll spend to recreate my love, With all the pleasures that I can devise, And in the night I'll be thy bed-fellow, And lovingly embrace thee in mine arms.

Many more, leaving the religion which they had voluntarily embraced as converts from Judaism, again apostatized and returned to their old superstitionan evil which prevailed more in Seville than in any other part.

my child!" "Mamma!" "Dearest, dearest Olympia," Merry splutters, wildly embracing both.

The Forest bowed his solemn crest, And open flung his sylvan doors; Meek Rivers led the appointed Guest To clasp the wide-embracing shores; Till, fold by fold, the broidered land To swell her virgin vestments grew, While Sages, strong in heart and hand, Her virtue's fiery girdle drew.

Arnulf subsequently embraced a contrary line of policy, married the daughter of Geisa, King of Hungary, and entered into a confederacy with the Hungarian and the Swabian kammerboten, for the purpose of founding an independent state in the south of Germany, where he had already strengthened himself by the appointment of several markgrafs, Rudiger of Pechlarn in Austria, Rathold in Carinthia, and Berthold in the Tyrol.

"And I shall welcome death and embrace the headsman ere making last speech and dying confession.

[Embraces her fervently and kisses her]

These practices and principles, which superstition at first engendered, were greedily embraced and promoted by the policy of the court of Rome.

All delays might be dangerous; and the present occasion must hastily be embraced; while the Danes, without concert, without a leader, astonished at the present incident, and anxious only for their personal safety, durst not oppose the united voice of the nation.

This article, which is well and brightly written, embraces not merely a criticism of the great work whose name stands at the head of it, but also an elaborate yet most lucid and masterly survey of the various schools of theological thought which were then grouping themselves in Germany.

" She sprang upon the neck of her friend, embraced her rapturously, then fled with her treasure.

With Simon Perkins's assistance, Lord Bearwarden had little difficulty in pinioning his late antagonist, while Dick Stanmore, having lifted the imprisoned lady out of the cab, over the housebreaker's prostrate body, held her tightly embraced, in a transport of affection intensified by alarm.

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