47 adverbs to describe how to enquiring

The patient anxiously enquires after a person who has been afflicted with the same malady; he is eager to know the remedy that has been used with success; his friend or neighbour imparts to him the wished for intelligence; he is determined to give the medicine a fair trial, and takes it with confidence.

" "Who is that?" he enquired curiously.

Recollecting that the baronet was just returned from the environs of Southampton, he eagerly enquired into the health and situation of his mistress.

Phinuit enquired coolly.

Lanyard enquired politely.

He will fire your ardour, by telling you of some enormous tiger, to be found in some jungle close by, but when you come to enquire minutely into his story, you find that the tiger was seen perhaps the year before last, or that it used to be there, or that somebody else had told him of its being there.

he enquired, sharply.

" "Who said you hed to?" enquired her husband fiercely.

Phinuit enquired innocently, shutting the door.

Philip enquired carelessly.

We do go into the dull details; we do enquire into the origins; we do emphatically enquire who it was that hit first.

"How is Sultan Akhmet Khan?" he enquired hurriedly: "What news bring you from himhow long is it since you have seen his family?

Where is Mr. Weldon?" enquired the girl, almost hysterically.

Ile enquire of you And of your gallant, too.

he enquired, rather impatiently.

"Well?" she enquired indifferently.

They remained silent during the ascent to Mr. Spragg's threshold; but there the latter turned to enquire ironically of Moffatt: "Anything left to say?" Moffatt smiled.

he enquired irrelevantly, after a moment.

Eight weeks of doing nothing,what more could a man expect?" The Yamên Secretaries were seeking him out three days after the last shot was firedwhile he still remained in the Legationeagerly enquiring what he thought of the possibility of beginning negotiations with the Powers.

I enquired mildly.

she enquired, moodily.

We are apt to dismiss them from our minds as ignorant and superstitious villagers tyrannised over by the Tsar, without troubling to enquire narrowly into the real facts of Russian life.

Ile nere enquire What 'tis you goe about, but trust your counsailes As the Auncients did their Oracles.

"Who knows," she enquired, obliquely, "why Monsieur the Lone Wolf brought with him this counterfeit Corot when he broke in to steal" "The counterfeit jewels of a titled adventuress!"

Mr. Selincourt enquired pitifully.

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