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14 adverbs to describe how to « enchanted »

14 adverbs to describe how to « enchanted »

  • Mea cried out, altogether enchanted with her gift.
  • When the others reached the top, they saw the charming young thing running about in the nearest grove, that in which her husband had dined, collecting fruit, and apparently as enchanted as a child.
  • This is very strange, Captaine; the man is certainely enchanted.
  • The first smile of a man, whose fortune gives him power to reward his dependants, commonly enchants him beyond resistance; the glare of equipage, the sweets of luxury, the liberality of general promises, the softness of habitual affability, fill his imagination; and he soon ceases to have any other wish than to be well received, or any measure of right and wrong but the opinion of his patron.
  • Of course we were all enchanted.
  • " "Yet you must have seen the glass in which your wife looks every morning, and I take it that glass must be daily enchanted." said Titbottom, with a bow of quaint respect to my wife.
  • Dick was equally enchanted, and regretted he was not like King James, master of a great park, that he might hunt within it at his pleasure.
  • Any of my readers who may happen to have a file of the London "Illustrated News," may find in No. 360, March 3, 1849, a not prodigiously enchanting wood-cut of the edifice.
  • she asked briskly of her mother, who was fussing about her in the parlour, pretending to be fretful, but secretly enchanted to welcome her, with a warm fire and plenteous food, back again into the house.
  • The latter is now one of the most beautiful ruins on the Rhine, and with the Gothic grandeur of its long ogival windows, proud and lofty pillars, and marvelous stone-carving, it strangely enchants us when we wander by it on some bright, green summer's day, and do not know the story of its origin.
  • I could have wished that the young ecclesiastic had found me in the midst of the glories of Nike, which could not change me, although you seem to think that I am more tenderly enchanted with him than philosophy permits.
  • Whether tempter sent, or whether tempest toss'd thee here ashore, Desolate, though all undaunted, on this desert land enchanted On this home by Horror hauntedtell me truly, I implore Is thereis there balm in Gilead?tell metell me, I implore!
  • His elocution, his gestures, and his matter were alike enchanting."
  • "Rodomant was in a lawless frame, a frame he had fixed on himself by his outrage on precedent; his subsequent excitement had enchanted him more wildly, and any number of imps and elves were ready to rush at his silent word from the caverns of his haunted brain.

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