196 adverbs to describe how to enjoying

They couldn't skate much, as the ice was rough and there were too many people, but they ran and slid and shouted and enjoyed themselves immensely.

Mind you, I am not discontented; I enjoy it hugely; but what I want to know is why I do so?

While my companions wandered here and there gathering flowers and fruit I sat down in a shady place, and, having heartily enjoyed the provisions and the wine I had brought with me, I fell asleep, lulled by the murmur of a clear brook which flowed close by.

Thus he indicated much that might have passed unnoticed by Gloria, keenly enjoying her lively admiration.

I am sorry to have been compelled to thrash you, but I must admit I have enjoyed it exceedingly.

Then he closed his desk, went to luncheon, which he enjoyed amazingly, and then decided to return to Willing Square and await Patsy's return from Madam Borne's.

As soon as the truth became generally known, in reference to the real ownership, and the public came to ascertain that instead of hitherto possessing a right, it had, in fact been merely enjoying a favour, those who had commit ted themselves by their arrogant assumptions of facts, and their indecent outrages, fell back on their self-love, and began to find excuses for their conduct in that of the other party.

To be called away from the happy home which he so rarely enjoyed and enlightened, and to be sent out again to the ends of the world on such a service, was no light sacrifice even to his patriotic spirit; and the feeling of this was perhaps aggravated by the half-hope cherished during the first few weeks, that any day he might be met by tidings that the Chinese had made the required concessions, and that the affair was settled.

"In the thick of itand enjoying it so tremendously!" Mary looked thoughtful.

If the children enjoy so intensely the colour of the leaves and flowers they will be glad to have the opportunity of painting them; this is as much a part of nature work as any other, and it should be used as such, because it emphasises so strongly the side of appreciation of beauty, a side very often neglected.

As Bernard was no longer sufficiently near the Pope to exert on him the same immediate personal influence as in times past, he addressed to him a voice of admonition and warning, such as the mighty of the earth seldom enjoy the privilege of hearing.

It was well known by both parties that whenever the real state of affairs became known to their respective head-masters, the war would come to an abrupt termination; and the great reason why each side forbore to make any open complaint against the other was undoubtedly because every one secretly enjoyed the excitement of the campaign, and felt that a peace would make life rather dull and uninteresting.

Bruce enjoyed himself enormously, for he liked nothing better in the world than to give his opinion.

The comforts and luxuries of life were scarcely enjoyed even by the rich.

Wherever there is a class of slaves, he that enjoys the jus suffragii (no matter how poor) is a gentleman.

During his residence in the Pequodee village, he had generally gone on such expeditions in company with several other men and boys; and Oriana had, consequently, enjoyed little opportunity of perceiving how much he had improved in dexterity since he had made his first trial before his captors.

Frankly, I would enjoy the country more, if I knew that all the dogs were away on visits.

Two days afterwards she wrote"I must tell you of the blessed consolation I have in thinking of the perfect peace which my beloved husband enjoyed uninterruptedly, and the presence of the Comforter from the Father and the Son to my own soul.

Not all the kindness with which they received me could quite restore to me that pleasant familiarity, which I had heretofore enjoyed among them.

He knows and never forgets that people talk, first of all, for the sake of talking; conducts himself in the ring, to use the old slang, like a thorough "glutton," and honestly enjoys a telling facer from his adversary.

England, as I say, is in no position herself to sit in judgment on Germany and lecture hermuch as she undoubtedly enjoys doing so.

Happily, too, he enjoyed the counsel and assistance of J.W. Foster, formerly United States Secretary of State.

And to the same Divine Author of Every Good and Perfect Gift we are indebted for all those privileges and advantages, religious as well as civil, which are so richly enjoyed in this favored land.

Madame declares that she is fascinated by this form of entertainment; the variety and rapid movement delight heras I admit they do my dull selfand she deeply enjoys the blatant crudity of cinematic drama.

' Margaret had no doubt that he was quite in earnest, and would enjoy the holiday vastly.

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