390 words to describe how to  explain  - Adverbs for  explain

390 words to describe how to explain

What so easily explained as that I should have strayed from the path in the darkness?

Jack explained as briefly as possible.

The thing has been satisfactorily explained to me, and I accept.

What I believe was strictly true is that innumerable well-observed facts were stored in the minds of naturalists ready to take their proper places as soon as any theory that would receive them was sufficiently explained.

These things partly explain why Preston is more deeply overshadowed by the particular gloom of the times than many other places in Lancashire.

Another indicated the direction of the wind, while the depth of colour in the circle itself, graduated in a manner carefully explained to me, but my notes of which are lost, showed the exact force of the atmospheric current.

Seeing Graham's puzzled expression, he quickly explained that any imaginary character an author dreams up is actually a person that the author has tuned into.

Some of their traits may possibly be explained by their history.

Yet through it all it must not be forgotten that they represent in each case (as I shall explain more clearly presently)

"Senor Estada has been killed during the night, and we have just captured his murderer," I explained hastily.

"He explained his point of view most thoroughly, my dear Lady Evesham."

A prayer meeting is, however, held all the year round, on a Wednesday night, and it is favoured, on an average, with about 20 earnest individuals, who sometimes create what might, if not properly explained, be considered a rather solemn disturbance.

"We can't leave the trunk," Laura explained patiently, as if she were addressing a particularly stupid child.

And so she contented herself with saying: "If monsieur will kindly explain to me what it is I shall be quite at his service."

But Miss Abigail hurriedly explained that it was a man and wife that they wanted.

And the reason is readily explained when I state the fact that Patsy's Uncle John Merrick, the round little bald-headed man who sat contentedly eating his soup, was a man of many millions, and this girl his favorite niece.

And a friend of the Pilgrims wrote from England to warn them against having any connection with the new colony: and recommended them to have it distinctly explained to the Indians, that they were a new and independent society, for whose conduct and good faith they could in no way be responsible.

Of course the idealist explains this organic conception with a respect for personality which is absent from socialistic and evolutionary doctrines of society.

This may partially perhaps explain the ill-luck of plucking flowers out of season.

"There was no one but his sister, who at that time was not married and had no son," explained Aunt Jane, calmly.

That theory certainly would explain their being rounded; though not their being scratched.

The whole affair, even on that supposition, was childish enough, but I referred the exaggerated cunning to Handy Solomon, and considered it quite adequately explained.

"They's a mess in the hotel," said Bull, explaining as shortly as he could.

Then, on Boutan inquiring with what capital he would start operations, Mathieu quietly explained that he did not mean to borrow money and thus run into debt; he would begin, if necessary, with very few acres indeed, convinced as he was of the conquering power of labor.

Stewards hurled themselves at her, policemen hastened from every point of the compass; but unruffled as at the dinner-table, without turning a hair of her exquisite chévelure, she continued gently explaining the wishes of womankind till she disappeared in a whirlwind of hysteric masculinity.

"When I sits up so late, I gets a kind of a sinking," the Sergeant explained apologetically.

An English grammar does not explain all that we can do with our speech; it merely explains what shackles and restraints we must put upon our speech if we would bring it within the comprehension of a school-bred grammarian.

"He was killed in a duel some months ago," explained Mr. Hornblower, gravely.

The lack of proportion in this story, which gives rather too much space to the girl-and-boy experiences, is naturally explained by the tendency in every man and woman to linger over early memories.

In the kitchen Mr. Wilks rapidly and incoherently explained the situation to Mr. Hardy.

Man is more robust than woman, but he is not longer lived; which exactly explains my view of the nature of their attachment."

"I wrote to him two days ago," she afterward explained, "breaking off the engagement.

She had ridden both waysa theory which likewise explained how she came to wear a man's derby and possibly a man's overcoat.

She accounted to herself for this longing, she even explained it scientifically.

He eagerly explained the situation to the Tyee, who welcomed the strangers with grave politeness.

He frankly explained that what Vermonters really wanted was 'property not liberty' and added that they would stand no coercion from the American government.

Four National Guards walk into the house of the first citizen they please, and politely or otherwise, explain to him that it is his strict duty to go into the trenches at Vanves and kill as many Frenchmen as he can.

He rightly explains this by referring to the superiority of Hannibal's cavalry, the arm which gained him all his victories.

To the inquiry of the officer in charge, Pen lamely explained that he had bumped his nose into something hard in a poorly lighted passageway.

These expressions are taken by some as having a direct adverbial relation to the terms which they qualify; but they are perhaps most commonly explained as being dependent on some preposition understood.

"The countess knew that Prince Paul was going to be married," explained Karl Steinmetz very slowly, as if he wished to give some one time.

I had never actually met him in the old days, but I had seen one or two photographs and caricatures of him, and this no doubt explained my vague recollection of his features.

Before I went home, she explained to me very seriously the error into which I had fallen.

But afterwards, when the papers had duly explained that the Germans were mere barbarians and savages, bent on reducing the whole world to military slavery, they began to take sides and feel there was good cause for fighting.

But the advance in freedom of thought, the marked difference in the general attitude of men in all lands towards theological authority to-day from the attitude of a hundred years ago, cannot altogether be explained by the power of logic.

"You explain it very beautifully," gravely.

That, of course, definitely explained Mr. Fullaway's departure, and it also made me wonder, knowing all I did know, if the jewels were safe.

When he saw that Gloria had noted how for the first time on a woodland jaunt with her he carried a very businesslike-looking rifle, he explained laughingly that if they developed abnormal appetites there were both deer and bear to be had.

"Itit's because I remember him when he was turning out his first mustache," she explained, lucidly.

These ideas are to be gained, either by contemplation upon the things themselves as they are presented naturally, or by the study of those books in which they are rationally and clearly explained.