149 adverbs to describe how to excited

"But, you said that he is much changeddid you not?" continued the lady; for there was something strangely excited and unpleasant in the man's manner, in this little interview, which struck Mrs. Marston, and alarmed her curiosity.

" "How queer!" replied Miss Judy, looking with concern at her wildly excited cousin.

And how was she to know, poor Billie, that the news the girls would have to tell her would serve only to make her mood the blacker? As she neared the Farrington home, Violet herself came rushing out to meet her, looking unusually and feverishly excited.

The "Seat" appears to be considerably excited, but the "War" takes things easily, and seems to have "switched off" for an indefinite time.

The Major has been terribly excited over you, and swore you should not be allowed to wander through the streets without someone to look after you.

He met some Alpini on the road to whom he said, "Fa bel tempo," and they replied, "Le montagne sono sempre belle;" also an old man who had never seen British soldiers before, and was tremendously excited and pleased, and shouted with joy.

" On reaching home and his own study, the servant, Merton, presented himself, and his master, too deeply excited to hear him then, appointed the next day for the purpose.

He was her idol, since he possessed those qualities which most powerfully excited her admiration.

The renowned caskets of Portia had scarcely excited more curiosity in their way than this little silver box of the major's had created in the mind of Maud.

The public mind was powerfully excited.

He is unduly excited.

Then the PRESIDENT said:I believe the gentleman either heard imperfectly, or misunderstood these expressions, which he so warmly condemns, for nothing has been uttered that could justly excite his indignation.

The bugler for a moment became intensely excited, and actually forgot the notes.

While he was eating, I ventured to remark that I had met the young man he spoke of, at which the man showed the greatest surprise, and became so violently excited that I was very much afraid of him.

Ripley was fearfully excited and his face showed it.

She was real excited.

I remember being scarcely excited or surprised at the meeting, for a great sense of irresponsibility came over me, and I involuntarily accepted the coincidence as a matter of course.

Rothe teaches that falsehood is a duty, not only when it is needful in dealing with public or personal enemies, but often, also, in dealing with "children, the sick, the insane, the drunken, the passionately excited, and the morally weak,"and that takes in a large share of the human race.

Let my justly-excited rage excuse my irreverence.

These taste buds are readily excited by savory substances, and transmit the impression along the connected nerve.

It was, without preparation, eaten by the Hebrews with the Paschal lamb; the Greeks delighted in it, and the Romans, in the time of Domitian, had it prepared with eggs, and served in the first course at their tables, merely to excite their appetites.

We allude to the escape of Lavalette from the prison of the Conciergerie in Paris in 1815, which so painfully excited the interest of all Europe for the intended victim's wife, whose reason was the forfeit of her exertion.

" Then turning to Hasty, whose feeble nerves had been intensely excited by this scene, she said: "I want you to get to work again pretty soon, and not lie there too lazy to work.

Osborn's suspicions were obviously excited.

It was the old farmer, plainly tremendously excited, and although weak and almost out of breath from running, trying to tell her something.

149 adverbs to describe how to  excited  - Adverbs for  excited
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