47 adverbs to describe how to exceeded

They are uniform in size, rarely exceeding a quarter of a pound in weight.

But on account of its settling and compacting, and the almost constant waste from melting and evaporation, the average depth actually found at any time seldom exceeds ten feet in the forest region, or fifteen feet along the slopes of the summit peaks.

The whole number of Roman citizens of an age fit for military duty scarcely exceeded a hundred and thirty thousand.

she inquired, with the natural uneasiness of one upon whom, in an establishment whose pretensions considerably exceeded its resources, the perplexing cares of housekeeping devolved.

Dr. Bartlett, Forest Supervisor of the Trabuco and San Jacinto Reserves, assured me that the number of licenses to hunt in those two reserves issued annually exceeded, in his opinion, the entire number of deer within their boundaries.

He is one whose hopes commonly exceed his fortunes and whose mind soars above his purse.

As the polar circles are in 23° 28", a line drawn through the south pole, for instance, commencing on one side of the earth at the antarctic circle, and extending to the other, would traverse a distance materially exceeding that between New York and Lisbon.

Over six hundred vessels were assembled, with a tonnage vastly exceeding that of any fleet that had ever sailed the seas.

I believe that the paper's circulation barely exceeded a few hundred copies.

In estimating its present capacity at four hundred thousand men, we undoubtedly exceed the actual resources of the South.

Is not my soul entirely possessed by this divine creature, whom I love with an affection infinitely exceeding that which I have entertained for thee at any period?

That he is not only able, but willing, to give exceeding abundantly, beyond all that we can ask or think.

A picket is a group consisting of two or more squads, ordinarily not exceeding half a company, posted in the line of outposts to cover a given sector.

[exceeding ] shrill, that it often sets our Teeth

Yet, I am glad such Verse has been written for our Stage; since it has so happily exceeded those whom we seemed to imitate.

After a grand let-off, given by a rich burgo-master, to which my friends got me a special invitation, I incautiously exceeded in the curaçoa, of which I did not at all then know the strength.

E. This paragraph is an addition to the text of Castaneda from Osorius Clarke, I. 342 [10] From the circumstances in the text, this watering-place of St Blaze is probably what is now called St Katherines or St Sebastians Bay; yet that place hardly exceeds forty-seven Portuguese leagues east from the cape.

However, his supporters very little exceeded the number who had divided with him in 1783, and Lord North, who led the Opposition in a speech denouncing any change, had a majority of seventy-four.

The Litany ... omitteth very many particulars, ... and it is exceeding disorderly, following no just rules of method.

I have already described how an assistant physician arbitrarily denied my request that I be permitted to send a birthday letter to my father, thereby not merely exceeding his authority and ignoring decency, but, consciously or unconsciously, stifling a sane impulse.

Were he now exceeding wise, He'd be just about your size; When he does things that annoy, Don't forget, he's just a boy.

Domestic service is the only field of industry where the demand for workers permanently exceeds the supply.

3. et 4. expounding that place of Aristotle about Caucasus; and as [3016]Blancanus the Jesuit contends out of Clavius and Nonius demonstrations de Crepusculis: or rather 32 stadiums, as the most received opinion is; or 4 miles, which the height of no mountain doth perpendicularly exceed, and is equal to the greatest depths of the sea, which is, as Scaliger holds, 1580 paces, Exer.

97° to 121° E. not very inferior to the above estimate; but including the immeasurable bounds of its dependencies, Chinese Tartary, Thibet, and almost the whole of central Asia, it prodigiously exceeds the magnitude here assigned by Galvano.

His letters, which are published along with his plays, are exceeding courtly, his stile easy and genteel, and his thoughts natural; and in reading his letters, one would wonder that the same man, who could write so elegantly in prose, should not better succeed in verse.

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