36 adverbs to describe how to enlists

When we were all together I put the matter before the lads to the best of my ability, asking each to say if he was minded to go home at once, or whether he would be willing to regularly enlist in the American army, and before any other could speak John Sammons made a suggestion which showed him to be a lad of rare good sense.

He came swaggering down the Jaffa Road with all the bullying arrogance of the newly enlisted Arab policeman.

Receiving the spiritual confession of the prisoner he gave the absolution with a fervor which proved how deeply his sympathies were enlisted in behalf of the youthful pair.

By July 1915the end of the first year of warmore than 2,000,000 men had voluntarily enlisted.

"I have no doubt his sympathies were warmly enlisted in behalf of this family and possessing much, he gave liberally.

Then urge me not to pause; For joyfully do I enlist In FREEDOM'S sacred cause: A nobler strife the world ne'er saw, Th' enslaved to disenthral; I am a soldier for the war, Whatever may befall!

The sentiment and the sympathies of the mass were powerfully and irresistibly enlisted in favor of the unknown maidenfeelings that were very unequivocally manifested as she drew nearer the estrade, walking timidly through a dense lane of bodies, all of which were pressing eagerly forward to get a better view of her person.

It consisted of young men of rank, who went with the general to learn their profession, or as volunteers of troops specially enlisted for the post, who would often be veterans from his former armies.

I further proclaim that all volunteers thus called out and duly enlisted shall receive advance pay, premium, and bounty, as heretofore communicated to the governors of States by the War Department through the Provost-Marshal-General's Office by special letters.

If not proof, however, for a court of justice, they served to enlist me earnestly in the pursuit of the affair, into which I entered warmly from that moment.

and the queen-mother were very much struck with this intelligent energy on the part of the King of Navarre, and with the influence he acquired over all that portion of the French noblesse and burgesses which had not fanatically enlisted beneath the banner of the League.

Any soldier who, without having first received a regular discharge, again enlists in the Army, or in the militia when in the service of the United States, or in the Navy or Marine Corps of the United States, or in any foreign army, shall be deemed to have deserted the service of the United States; and, where enlistment is in one of the forces of the United States mentioned above, to have fraudulently enlisted therein.

Dr. Price was a rhetorician whom any cause would have gladly enlisted as its champion.

Nowadays, by no stretch of language can it be called Turkish except in so far that all Turkish efficient manhood is helplessly enlisted in it, for there is no branch or department of it over which the Prussian octopus has not thrown its paralysing tentacles and affixed its immovable suckers.

And yet he had enlisted in the navy as inevitably as though he had sprung from a long line of Vikings.

Licentious blockades, irregularly enlisted or impressed seamen, and the property of honest commerce seized with violence, and even plundered under legal pretenses, are disorders never separable from the conflicts of war upon the ocean.

Any officer who knowingly enlists or musters into the military service any person whose enlistment or muster in is prohibited by law, regulation, or orders shall be dismissed from the service or suffer such other punishment as a court-martial may direct.

A large number of the thinking men of the country have openly enlisted in the Suffrage ranks.

Diderot often went to see them; Galiani, Raynal, Abbe Morellet, M. Suard, quite young yet, were frequenters of the house; Condorcet did not set foot in it, passionately enlisted as he was amongst the disciples of M. Turgot, who were hostile to his successor; Bernardin de St. Pierre never went thither again from the day when the reading of Paul and Virginia had sent the company to sleep.

He might think she wanted him to enlist permanently.

The young man had enlisted promptly and had been in practically continuous service of one sort or another ever since.

Many ladies readily enlisted in the movement.

Thus, after the coronation of the Chevalier, in the Scottish insurrection of 1745, although the populace of Edinburgh crowded around him, kissing his very garments when he walked abroad, yet scarcely a man could be enlisted, in view of the certainty of an approaching battle with General Cope.

But from the day "Skilly" enlisted the marauders became less and less obtrusive.

The relative of some one of thy household may have thoughtlessly enlisted for the wars?

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