6 adverbs to describe how to estrange

He consequently estranged Congress, offended Scott, became distrusted by the President, and provoked the jealousies of the other generals.

Evelyn Grant had bitterly estranged her father by marrying against his wishes.

A thing which encouraged me greatly to believe in the sagacity of our commander was the pains he took to engage the good offices of the Indians,such of them, that is, as had not already been hopelessly estranged by the outrages committed upon them by traders and frontiersmen.

I could not apply to the Court against the ingenious forms of petty insult employed, while I felt that they must inevitably estrange the children from me if practised always in their presence.

But such perversion of all natural feeling estranged me from her irreconcilably and forever.

When they had thus successfully estranged the majority of Liberals they began to study the political situation a little more closely.

6 adverbs to describe how to  estrange  - Adverbs for  estrange