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570 adverbs to describe how to  falls  - Adverbs for  falls

570 adverbs to describe how to falls

There is something surpassingly sweet in the music of the flute and violin in the hands of skillful performers; and yet, to my thinking, it falls far short of the melody of the human voice.

After struggling and clasping his arms for a moment around the great branch of the tree, his hold relaxed, he reeled from side to side, and then fell heavily to the ground, with three balls within an inch of each other, right through his vitals.

Gradually, darkness fell, and soon the details of the gardens were merged into shadows.

Coming up behind them I fired my rifle, when about thirty feet distant; the ball passed through the backs of both, and they fell headlong to the ground; but I made no stop however just then, for I had my eye on the gentleman who was riding Powder Face.

At the same time a smother of salt water blew over the port rail, now far above me, to drench me as thoroughly as though I had fallen overboard.

There are always artists copying parts of it, particularly one group, where a lovely, fair-haired woman is falling out of a litter backward.

I got my head upright, but for an instant only, when it fell on my right shoulder; and then I fell backwards, my back resting against the side of the car, and my head on its edge.

" Evadne's sweet laugh fell softly through the silence.

Don't you fall foul of me, or you'll have reason to be sorry for it, d'you hear?

" She wondered why he set his jaw when he said this, but he was wondering how deeply the colonel's ward had fallen into the clutches of Nelly Lebrun.

But as her interlocutor, appalled, laid no claim to the sentiment, she lifted the mittened hand to her eyes, and from under it scanned the white face through the lightly falling snow.

Gifford himself was indeed beginning to fall desperately in love with her, but this naturally made Henshaw's rather obvious prepossession none the less disagreeable to him.

The next moment the horse got his back up and hoisted me into the air, I fell violently to the ground, striking upon my side in such a way as to severely wrench and strain my arm, from the effects of which I did not recover for some time.

The cork fell out, accidentally as it were, and, as a consequence, death.

But inshore the great waves rolled smoothly, swiftly then suddenly fell forward as over a ledge, and spread with a roar across the yellow sands.

The winds, which in settled weather come from the northwest, veer round into the opposite direction, the sky fills gradually and evenly with one general cloud, from which, the rain falls steadily, often for days in succession, at a temperature of about 45ยฐ or 50ยฐ.

So saying my wife fell senseless on the ground and remained motionless for thirty minutes until the spirit had fled.

And when the foundations of a house commence to fall asunder, the walls, the frame and the roof totter and fall.

Such various types of men exist, and they do not fall readily into either of Cynthia's two classes; they are neither Cransters nor Alecs; certainly not in thought, probably not in conduct.

But Beltane lay heeding not, nor would he eat despite all Roger's wheedling arts; but being fevered and athirst, drank deep of the sleeping draught, and thereafter, falling to his black humour, turned his face to the shadows, and, lying thus, straightway fell to weeping, very silently, because of his so great weakness, until, like a child, he had wept himself to sleep.

The Turks would then attack him under the belief that he was the celebrated chief, and while they were thus engaged the real Hunyady would fall upon them unexpectedly and put them to flight.

He lives secure from jealous care, holding the priceless dower Which seldom falls to loving hearts or sons of wealth and power.

To become, according to the book of Judges, just what Moses foretoldan ignorant, selfish, often profligate and disorderly people, doing each what is right in his own eyes, falling continually into idolatry, civil war, and slavery to the heathens round about.

Timber line was only two hundred feet above the river brink; beyond that height, rocks and moss covered with new-fallen snow.

He opened the door, pulling it to again after him as he crept inside; then taking a step forward in the pitchy darkness, promptly fell over a bucket with an appalling crash.

And I awoke, and found that I had overslept myself and that the nine o'clock parade, which I was due to attend, was already falling in outside.

The situation was becoming gradually more perilous; but, having passed several dangerous spots, I dared not think of descending; for, so steep was the entire ascent, one would inevitably fall to the glacier in case a single misstep were made.

The other day I could hardly find a well-known spring, and even suspected that it had dried up, for it was completely concealed by freshly fallen leaves; and when I swept them aside and revealed it, it was like striking the earth, with Aaron's rod, for a new spring.

My own most thrilling moments came about in this way: The platoon of artillery to which I belonged had, as already related, decided that its position directly behind the hotly beset infantry was untenable, and consequently fell back at speed, for some distance.

The snow was falling so thickly that when he lowered his face he blinked and wiped his eyes.

They, likewise, would naturally consider all the mischiefs done to the city, as falling, ultimately, upon themselves; and, therefore, were willing to gain it by time rather than by force.

"It began nineteen years agoby"her eyes, which she had lifted, fell lower than ever, her brow and neck were suffused with blushes, and she murmured"I fell in love.

But there were no houses back of the Himes place, the ground falling away sharply to the rocky creek bed.

Unconsciously my thoughts fell into the rhythm of this song, with the result that I presently listened to catch its wordsfaint, childish, laughing, yet musical in the scented dusk: "King William was King James's son and from the royal race he sprung; Upon his breast he wore a star that showed the royal points of war.

On January 11th, Abd-el-Kader gathered his armed force, marched at dead of night and fell furiously on the first division of the Moors and Arabs.

The crescent moon came forth, and beheld the fair maiden gazing far out over the silver-edged billows, her head resting upon her hand, her golden tresses falling gracefully over her shoulders, while from the deep recesses of her heart there sprung up that which had ever been, and yet was not, and took to itself a form.

Fortunately Czillei himself soon fell into disfavor; the Germans themselves overthrew him; and the King, now better informed, replaced Hunyady in the post of captain-general of the kingdom.

I never thought a Hildreth would fall so low.

The high rounded hills sloped easily to within a hundred feet or so of the water and then fell away abruptly.

In short, you do not know, no young girl can know, the influence which a woman in middle life, if she has anything in her, has over a young man; and she,she had shrewdness and a certain talent, and, I think now, knew what she was doing,at any rate, I fell madly in love.

"The relations and experiences of real men and women," he writes, "rarely fall in such symmetrical order as to make an artistic whole.

And very cheerfully she went to rest that night, talking of what was to be done on the morrow, and fell asleep sweetly in her little room, with its shaded light and curtained window, and little pictures on the dim walls.

He made no cry, no strugglethe set teeth unlocked, and he fell limply back on the sand, his head lapped by the waves.

I knew, of course, by what we had overheard said by the prison-guards, that the Governor-General was extremely anxious to recapture the girl with whom, I frankly admit, I had now so utterly fallen in love.

And in the development of these Nature chose for a tool not the earthquake or lightning to rend and split asunder, not the stormy torrent or eroding rain, but the tender snow-flowers noiselessly falling through unnumbered centuries, the offspring of the sun and sea.

My master bids me tell you that he is but newly fallen asleep, and you, base slaves, must come and disquiet them!

We broke into the boxes, and arrayed ourselves in various garmentswhich speedily fell to piecesand appropriated gim-cracks of all sorts.

So he kept on until his shadow fell faintly on his path before him, long, shapeless, grotesque.

"Snort not, my gentle Roger, for I fell in company with him ere he knew aught of theeso thy snort availeth nothing, my Rogerkin.

As the months went by I fell passionately and hopelessly in love with Laura Fairlie.

And her hand involuntarily fell on the open Bible.

Some fell harmlessly on the ground without, and we saw that they were arrows tipped with burning tow, but the most must have fallen upon the roof.

Anna had fallen face downward on the ice this time, and lay there as if stunned.

The balloon was now, so to speak, on an even keel, falling almost perpendicularly.

Heigho!some day, mayhap, it shall be written how one Jocelyn Alain, a gentle, love-lorn knight, singing his woes within the greenwood, did meet four lovely madmen and straight fell mad likewise.

Such had been the ease with Tisquantum's wife: and he had ever treated her with gentleness and respect, and had never imposed on her any of those servile duties that commonly fall to the lot of Indian squaws, even though they may be the wives and daughters of the most exalted chiefs.

AVUNCULAR DEVOTIO Having literally fallen asleep from his chair to the rug, J. BUMSTEAD, Esquire, was found to have reached such an extraordinary depth in slumber, that Mr. and Mrs. SMYTHE, his landlord and landlady, who were promptly called in by Mr. DIBBLE, had at first some fear that they should never be able to drag him out again.

Birds, blinded by the light, whirred and fluttered into the open space above the water, falling helplessly so near Dick that he could have caught and killed a score to surprise Jack with a game breakfast, when he returned.

It fell strangely upon me with a sense of repetition.

But Donnegan let the hand fall limp to the ground.

If it fell outward, the guard at the corner would hear the noise, and might come down to see what it was that made it.

"In times like these, one cannot be too careful of the political notions he throws out; and to own the truth to you, I am more than half inclined to think that Cรฆsar is exercising quite as much authority, in these colonies, as justly falls to his share.

As I stood there, anxiously, my foot dislodged a pebble, which fell inward, into the dark, with a hollow chink.

She and the Private sit on the table, and fall instantaneously in love.

It was in such lonely evening or Saturday strolls that he probably acquired the habit of pensive reverie to which we owe many of the finest of his speculations in after days, such as that in Spectator, No. 565, beginning, "I was yesterday, about sunset, walking in the open fields, when insensibly the night fell upon me," &c. Prose English essays, however, were as yet strangers to his pen.

I am now left most fortunately with five spaces when I deal off my second row of eight,five spaces into which, it may be, a king or two shall happily fall.

Usually her hands were busy ones, but now they fell away from the work listlessly.

While your name is unknown, your person is invulnerable: at the same time your aim is sure, for you may take it at your leisure; and your blows fall heavier than those of any Writer whose name is given, or who is simply anonymous.

When she heard me say this, she fell a-crying very sadly indeed; and I was so very sorry to hear her cry so, that I forgot I did not love her, and I went up to her, and said, "Don't cry, I won't be naughty any more, I won't peep through the door any more.

Harry answered somewhat sternly that he would neither be struck by overseer nor driver; that he had worked nearly all night, and had scarcely fallen asleep when the horn blew to summon him to his toil in the field.

We should more willingly fall in with this popular language, if we did not find brutality sometimes awkwardly coupled with valour in the same vocabulary.

And bravely falling I became a hero of the land!

if you should unhappily fall into the fire, would you caution your servants not to pull you out but by degrees?

The slight Carthaginian loss1500 menagain fell mainly upon the Gauls.(3)

The city stands upon a hill which falls steeply on the northeast side to the bed of the river Arga, a green-coloured stream deep enough to give additional strength to the walls which tower above like a cliff.

He was tired and hungry after his long tramp, so he threw his sword, his helmet, and his revolver-belt down upon a chair, and fell to eagerly upon his supper.

Unluckily, the snow was still falling, and as Borradaile had all the available coolie transport, we were forced to wait till he could send it back.

Then, as I took my weight from off the parapet, a huge piece of the stone coping slid from under me, and fell with a crash among the disorganized throng beneath.

My second companion dragged the lame man forwards, and pushed him in with so much violence that I could see him fall forwards on his face on the floor.

In the division of the Toggenburger inheritance, the rights of Toggenburg in the Ten Jurisdictions had fallen to the counts of Matsch, Sax, and Montfort, and afterward, 1478-1489, by purchase, to the ducal house of Austria.

These, with the shrill notes of the little peepers along the shore, were old sounds to us, familiar voices, and they fell pleasantly on the ear.

He's just fallen into speaking that way through his association with these rough people up here, his own folks likely enough.

She saw that her hair fell wildly over her bare shoulders; her face shone white, with red spots in her cheeks; her eyes seemed balls of fire; her lips had a passionate, savage curl; her breast, bare and heaving, showed a throbbing, tumultuous heart.

Both mother and daughter were dressed in rough brown smocks, with narrow green belts falling loosely,strange garments to Eric.

Whether they will successively fall under the dominion of one able and fortunate leader, or, like the motley sovereignties of Europe, preserve their integrity by their mutual jealousy, time only can show.

Every stroke had fallen squarely on Cissie's shoulders.

Her eye fell casually upon Pompey who was shutting the carriage gates.

Mark me, Labree, once for all; if thou takest Delight continually thus to put me in mind of My want of Courage, I shall undoubtedly Fall foul on thee, and give thee most fatal proofs Of more than thou expectest.

The coast of Africa, to the southwards of Cape Bronco, falls in considerably to the eastwards, forming a great bay or gulf, called the Forna of Arguin, from a small island of that name.

When any man finds his friend oppressive and malicious, he naturally withdraws his affections from him; when he observes him advancing absurd opinions, and adhering to them with obstinacy incapable of conviction, he falls unavoidably into a distrust of his understanding, and no longer pays any deference to his advice, or considers his conduct as worthy of imitation.

"I can see very wellas well as one can, by lamp-light," answered Taquisara, as he placed the lamps together upon the table, so that the light should fall sideways upon them when they fenced.

Quoth merry Robin, "Here, methinks, is good lodging, where peaceful folk, such as we be, can eat in quietness; therefore we will rest here, and see what may, perchance, fall into our luck-pot."

Sure God hath fallen asleep in heaven afar, When one man calls the bliss of many his! Give back to streaming eyes The daylight of thy face that seems to shun Those who must live defrauded of their bliss!'

The sun's rays fell obliquely on her disc, so that by a large part of its surface not reflecting the light, I saw every object on it, so far as I was enabled by the power of my telescope.

From the length of time that the sun is above the horizon, the continued action of his rays, in those climates where they fall vertically, or nearly so, would be intolerable, if it was not for the high mountains, from whose snow-clad summits a perpetual breeze derives a refreshing coolness, and for the deep glens and recesses, in which most animals seek protection from his meridian beams.

How are the mighty fallen, and the weapons of war perished!'

I can only say, in general, that the Souls of other men shine out at little cranies; they understand some one thing, perhaps, to admiration, while they are darkened on all the other parts: but your Lordship's Soul is an entire Globe of Light, breaking out on every side; and if I have only discovered one beam of it, 'tis not that the light falls unequally, but because the body which receives it, is of unequal parts.

We heard the glass of several broken windows falling noisily into the street.

The former was worn in uncut ringlets, falling carelessly over his powerfully formed shoulders.

(Curtain subsequently falls, and STOEPEL orders the big drum to beat for an hour, while the musicians take advantage of the noise to tune their instruments.)