24 adverbs to describe how to erred

He came to a determination almost at a glance, and seldom erred in his judgment.

780 Nor is the people's judgment always true: The most may err as grossly as the few?

But there is one common point, in which all shall meet, err widely as they may.

They have erred grievously in perverting history to their own purposes.

He was a convinced rebel against any fire for food, making known to any one who would listen that man had erred sadly, thousands of years ago, in bringing fire into his cave for cooking, and that the only cure for civilization's evils was in abolishing the kitchen.

However plausible may be the arguments which in this or that case may be adduced for concealment, the common instinct of mankind, which rarely errs in such matters, always conceives a suspicion that it is dictated by secret and discreditable motives; and that he who screens manifest guilt from exposure and punishment makes himself an accomplice in the wrong-doing, if he was not so before.

The suspension of specie payments at such a time and under such circumstances as we have lately witnessed could not be other than a temporary measure, and we can scarcely err in believing that the period must soon arrive when all that are solvent will redeem their issues in gold and silver.

[Footnote: Very likely the copyist erred here.

" "But I have erred, and erred deeply.

He was called by Dunstan "Ethelred the Unready," and had a faculty for erring more promptly than any previous king.

Second,Never err the least in truth.

It appears to me, therefore, that Carducci has erred in not taking a sufficiently broad view of the lines on which literary development proceeds; and also, more specifically, in failing to recognize the importance of the distinction between the ordinary and the dramatic eclogue.

You have not erred wilfully, but through ignorance, and therefore have committed no offence.

Though if I were under a Mistake in this, I should say as Cicero in Relation to the Immortality of the Soul, I willingly err, and should believe it very much for the Interest of Mankind to lye under the same Delusion.

When he erred, he erred like a child, not coldly and unscrupulously, but carried away by intensity of desire.

513, 582-4], they have erred worse.

They have co-operated with every social reform advocated by men, and it is to be noted that wherever their judgment has been in error they have conscientiously erred in favor of a wider democracy, a more exalted social ideal.

It is the lesson which we see in every conspicuously erring life, and it was illustrated less than three years afterwards in the terrible fate of the tyrant who had driven him to death.

" This is true; but Anthon erred decidedly in saying that in the Greek story "vice is advocated by no sophistry."

His wish was gratified; but, in dying, he must have felt how fearfully he had erred in comparing the effects of papal arrogance with the cruelty of Mahometan tyranny.

It does not appear what good end could be gained, on the part of Providence, by the permission of these magical enchantments, supposing them supernatural; and if we imagine the Devil to have acted spontaneously, with a view to support his power and influence, he most manifestly erred in his design.

The masses that listen top eagerly to the demagogue do not err merely from lack of ideas, but partly because they do not utilize all the facts at their disposal.

But he perpetually errs by being too deep or too shallow for the matter in hand, and many a school-boy is a better reasoner than he.

As, if you were to accuse him of having done so and so, because he was instigated by avarice; and yet, if you are unable to show that the man whom you accuse is avaricious, you must show that other vices are not wholly foreign to his nature, and that on that account it is no great wonder if a man who in any affair has behaved basely, or covetously, or petulantly, should have erred in this business also.

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