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569 adverbs to describe how to fall

There is something surpassingly sweet in the music of the flute and violin in the hands of skillful performers; and yet, to my thinking, it falls far short of the melody of the human voice.

After struggling and clasping his arms for a moment around the great branch of the tree, his hold relaxed, he reeled from side to side, and then fell heavily to the ground, with three balls within an inch of each other, right through his vitals.

Gradually, darkness fell, and soon the details of the gardens were merged into shadows.

Coming up behind them I fired my rifle, when about thirty feet distant; the ball passed through the backs of both, and they fell headlong to the ground; but I made no stop however just then, for I had my eye on the gentleman who was riding Powder Face.

There are always artists copying parts of it, particularly one group, where a lovely, fair-haired woman is falling out of a litter backward.

At the same time a smother of salt water blew over the port rail, now far above me, to drench me as thoroughly as though I had fallen overboard.

I got my head upright, but for an instant only, when it fell on my right shoulder; and then I fell backwards, my back resting against the side of the car, and my head on its edge.

" Evadne's sweet laugh fell softly through the silence.

Don't you fall foul of me, or you'll have reason to be sorry for it, d'you hear?

" She wondered why he set his jaw when he said this, but he was wondering how deeply the colonel's ward had fallen into the clutches of Nelly Lebrun.

But as her interlocutor, appalled, laid no claim to the sentiment, she lifted the mittened hand to her eyes, and from under it scanned the white face through the lightly falling snow.

Gifford himself was indeed beginning to fall desperately in love with her, but this naturally made Henshaw's rather obvious prepossession none the less disagreeable to him.

The next moment the horse got his back up and hoisted me into the air, I fell violently to the ground, striking upon my side in such a way as to severely wrench and strain my arm, from the effects of which I did not recover for some time.

The cork fell out, accidentally as it were, and, as a consequence, death.

But inshore the great waves rolled smoothly, swiftly then suddenly fell forward as over a ledge, and spread with a roar across the yellow sands.

The winds, which in settled weather come from the northwest, veer round into the opposite direction, the sky fills gradually and evenly with one general cloud, from which, the rain falls steadily, often for days in succession, at a temperature of about 45° or 50°.

So saying my wife fell senseless on the ground and remained motionless for thirty minutes until the spirit had fled.

But Beltane lay heeding not, nor would he eat despite all Roger's wheedling arts; but being fevered and athirst, drank deep of the sleeping draught, and thereafter, falling to his black humour, turned his face to the shadows, and, lying thus, straightway fell to weeping, very silently, because of his so great weakness, until, like a child, he had wept himself to sleep.

Such various types of men exist, and they do not fall readily into either of Cynthia's two classes; they are neither Cransters nor Alecs; certainly not in thought, probably not in conduct.

And when the foundations of a house commence to fall asunder, the walls, the frame and the roof totter and fall.

The Turks would then attack him under the belief that he was the celebrated chief, and while they were thus engaged the real Hunyady would fall upon them unexpectedly and put them to flight.

Timber line was only two hundred feet above the river brink; beyond that height, rocks and moss covered with new-fallen snow.

To become, according to the book of Judges, just what Moses foretoldan ignorant, selfish, often profligate and disorderly people, doing each what is right in his own eyes, falling continually into idolatry, civil war, and slavery to the heathens round about.

He lives secure from jealous care, holding the priceless dower Which seldom falls to loving hearts or sons of wealth and power.

He opened the door, pulling it to again after him as he crept inside; then taking a step forward in the pitchy darkness, promptly fell over a bucket with an appalling crash.

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