53 adverbs to describe how to excused

Any breach of etiquette, in this respect, will not readily be excused.

" "But" But already, excusing himself hurriedly, Gratton was off for the horses.

You must generously excuse me, when I conclude by humbly recommending my poor country's future to your generosity.

But it is a somewhat sorry pastime for men-at-arms to go afoot, and I would gladly be excused.

Guides and enlisted men in the line of file closers execute the manual of arms during the drill unless specially excused, when they remain at the order.

I excused myself very politely on the ground that my wife (invented for the occasion) was waiting for me at home, and that I felt sure so attractive a lady would have no difficulty in finding another escort.

Thus many things wherein a Man has pressed too far, he implicitly excuses, by owning, This is a Trespass; youll pardon my Confidence; I am sensible I have no Pretension to this Favour, and the like.

This, too, I declined, and begged the Dean of Westminster, who has a living in the neighbourhood, to excuse me as handsomely as he could.

That his strong inclinations marched with his duty may be allowed him as a privilege; the plea of duty was not, I believe, merely an excuse.

He would stand next day bare-headed to the same person, modestly to excuse his interferencefor L. never forgot rank, where something better was not concerned.

These difficulties, my Lord! may reasonably excuse the errors of my Undertaking: but for this confidence of my Dedication, I have an argument, which is too advantageous for me not to publish it to the World.

He quite understood that a man might commit faults, he even excused in petto certain crimes, and he excused them the more willingly because he himself had been guilty of them; but he did not understand how a man could dare to talk about them.

I stood it for a minute or two, but, finding the situation intolerably embarrassing, I rose, and brusquely excusing myself, went up to the laboratory to look for Polton and inquire at what time Thorndyke was expected home.

Mr. Raleigh could not have been more unfortunate than he was in meeting her, since it gave him reason and excuse henceforth for visiting the Bawn at all seasons.

Then he put out his hand, and good-humoredly excused his reception of me.

Rolling up her napkin hurriedly, she excused herself almost inaudibly and left the table.

Marian had been lamely excusing herself for not having read Elinor's last book.

Now will you excuse this blotty letterwritten in bedand accept my thanks for all the good your book has done me.

Gloria excused herself lightly and escaped into the arms of Gratton himself.

But he made no complaint, uttered no reproach, and loyally excused Lucindy's desertion with a simple sort of dignity that made it impossible to express pity or condemnation.

No matter what causes may be assigned as the origins of the war, no matter what theses support them, nothing in the world can excuse the abdication of individual judgment before general opinion.

"You'll excuse meEllenAdelaide," said Matilda, as she unfolded the paper with ringers that trembled.

[He pleads, defends, excuses passionately; before his will gives way, as the arrow flies from the bow-string.

This breach of faith and promise has been loudly complained of by the latter, and as pertinaciously excused by the Spaniards, who complain that the British plundered the city, and committed many other excesses, contrary to the express conditions of their engagements, by which they were virtually rendered nugatory.

And adequately to excuse that, I should have to confess that I was a writer and no handler of men.

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